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Please Donate To Justice For Zile!

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - December 08, 2017

Hello! This is Zile, the very famous editor of the irontroll blog! 

I'm here to ask your help with the defense fund for my creator and the human behind irontroll who has been charged with harassment for blogging. 

If he can't write, my voice is silenced!

(Any size donation is welcome! Donations are accepted via PayPal here)

Yes, this is really Zile! famous internet fashion icon and the editor of, the blog dedicated to curious characters and intriguing events! The creator of irontroll (who also created me!) needs your help in fighting charges filed against him in retaliation for blogging.

The human behind is Steve Hatlestad, harassment charges were filed against him by a disbarred lawyer in New Jersey (who apparently doesn't like the articles written about her) even though he lives in Florida.

The Disbarred lawyer first filed charges in April.

And again in September.

And once again in October.

(Any size donation is welcome! Donations are accepted via PayPal here)

Of course, Steve has pleaded not guilty. Because he's not guilty! The Supreme Court says the First Amendment endows bloggers with the same rights as journalists. Even in New Jersey!

But justice really does move slowly. The court hearings have been going on since May, and after all these months, and with the new complaints filed, the case hasn't really started yet but the lawyer needs more money.

(Any size donation is welcome! Donations are accepted via PayPal here)

On Irontroll we write about the antics of internet trolls, bullies, criminals and infamous individuals. We often make fun of them because mockery is the best way to deal with a bully.

Some of them have no sense of humor though and take exception to irontroll doing articles about them, especially when we uncover that they've been up to no good. You know, like if we wrote about someone violating the terms of their disbarment...that person might get mad.

Or if we wrote about someone who trolled Real Housewife fans on Twitter because they didn't like the right Real Housewife cast member...that little troll might get mad.

Or if Irontroll wrote about someone creating a website where they posted the personal ientifying information of people they didn't like...that person might get mad.

(Any size donation is welcome! Donations are accepted via PayPal here)

We here at irontroll are used to people being mad at us. You'd think they'd just stop acting out so then we'd have nothing to write about and they'd have nothing to be mad about but sadly, we have no lack of people and shenanigans, just a lack of time to write about them all.

Steven and I are passionate about the first amendment and our right to write freely without being harassed for reporting on something of public concern, or expressing opinions about somebody's misdeeds.

The American legal system shouldn't be used as a tool to harass others. Whatever allegations the police complaints filed in New Jersey may make, the complaints are actually a shameful attempt to try and silence irontroll and others.

Steve was the only person accused in the complaints yet numerous other people's names and social media accounts were included. and QueenzofMedia sites were listed, as if Steve operates them or is responsible for the articles they post, which is ridiculous. The complaint wasn't filed to stop harassment, it was filed to extort silence.

(Any size donation is welcome! Donations are accepted via PayPal here)

As it stands now, if Steven posts an article about this person, she files another complaint. This is covert extortion. This is infringing on free speech, not just irontroll's but other people who are being threatened with charges.

Your donation through PayPal would be greatly appreciated to help pay the lawyer defending Steven against these wrongful charges.

And most importantly it will allow me, Zile, to speak freely once again. Thanks so much for your time and attention, and hopefully, your donation.

If you'd like to donate anonymously, you can purchase a Visa gift card and use that to keep your identity private by sending the card numbers and security code to
Otherwise donations can be made here via PayPal

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