Friday, February 2, 2018

Siggys Publicist Is Mad Online

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - February 02, 2018

Siggy Flicker's publicist has now filed her 5th complaint as she made another visit today to her friends at the Municipal Court of Paterson. That Muni Court really should give Vinnie her own desk.

Surprisingly, today's complaint wasn't filed against me. I'm complaint numbers 1-3, Shelley Boals is number 4, and today's lucky winner is Shari Weinick. Vinnie's complaint alleges harassment by Ms Weinick , the date of said incident is listed as April of 2017. Yeah, 10 months ago.

Most people don't know this but Shari was actually the recipient of the 3rd complaint filed against me. Vinnie sent my copy of the complaint she filed against me to Shari's boss and threatened to file charges. Vinnie did that to cause trouble for Shari at work and to extort Shari into silence.

In her complaint against Shari, once again Vinnie is using the NJ harassment law, 2C:33-4, which the New Jersey Supreme Court restricted in December so it wouldn't be abused just like Vinnie has been abusing it. The Court stated specifically that the law cannot be used to turn free speech into a criminal action. Which is what Vinnie is so desperately trying to do.

The complaint is Vinnie's payback for all the things that have happened over the past couple of days. Vinnie Spina is really, really mad online.

Several members of Team Siggy broke away from the group, two of them, John Yates and his friend Bianca, did a show on periscope and spent 2 hours giving the inside scoop on Siggy Flicker and Vinnie Spina. Vinnie got thoroughly outed as a professional troll to thousands of people.

Vinnie has been ranting ever since but she can't blame Margaret or Siggy. She can't go after John or Bianca cuz that would prove their point. She can't send Team Siggy after them because everybody knows Vinnie has been using them as her personal troll army. So all Vinnie has left is to kick the cat. The cat in this case being Shari. Filing more harassment charges is Vinnie's way to remind the world that she's just a poor working girl being harassed by mean people on the internet.

Now that we're up to 5 complaints, obviously filed to stifle free speech, maybe more attention will be paid to the connection between Vinnie Spina, Siggy Flicker and Paterson Municipal Court.

Something sure doesn't smell right.

The court dockets are below the commercial break.


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