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Bullyville Lawyer Slays Rauhauser Lawyer

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - July 23, 2019

Bullyville's lawyer exposed fraudulent billing by Neal Rauhauser's lawyer in their most recent filing today.

It's no surprise. The Court of Appeals stated their opinion that Neal Rauhauser's lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell, had some questionable items on the bill he submitted to the court.

Back in 2014, Bullyville, aka James McGibney, filed a defamation suit against Neal Rauhauser. Neal was (and still is) in hiding because of unpaid child support (now up to $100,000) so he was never served for the lawsuit. As a result, Bullyville dropped the lawsuit. Neal filed a countersuit under the Texas Citizen's Participation Act.

The Texas Citizen's Participation Act is supposed to protect an individual from the time and expense involved in a lawsuit that would silence their free speech and tie them up in court. That's what it's supposed to do, anyway.

Due to a comedy of errors, this case has lasted 5 years and Rauhauser's attorney, Jeff Dorrell, claims his legal fees are $465,000. Judging from this case, the TCPA is a colossal failure. 

It should be mentioned that throughout the court battle, Rauhauser and his cronies continued their campaign to destroy James McGibney. They doxed his family, his lawyers and business associates and their families. There were threats of violence and death, which included a threat of decapitation of McGibney's 3 little boys, and lewd sexual comments about the underage children of McGibney's lawyers. Obviously the TCPA didn't account for the real world where there are obsessive stalkers and unethical lawyers. 

In the filing below, McGibney's lawyer, Evan Stone, tears apart Rauhauser's motion for legal fees.

In the next posting, I'll have Stone's affidavit going through Dorrell's legal billing item by item. Besides discrediting each charge, he throws in a little shade.


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