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Rauhauser Deleted Twitter Timeline; May, 2016

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 12, 2016

Here's Neal Rauhauser's deleted Twitter timeline for May, 2016

@canadianglen Shylo Acuna might be in line for some sort of award

@canadianglen Isn't the internet great? You act crazy today, by tonight whole world knows about it, then forgotten by tomorrow.

@canadianglen And sometimes you get half a million dollars worth of butthurt and INSIST that everyone pay attention to you.

I have this darned @Amazon Prime thing, mostly because I order parts for customers.

But there is @Amazon Prime video. I don't know what to watch. Sampled @OrphanBlack, kind of meh on it.

@AllSquareCat We've never actually determined who @AuntieTroll really is. Clearly in the know, but ... mysterious like.

I started watching @NBCGrimm a couple years ago /w female companion, but she nixed it, too creepy. Maybe I should watch that.

@AuntieTroll @AllSquareCat This makes us all gender fluid, right?

@dogthefootsteps @AllSquareCat @AuntieTroll tbh, women thusly equipped have no advantage /w me over her less well endowed sisters.

@stackizshort The Neal Rauhauser of internet legend and I share a name, but given what I've heard, I don't think I like him very much.

RT @SwiftOnSecurity:

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: The government has forced a woman to press her finger against her phone to unlock it

@SwiftOnSecurity Everyone has ten fingers & circles are 360 degrees, eh? That's a lot to ask of civilians tho.

RT @ICIJorg: How does the world of offshore finance work? Pick a character in our #PanamaPapers game, and try to hide your wealth https://t…

Trump's hair is spreading. It's not a toupee, it's an alien mind control parasite.



@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps This should be a gif

I know why I bookmarked this, but there are no words to explain it.

True nature of @tedcruz revealed:

RT @BandiitAce: Don't understand why everyone is so concerned about what Malia Obama is doing about her college choices

@BandiitAce Waiting for election to be over, it's a safety thing.

Putting Out The Twitter Trash Fire by @randileeharper very technical, but a good set of recommendations.

1/ The judges have reviewed the entry, and we've got our first Social Engineering Special Olympics Team.

2/ Can everyone please welcome Ginger Brooks and Dillon Drawford, our first Social Engineering Special Olympics Team. #SESO

3/ Here is today's effort from Brooks & Crawford.

4/ Here's a big goof by Brooks on 10/8/2013. I wouldn't normally out FBI agents like this, but #SESO rules apply.

5/ If it's REALLY stupid, you can be assured Jen Emick is somewhere in the vicinity.

6/ I'm not a snitch, but I am a terrible tattle tale when it suits me, as it did here.

7/ When something interests me, I keep really good records. It's a great way to torpedo a flimsy indictment :-)

8/ #SESO kids equate social engineering /w lying. I prefer to tell the truth, as I did here.

9/ Brooks has left a long, messy trail over the years.

10/ More Nebraska Jones, an old alias for Brooks.

11/ And chatlogs ZOMG hilarious.

12/ Brooks has received explicit instructions from me on how NOT to play the game. She didn't internalize it I guess

13/ Literally guided to the level of hand holding on what to do.

14/ If you're confused and/or fearful, the best thing to do is SHUT UP.

15/ I'm normally not so mean spirited as I've been today /w Ginger Brooks, but third time fumbling, juvenile approach is a charm.

16/ People with delusions of adequacy are a danger to themselves & others. Witness Toby Lopez, amateur ISIS hunter.

17/ If you're putting a toddler in arm floaties for swim lessons, you do not belong in this shark tank. Looking at you, Ginger Brooks.

18/ About Dillon Crawford: He's sprinkled in mentions in the various email chains with Brooks.

19/ Here's his @_f0rsaken Twitter from that time frame.

20/ It's more interesting to see two dozen select tweets from @_f0rsaken & @Sanguinarious on 10/9/2013.

21/ In closing, I'm going to offer some specs on the perfect woman, so I don't get any more back benchers.

22/ The perfect woman is at least 35 /w post grad degree, no interest in childbearing, dancer/runner's body, able to outsmart me regularly.

23/ OR she can be 40-60 empty nester, cushion & muscle in equal measure, no points given for breast volume, brains are what matter.

24/ A female child, which is anyone 25 & under, will get a pat on the head & fatherly advice about avoiding bad neighborhoods.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual OMG stop my sides hurt.

Chirpified: Social Engineering Special Olympics Team Ginger Brooks & Dillon Crawford #SESO

@Sanguinarious If the FBI wants my attention after 2012 they'd have to start /w SA Gina Palokangas sitting on my lap /w a pile of $100 bills


@chirpstory Thanks, but that's probably NOT something you want to promote :-)

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps

@s7r4Y I didn't ask for this job, would be happy if someone else would outperform & take #IronTroll2016 by a clear margin of victory.

