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Sang Haz Ur (SSN) Number

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - January 31, 2018

This IRC chat involving Nachash and Sanguinarious Rose (William Welna) is from many, many years ago. Way back when Sang and Girl Friday were an eCouple, before she dumped him and ended up with his hard drive with IRC logs like the one below.

In this log, Nachash is aware that Sang has access to Social Security Numbers and Sang admits that he does have access through a friend.

The IRC log dates back to a time before Neal Rauhauser became Sang's buddy after Sang had considered Neal an enemy for years. It's back before Sang and Zapem (Joanne Joy) became enemies after Zapem had been his friend for years.

It's around the time Sang was starting to consider AsherahResearch (Jennifer Emick) his enemy after she'd been his friend and when Nachash was his friend before becoming his enemy.

The moral of this story is whether you're a friend or an enemy of Sang, it's a temporary situation. But whatever your status, Sang probably has your Social Security Number.


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05:13:33 |@SanguineRose ) some weird shit going on On Sabu being in doxbin, SSNs, Jennifer Emick's FBI handler, and awinee
05:36:00 [-nachash ) All they got, though
05:36:05 [-nachash ) was you vs awinee that time
05:36:07 [-SanguineRose ) lol
05:36:10 [-SanguineRose ) not much in there
05:36:13 [-nachash ) and ev0's misadventures at white castle
05:36:16 [-SanguineRose ) and they seen pc nude
05:36:20 [-nachash ) plus little random bullshit
05:36:20 [-SanguineRose ) :3
05:36:29 [-nachash ) that doesn't add up to anything
05:36:32 [-SanguineRose ) well I never admited to doing the dox
05:36:33 [-nachash ) Yeah, and that lol
05:36:39 [-SanguineRose ) he just tweeted it for me and shadow
05:36:48 [-nachash ) lol
05:36:51 [-nachash ) Well, gl finding you anyway
05:36:53 [-SanguineRose ) not sure if it will become an issue but I doubt it
05:36:58 [-nachash ) I'm opretty sure those dox you have up are fake
05:37:02 [-SanguineRose ) lol
05:37:02 [-nachash ) pretty
05:37:08 [-nachash ) I'm personally not worried
05:37:09 [-SanguineRose ) nah, its my real name
05:37:11 [-SanguineRose ) lol
05:37:19 [-nachash ) I've known feds have had me in their crosshairs
05:37:28 [-nachash ) because of ev0's blatant attempts at entrapment
05:37:42 [-SanguineRose ) he tried entramping me too
05:37:47 [-SanguineRose ) but I already knew he was a fed
05:37:48 [-SanguineRose ) for ages
05:37:50 [-SanguineRose ) lol
05:37:57 [-SanguineRose ) I loled balls when ev0 and krashed got together
05:39:38 [-nachash ) lol, same
05:39:45 [-nachash ) ev0 was all on my dick
05:39:55 [-nachash ) trying to give me 500 ciscos
05:40:02 [-nachash ) just so I could see how shitty they were at ddos
05:40:21 [-SanguineRose ) when he was first turned I helped him fuck with Xero to get him v&ed;
05:40:31 [-nachash ) Oh?
05:40:34 [-SanguineRose ) I hate Xero
05:40:41 [-SanguineRose ) he fucked up my trolling
05:40:58 [-SanguineRose ) then again he started telling everyone he was a fed
05:41:05 [-SanguineRose ) so it was kinda moot
05:41:07 [-SanguineRose ) lol
05:41:16 [-nachash ) Who told everyone he was a fed?
05:41:32 [-SanguineRose ) the reason people knew is because he told a few people during the dx hack to justify his actions
05:41:41 [-SanguineRose ) and they pastebined it
05:41:44 [-SanguineRose ) and posted it in krebs
05:42:09 [-nachash ) Wait, who admitted to being a fed?
05:42:11 [-nachash ) ev0 or xero?
05:42:16 [-SanguineRose ) ev0
05:42:19 [-nachash ) Oh
05:42:23 [-nachash ) I thought that's what you meant
