Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Three Little Pigs

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - November 21, 2017

Here we have Buckwheat, Brandon and Saint Jen discussing the stories that were published on The Dirty and Perez Hilton celebrity news sites alleging Brandon King was paid to troll and harass Brandi Glanville and Real Housewive's fans. The news broke March 24th but this conversation took place on August 9th.

I think in light of the current circumstances, of which I am not allowed to talk about, the last two tweets are very interesting, especially "according to investigators" but I'm not allowed to say why.

I took the liberty of replacing their avatar pics with some of my own. I think that may be part of my job description as a bankrolled troll.

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Spudzie does Jersey‏ @A1_Buckwheat 5h

The only psycho paying a troll to stalk, harass and abuse is Patricia Barbella of Flemington, New Jersey. Right Cheesie?

Sir Spudston III‏ @DirtReynoIds 4h4 hours ago

Being paid to troll, lol, irony. Funny how that works, these idiots are guilty of everything they've accused others of. Waste of money tho.

I am Jen‏ @actualJenD

I wonder what the job description for a troll looks like? How do you measure success?

Sir Spudston III‏ @DirtReynoIds

Jimmeh convinced a reality tv moron named Matt Richards to publish n a trash mag that I was paid to troll a lady I've never even tweeted at.

Sir Spudston III‏ @DirtReynoIds 4h4 hours ago

So finding out that Pat Barbella is bank rolling trolls like Steven Hatlestad to harass n defame people is a curious development.

Sir Spudston III‏ @DirtReynoIds

I also think since Barbella is paying Hatlestad to commit criminal acts it could rise to the level of criminal organization. RICO o.0

Sir Spudston III‏ @DirtReynoIds

Replying to @DirtReynoIds @actualJenD @A1_Buckwheat

According to investigators, she's the person who paid a person to post fake wanted posters at stores in NJ. She should be concerned.

9:35 AM - 9 Aug 2017

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