@s7r4Y Nah, actually I declared it dead in 2015, ISIS has won the internet nastiness contest in a permanent fashion.

@s7r4Y Russians stepped in and they don't play. Not sure what's next, but cocky, winning ISIS ain't it.

@s7r4Y Nah, they use boiling oil all the time w/o bothering to sort civilians before pouring. Works short term, makes bitter enemies.

@s7r4Y Caucasus is the way it is due to Russian brutality, and before that it was Afghanistan.

@s7r4Y Russians used booby trapped toys and otherwise endeared themselves, in a negative sense. The Afghans responded.

Well crap. If I had seen @Consensus2016 two days ago I could have attended.

#MayDaySea mentions Molotov cocktails thrown at police? Can anyone not licking @SeattlePD's nether sphincter confirm/deny this?

RT @randileeharper: Up to $1615 of my $2500 goal! to help. See thread here:

#TeaParty in Congress is a disloyal minority that serve neo-Confederate goals. I'm not surprised to read this.

RT @canadianglen: but carry on with that baseless rage by all means

RT @YourAnonNews: TTiP finally leaked: The worst EU-US deal ever written

Is America ready to get honest about Saudi Arabia's role in 9/11?

Dragnet surveillance is making people afraid to READ certain @Wikipedia articles. #BraveNewWorld

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual dual diagnosis here, Social Engineering Special Olympics AND Fuckhead of the Week.

I freakin' LOVE the @ronbryn song!

The gauntlet is thrown, @ronbryn, you must rap battle me on Suck It Productions, or be forever disgraced. cc: @Arpey_Actual

That sinking feeling when you realize your psychiatricly challenged troll might be a closet Eminem fan.

@Arpey_Actual @ronbryn What HAVE I gotten myself into? #egad

RT @randileeharper: $2460! Stretch goal is getting enough money to go to RIPE27. :) Y'all are amazing.

@Arpey_Actual As an old hacker, I'm more inclined to haiku than rap. I'll just hope @ronbryn won't turn up, I'll win be default.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual Ya know, it wouldn't be the first time @ronbryn loses by default. He's my one #SESO style victim on here.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual I spent a year being nice to that loon & encouraging others to do so. He kept humping my leg.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual I finally got fed up & decided to act. 72 hours later his former employer @RawStory was suing him.

@canadianglen Halp someone with I need a search for Ron Bryanert @ronbryn during 2012 in NY court.

I report on my court cases here: Why does @ronbryn hide? Internet, please help me investigate this mystery.

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen Just did a quick search, no females saying "I queefed" detected. Kodi is and will forever remain virgin.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual That's a cougar/teen 31337 h4x0r thing going on?

Tools like @WhatsApp are going to migrate to cryptocurrency blockchains, where interdiction will be impossible.

I can't find ANYTHING on Ron Brynaert being sued by @RawStory back in 2012. I looked *hard*

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual So here's another instance where I caused $0.5M in butthurt.

Please, @ronbryn, show the world how I caused this for you: Reverse Lawfare FTW!!!!

Halp, Internet, HALP!@!@! This needs further investigating:

Empire of @glennbeck is burning to the ground. I'll treasure this diagram /w my name on it.

@lilsliceofcraze That's an official Glenn Beck radio show drawing from 2012.

@lilsliceofcraze The Blaze crashing/burning, civil war at Breitbart over @MichelleFields/@CLewandowski_, Trump in the lead. Total chaos :-)

RT @TorEkelandPC: The 1030(a)(5)(A) language in the change to Fed. Crim. Pro R. 41 is what's problematic.That's millions of computers. http…

RT @TorEkelandPC: The proposed Rule 41 amendment is potentially the largest expansion of the G's search & seizure power in our history.

1/ Social Engineering Special Olympics Team Ginger Brooks & Dillon Crawford Encore #SESO

2/ First comes Dillon. He just wants to be friends.

3/ Let's recall that Dillon Crawford was mentioned in Rustle League Core Member Snitches

4/ Crawford countered @5hm00p's admission of spying on his friends & setting up @meepkittyfuck by admitting HE was wearing a wire, too(!)

5/ Joseph Camp was trying to dox both Crawford & @meepkittyfuck in 2013 I knew only their names, chose not to share.

6/ Do I have enough credibility to make a statement w/o supporting document? Crawford was among group that wrote judge, getting Camp jailed.

7/ I probably have the letters to judge on Camp's case, just can't figure out where I filed them.

