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More Secrets Behind The Siggy Flicker Scandal #RHONJ

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - January 09, 2018

More news from Impeccable Source! 

As our previous gossip post said, Season 8 was short a few shows. It was originally supposed to end with Siggy's birthday on June 1st but The Powers That Be decided to wrap up production early. 

Siggy increasingly became a pain to work with as the season progressed. When she staged that little scene with Kim D in Posche, The Powers That Be figured out Siggy was trying to hijack the show and become "the star".

When Margaret hosted the trip, Siggy tried to ruin it. She tried to get Danielle to turn on Margaret but instead Danielle told Dolores and Teresa what Siggy was up to.

Then Siggy threw herself down the stairs to avoid going to Margaret's party. The Powers That Be weren't having that. They told her if she didn't comply she'd be in breach of contract and fired without pay. That's why she kept Michael in the car and the car near by. She was planning on getting the cast to leave with her to ruin the party and hijack the show.

After that power play failed, The Powers That Be ended the show that very night and told Siggy to meet her contractual duties or she'd be fired.

Ending the show early meant Siggy's 50th birthday party wouldn't be on the show. This was not okay with Ms Flicker. She had plans to outdo Margaret's birthday party.  She was going to show everyone that Siggy Flicker is the best Real Housewife ever in the history of Real Housewives!

So, in the interest of being the best Real Housewife ever, Siggy offered to have her 50th birthday party a month and a half early so it could be filmed and end up on the show. That didn't happen. 

If you heard reports that cameras weren't allowed at Siggy's party, that's pure BS. Another lie from Team Siggy trying to salvage Siggy's career from being disgraced. Siggy did have her party 10 days early but the reason there were no cameras is because Bravo didn't show up. 

Because production had stopped in April.

Toxic is as toxic does.


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