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Alt Siggy Exposed, Yates Suspended UPDATED Feb 6, 2018

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - February 03, 2018

UPDATE: It appears Vinnie Spina had the Periscope account of John Yates taken down. Vinnie hates anyone talking mentioning that she's a disbarred lawyer who has continued to practice law secretly under another name while harassing Reality TV celebrities and their fans on Twitter. She especially hates people mentioning that her harassment as Siggy Flicker's publicist got Siggy Flicker fired.

We obtained a copy of the video and now have it embedded in a new post here

End of update

A couple days ago John Yates and his friend Bianca did a Periscope show about Siggy Flicker and her publicist Vinnie Spina. It's almost 2 1/2 hours long and a must see for anyone who's aware of the harassment problem that's been ignored by Bravo for years.

It's a very emotional video as John and Bianca discuss their realization that they were being used by Vinnie Spina to troll on behalf of Siggy Flicker.


just a note asking you to please donate to Justice For Vinnie's Victims!
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Vinnie Spina has now filed 5 harassment charges!
Yes 5! Filed by the same person!
Your donation would help with legal expenses
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Donations accepted via PayPal here

The video periscope video should show up in the embedded tweet below, if it doesn't or if you want to watch it full screen, you can go to John's Periscope site here

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