8/ Ginger responds to

9/ Then she gets talkative.

10/ Remember Ms. Ginger got a pat on head & farewell a couple years ago. Why does she want back into my LinkedIn?

11/ So two people who've both admitted being on FBI payroll at some point want me to dig for info on a person of interest.

12/ Keep in mind I know who Brooks' FBI handlers are, and there are a stream of things that make Crawford appear compromised as well.

13/ And this magically happens shortly after James McGibney learns "intentional & malicious" torts aren't dischargeable in bankruptcy.

14/ I'm not very swift guys, what do you think is happening here?

Chirpified: Social Engineering Special Olympics Team Ginger Brooks & Dillon Crawford Encore

RT @BiellaColeman: Sadly I am not sure there is such anthropologist/academic in the Bitcoin trenches (and on IRC/mailing lists). Correct me…

@MarkWBennett Advise you remain facing the threat, back up slowly until you have some room, then turn and run. #crazycooties

@Sanguinarious @5hm00p @meepkittyfuck I saw some of that, she's cute & shapely, but is not the sort of thing I need to know.

@stackizshort @Sanguinarious @5hm00p @meepkittyfuck Because five foot nothin' maybe 110 lbs drinking three bottles of wine is *nuts*.

@MarkWBennett @dogthefootsteps I believe Alexie was on Suck It Productions last night /w @canadianglen @Arpey_Actual & me. NOT A GUY!!

@MarkWBennett Lemme double check on that. Of course, just means me, @canadianglen @Arpey_Actual are in on the conspiracy.

1/ With as much kindness as I dare display here, @jointhegirlarmy, one of your partisans paid me to examine your troubles last winter.

2/ There is one instigator that would actually get prosecuted if they acted against a victim /w clean hands.

@dogthefootsteps @alexie_blu @MarkWBennett @canadianglen @Arpey_Actual I think KS lives in NC

3/ But since @jointhegirlarmy is here night after night, attention seeking, no LE will touch it. I tried my best.

4/ My broad perception of @jointhegirlarmy's trouble was that it's irresolvable. Great big network threat, reactive target; hopeless.

5/ I see @MarkWBennett is facing Kathy Scott's wrath because he's @alexie_blu. But that's a woman, was on Suck It Productions BTR last night

6/ This just in: @alexie_blu was present on this BTR show. CLEARLY FEMALE, not @MarkWBennett

7/ There is no percentage in white knight attempts when the damsel in distress is using her adrenalin glands like a crack pipe.

8/ I used to be polite/accepting of those who were troubled. That good manners IRL, here it just creates an attack surface.

9/ That's why my first interaction /w Kathy Scott & her pal Kathleen Sweets was STFU GTFO crazy ladies. I have ZERO interest in interacting.

11/ Twitter is a microcosm of social ills. Boys /w character disorders are gonna bedevil the psychiatrically challenged, no way to stop it.

@dogthefootsteps Hearing who out?

@dogthefootsteps I did that the first two times she wanted to play. She's just too young to have any idea how to approach me.

@dogthefootsteps Now I'm kinda fed up /w Social Engineering Special Olympics, so I'm calling every single one of 'em out.

"I am going to mute your dumb ass if you don't shut the fuck up and let me finish my sentence!" - @Arpey_Actual

@dogthefootsteps Here's a video of a C-130 dispensing flares, meant to confuse heat seeking missiles.

And Crowtard makes the her big mistake at 33:14 "I know about Neal Rauhauser". Oh, really? Please, go on ...

Oh god sounds like a bad night on Disorderly Conduct back in 2012. Starts around 32:15.

@dogthefootsteps Turning over rocks, watching little things scuttle for new hiding places. May is a good month for this.

I can only listen to 15 seconds at a time. Grown woman sounding like a sugared up tween.

Whoops, taking my name in vain again at 34:03

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual I actually HAVE a FaceBook account, it's got like 2400 ppl /w Guy Fawkes masks as friends.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual I should get into that and go check out those fearsome doxwarriors who call themselves FaceBook Anons.

OK, so someone has been gaming this Crowtard lady, pretending to be me. Anyone got a way to see her private account? I'd like to see myself.

Crowtard, oh Crowtard, wherefore art thou Crowtard?

Whatever you do, Crowtard, do NOT call the Los Angeles FBI field office and tattle on me. I haz an afraid.

@canadianglen We'll need this for later.

@canadianglen This is what we were talking about earlier - I have no interest in participating in Crowtard's OBVIOUS mental illness.

Oh, crap! If Crowtard phones @FBILosAngeles and INSISTS on talking to an agent, not just the receptionist ... I may need asylum in Canada.

