Monday, September 10, 2018

Amy Berman Jackson; Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - September 10, 2018

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is the Federal district court judge who presided over the Washington D.C. court case of Alexander van der Zwaan and will be presiding over Paul Manafort's second court case when it begins at the end of September.

Judge Berman Jackson isn't intimidated by the infamy of the clients standing before her nor the magnitude of the cases. She was not impressed with Alexander van der Zwaan demeanor in court and commented on his lack of participation in his own defense. 

Judge Berman Jackson is also the person who decided Manafort violated the terms of his release and ordered him to jail to await his first trial. She's placed a gag order on Manafort, his lawyers and the prosecutors.

This post is part of our new series, The Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate. 
The guide will be a "Who's Who and What's What" for the impending impeachment of Donald Trump. You'll be able to look up any character, place, or event involved in Trumpgate.

Trumpgate Role: Judge in Manafort and van der Zwaan cases.          
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Alexander van der Zwaan
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