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Former Senator Makes Declaration In Real Housewives Harassment Scandal UPDATED

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 10, 2017

Vinnie and her gang started trolling Mr. Harrelson today because of his sworn statement. He's started blocking them. And yes, disbarred lawyer Vinnie actually had the audacity to tell Harrelson what "Respected lawyers" do on the internet.


Another head shaking revelation from Bullyville in the Real Housewives harassment scandal.

On Sunday, Bullyville posted a sworn statement by former Arkansas State Senator, Steve Harrelson, who stated that Vincenza "Vinnie" Leonelli-Spina and Spina Law Firm employee, Antonella Mollica, are the same person.

Harrelson was unfortunate enough to represent Brandon King, the thug hired by the Spina Law Firm, and allegedly LeAnne Rimes, to harass assorted Real Housewives and their fans.

You'll see below that Brandon attacked Harrelson on Facebook and, once again, exploits his child by posting the video of the attack on his son, blaming this random incident on his attorney.

I find myself confused when deadbeat dads like Brandon King, who stopped paying child support for 8 years, become militantly protective of the child they refuse to support.

It should be noted that while Steve Harrelson served as a state senator for Arkansas he was the House Majority Leader and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He is currently practicing as a lawyer in his own law firm and is licensed to practice law in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

After the publication of his declaration, expect more attacks on former senator Steve Harrelson from Spina and King. The clock is ticking for Vinnie, today marks 100 days left in court discovery in the law suit filed against her by the New Jersey Lawyer's Trust to recover money they paid out to clients ripped off by Vinnie.

 This is Harrelson's declaration:

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