05:42:24 [-SanguineRose ) ev0 was after Xer0
05:42:27 [-SanguineRose ) Xero
05:42:36 [-SanguineRose ) because Xero is a botnetter and he offered him to the feds
05:42:39 [-SanguineRose ) for lenancy
05:42:48 [-SanguineRose ) he originally got caught because he ddosed anonnet for a week
05:42:59 [-nachash ) lol
05:43:09 [-SanguineRose ) there is other parts of that I cant tell you though
05:43:10 [-SanguineRose ) :P
05:43:17 [-nachash ) Well, obviously
05:43:28 [-SanguineRose ) but basically he ddos'ed someone who was an informant
05:43:43 [-SanguineRose ) around anonnet
05:44:32 [-SanguineRose ) I never said anything ebcause I thought it was hilarious ev0 a little druggie wanna be skiddy going around busting anons tbh
05:44:33 [-nachash ) Snitches are everywhere
05:44:43 [-SanguineRose ) and im an ashole
05:44:43 [-nachash ) lol
05:44:45 [-SanguineRose ) lol
05:46:12 [-nachash ) But anyway, I had an idea
05:46:14 [-nachash ) if you're down
05:46:31 [-nachash ) tl;dr drop SSNs on a bunch of high profile snitches
05:46:48 [-nachash ) Krashed, sabu, adrian lamo, ev0, and pick like 10 others or some shit
05:46:52 [-nachash ) Just go
05:46:54 [-nachash ) super hardmode
05:46:58 [-nachash ) Hell, even throw in
05:47:03 [-nachash ) somebody from the 90s who snitched
05:47:11 [-nachash ) just for the extra laugh
05:47:29 [-SanguineRose ) Krashed isnt a snitch atm
05:47:36 [-nachash ) But he was in the past
05:47:46 [-nachash ) Which is enough to qualify for this
05:47:52 [-SanguineRose ) ah k
05:47:57 [-SanguineRose ) just clairifying
05:47:57 [-nachash ) Just like
05:48:01 [-nachash ) if they were a snitch in the past
05:48:05 [-nachash ) doesn't matter how long ago
05:48:09 [-nachash ) They burn
05:48:33 [-SanguineRose ) the SSN access has to do with shit you dont wanna touch with a million foot pole off a friend who located the system
05:49:26 [-nachash ) lol
05:49:35 [-nachash ) Totally understandable
05:49:47 [-nachash ) Less I know, the better
05:49:57 [-SanguineRose ) and the less the targets are linked to me the better
05:49:58 [-nachash ) I just wanted to know if it was something you'd be interested in
05:50:06 [-nachash ) Well, of course
05:50:12 [-SanguineRose ) awinee and pc are universally hated
05:50:23 [-nachash ) So is krashed
05:50:27 [-nachash ) I can't think of anyone who likes him
05:50:28 [-nachash ) I mean
05:50:30 [-SanguineRose ) so it would be like... \"the internet\" as a response
05:50:32 [-nachash ) I went in 2600 one time
05:50:37 [-nachash ) before you started editing his article
05:50:40 [-nachash ) and people were like
05:50:48 [-nachash ) hey you're that dude who made the krashed ed page. good work man
05:51:07 [-nachash ) I also think it would be funny to burn emick
05:51:14 [-nachash ) just for claiming she helps feds out
05:52:02 [-SanguineRose ) omg see awinee
05:52:15 [-SanguineRose ) and emick does help the feds
05:52:20 [-SanguineRose ) that I can 100% confirm
05:52:43 [-nachash ) Yeah, I'm convinced of it
05:52:49 [-nachash ) Dunno how much they trust/tolerate her
05:52:52 [-nachash ) but I'm sure she does
05:53:15 [-SanguineRose ) k
05:53:21 [-SanguineRose ) I've talked to her handler on the phone
05:53:51 [-nachash ) lol
05:54:01 [-SanguineRose ) yea
05:54:04 [-SanguineRose ) I have balls bitch
05:54:06 [-SanguineRose ) recognize
05:54:24 [-SanguineRose ) hes the person I've been using to get krashed V&ed;
05:54:28 [-nachash ) inb4 you're also under the same handler's thumb and are also after me rofl
05:54:36 [-SanguineRose ) nah
05:54:38 [-SanguineRose ) you're awesome
05:54:42 [-nachash ) That was a joke
05:54:46 [-SanguineRose ) lol
05:54:47 [-SanguineRose ) 

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