Thursday, December 8, 2016

JoJo Junior; The Immaculate Misconception

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - December 08, 2016

Since being put in jail for assaulting a Mime, JoJo has been writing motion after motion and submitting them to the court in an attempt to get out of jail, get the charges dropped, offer secret information, get into the witness protection plan, etc. 

The court probably took him seriously for the first couple of motions but once JoJo's schizophrenia took over the writing, I'm sure his delusional submissions are now a running joke in the court house. 

In the motion posted below, JoJo claims he has a child. This is the first time he's mentioned it. Ever. 

There is a kid involved in JoJo's Colorado drama, but JoJo was in Ithaca, NY when the child was born and I think he was still in prison when the child was conceived. I wonder if JoJo has done the math? 

Though in JoJo World, immaculate conceptions are probably possible. 

Unless Sue Basko... ?

That would be a very scary baby.

Check out for more of JoJo's bizarre motions.

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