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Some Sabu Tweets

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - June 18, 2016

Hector Monsegur aka SABU was arrested on June 7, 2011. He became an FBI informant on June 8th. During his time with the FBI, Sabu is alleged to have prevented 300 cyber attacks on assorted government and media websites. His information led to the identification and conviction of at least 8 of his cohorts.

These are a few interesting tweets from his old timeline. The first tweet below is from the @freesabu account. It has just that one tweet.

Free Sabu ‏@FreeSabu 13 Jun 2011

@lulzsec Hate to inform you this way, but Sabu has been arrested. There supposedly will be a press release from the arresting agency soon.

Hector X. Monsegur‏@hxmonsegur

@FreeSabu Haha, that was funny. thanks for the disinformation. but no, sorry--I'm good 9:28 PM - 13 Jun 2011

Hector X. Monsegur‏@hxmonsegur

Shout out to phc el8 zf0 h0no and all the antisec brothers and sisters out there. Hackers unite! 3:22 PM - 17 Jun 2011

Hector X. Monsegur‏@hxmonsegur

Lulzsec is busy on the biggest hack ever... So I hear anyway ;) 1:09 AM - 18 Jun 2011

Hector X. Monsegur‏@hxmonsegur

If god forbid I am arrested, I'll admit to my crimes, and take myself down. I do not believe in bringing others down for my own sins. Thanks 9:22 AM - 16 Aug 2011

The Real Sabu@anonymouSabu

An unnamed group sent me back the list of 800,000+ stratfor hashes with over 92% of the logins cracked. Thanks gents! #antisec

The Real Sabu@anonymouSabu

The stratfor hack is important on many levels. Think about the very point we had access to its userlist for months, now consider its users.

The Real Sabu@anonymouSabu

If you want to be technical we've had control over stratfor for months. Has anyone confirmed if any of their intel reports were compromised?

On December 26th, 2011, Stratfor was hacked

The Real Sabu@anonymouSabu

@BarrettBrownLOL if you do any interviews regarding stratfor attack. shout me, #antisec, dkline, the unix terrorist, @sn1ffle, + Steve Case

Barrett Brown‏@BarrettBrownLOL

That Austin TV segment on #Stratfor is okay; they quote one of many points I made about the reasoning, at any rate. …

12:44 AM - 26 Dec 2011

The Real Sabu@anonymouSabu

You think we are done? stratfor was the beginning. Many more whitehats and intelligence targets to go. We are #antisec. We are Anonymous.

The Real Sabu@anonymouSabu "global intelligence" company owned and rm'd. Go to it now. See the defacement. Over 90k CCs from LEAs leaked. OUCH

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