Saturday, June 11, 2016

3000 Blog Visits From Israel!

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - June 11, 2016
0 had 3000 visits from Israel yesterday but the visitors didn't read any posts. Instead of trying to hack the blog, they should have actually read a few of the articles on Paulette. 

Paulette is Jewish only because her mother is of Portuguese descent. Twenty percent of Brazil's population has Jewish ancestry as a result of a Jewish diaspora 500 years ago. 

Paulette wasn't raised in the religion nor is she practicing the religion now. Her husband, a member of the far right group, Jewish Task Force, describes her as a "Jewish Christian".  

Neither Paulette or her husband are allowed in Israel.

Sorry, but it isn't anti-semitic to point out a crazy person pretending to be Jewish who verbally abuses anyone who is liberal or a person of color. 

Now today I had an altercation with a person of Jewish persuasion who decided my pointing out a picture posted by Hamas was actually recycled from 2014, was anti-semitic. I was called a jew hater and a neo nazi.

I imagine I'll be getting many more visits from Israel.


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