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Spoiler Alert! AATT Blind Gossip Revealed! #RHONJ

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - January 02, 2018

On New Years Day, the celebrity gossip blog, All About The Tea, resurrected their blind gossip section to publish a bit of spin on the Siggy Flicker drama. 

Siggy recently "quit" the Real Housewives of New Jersey but rumor has it she was actually forced off the show after going overboard in her feud with Margaret Josephs. Siggy allegedly paid to have Josephs harassed on Twitter. Considering Siggy's publicist has a documented history of harassment going back to 2012, it's not hard to believe. 

Siggy and her publicist just do not understand how public relations work. You don't improve your reputation through character assassination and harassing other people. There seems to be a campaign going on that's doing just that. 

All About The Tea appears to be involved in this campaign. The blog has been carrying water for Siggy throughout the year, supporting her no matter what bat shit crazy thing she did or said. Now with the harassment allegations against Siggy, AATT and Team Siggy are trying to reverse the damage to Siggy's career by making Margaret Josephs out to be the villain in this drama. 

All About The Tea jumped on this too-little-too-late band wagon with smear articles about Josephs, posting Siggy's (not very convincing) resignation letter, and resurrecting their blind gossip section about Siggy and Margaret.
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The blind gossip section at All About The Tea hasn't been used for over a year but now there's a new entry written by BeachSpin (who sounds very Buckwheatish). Just a couple lines from the article give you an idea of what they're trying to do. 

A reality wife has been labeled a cyber-bully — but the real harasser is linked to her accuser. 
The accuser is playing victim but she’s use (sic) to “faking it,” while her friend continues to peddle lies, and stalk the other reality wife. 

AATT is implying that a friend of Margaret Josephs has been stalking Siggy. This is hugely ironic putting this in the blind gossip section. Blind gossip is gossip that most people don't know about and can only guess at.
If Siggy were being stalked it would not have been a secret. She'd have been screaming about it on all her social media accounts.


It's actually not a secret though. Siggy's publicist has been making accusations against the account @onetrueOdin publicly for a couple months. According to Siggy's publicist, the operator of that account is married to Margaret's BFF from childhood. She's tried to make him out to be a stalker but it just hasn't worked.

Siggy had a lot of trolls this year, and that's too bad, but she made the choice to keep feeding them so the number of trolls grew. So it's a little lame to now try to claim it was harassment by one person who knows Marge. The Odin account only has 300 tweets, if he's trolling Siggy, he's not doing a very good job of it. I'd like to see some proof of Siggy being stalked online by anyone. I don't think she even knows what the word means.

Since the reunion Siggy and her publicist have been working hard to show that Siggy is a poor maligned victim. That might be more believable if Siggy didn't have Vinnie Spina aka Faux Reality aka A1_Buckwheat, as her publicist. Vinnie's harassment of celebrities and fans is very well documented. 

Toxic is as Toxic does...

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