Hey @Arpey_Actual drive me to the Canadian border if I have to flee? And @canadianglen you can pick me up, right?

Maybe if I block @FBILosAngeles now, the receptionist will not let Crowtard speak to an actual agent. #newhope

There, @FBILosAngeles blocked. If Crowtard calls to report that I'm @yokalli, the receptionist will send her to IC3

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual When Bernie makes America a socialist paradise, I hope we get lithium in our chemtrails like Canada has.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual Which Twitter belongs to Crowtard? I'm gonna send my sock army minions to follow her.

Chirpified: Crowtard, Crowtard, Wherefore Art Thou Crowtard?

RT @stackizshort: @Sanguinarious @nrauhauser @5hm00p @meepkittyfuck You both sound like Twats.

I may already have a Crowtard profile:

Tantalizingly close. Where is that other file?

Someone lemme use an account for a minute that can see Crowtard. Pretty please?

Every time @\ronbryn mentions me, I'm going to post the ronbryn song:

Every time @\ronbryn mentions me, I'm going to post his $500k judgment & perm injunction from @RawStory

Every time @\ronbryn mentions me, I'm going to post his business card:

Every time @\ronbryn mentions me, I'll pull this out:

Every time @\ronbryn mentions me, I'll pull this out:

Every time @\ronbryn mentions me, I'll pull this out:

Every time @\ronbryn mentions me, I'll pull this out:

In closing, I'd like to remind @\ronbryn of a lesson I thought he'd learned back in 2012:

Oh my gosh! @\robryn has mentioned me 121 times! Such journalism! So fact check! Wow!

Like 2012, time from button push to legal liability for @\ronbryn? Pretty much instant.

Who can forget @\ronbryn's 15 minutes of fame back in 2013? @Wendys & I recall it clearly:

Another @\ronbryn brush with fame:

Chirpified: Ron Brynaert: A Study In Dysfunction

"Neal Rauhauser is a dem operative, at this point do not engage. Very dangerous." - @JenniferPreston #NotEvenMad :-)

Who can forget the epic @EDdotSE profile on @\ronbryn? nachash was ON FIRE when he wrote this:

RT @Just_noway: “If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.” Hunter S Thompson

RT @redteamsblog: Security is nigh near impossible. It’s extremely difficult to stop a determined adversary...

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Sanders will crush Trump, Clinton may not. I predict machine candidate Cruz quitting clears path for HRC to do the same.

@issabailot @washingtonpost That IS a very interesting question. How can he go hands off given his cult of personality business model?

@issabailot Per insiders talking, he thought he'd get 12% and raise multiple issues.

RT @ThomasBernpaine: DONATION TIME!!! #FeelTheBern #INPrimary #IndianaPrimary #ElectionDay #BernieOrBust https://t.…

Dust settles tonight, pollsters hit the ground running tomorrow, checking Clinton v. Trump, Sanders v. Trump.

RT @JosephEWelsh: OK people, It's time for the DNC to smell the coffee and support the ONLY candidate who consistently beats Trump in polls…

RT @CBCCalgary: All of Fort McMurray now under mandatory evacuation order. Lots of heartbreak among residents already. #ymmfire https://t.c…

@canadianglen fundraiser for Fort McMurray residents. Show time ... tomorrow night?

RT @TessatTys: Lindsey Graham: If Trump wins the GOP “civil war,” there will be “another 9/11″ -…

RT @SheilaGunnReid: Fort Mac has been generous to all of us. It's time to give it back. Please donate to the Red Cross. #yymfire https://t…

Fort McMurray is a crisis today and probably tomorrow. I would not want to be a tar sand company's comms director this week. #nope

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I believe computer security is a job performing a social good. It must be normalized for all, not fetishized as the un…

@taniwhaea Awww, what a sweetie. We want funny gifs next, not just stills.

1.7 million acre wildfire in Alberta in 2011.

3.5m to 4.2m Alberta wildfire in 1950 is largest ever in North America.

California's Cedar Fire, 2003, burned 280k acres. Largest ever in the state.

Alaska's Taylor Complex fire 2004 1.3M acres Largest wildfire 1997 - 2007

Georgia's Sweat Farm Road/Big Turnaround Complex 2007 564k acres Largest ever in the state.

Florida's Bugaboo Fire 2007 124k acres Largest ever in the state.

Utah's Milford Flat fire 2007 363k acres Largest ever in the state.

North Carolina's Evans Road fire 2008 41k acres Largest ever in the state.

Arizona's Wallow Fire 2011 538k acres Largest ever in the state.

New Mexico's Whitewater/Baldy Complex fire 2012 298k acres Largest ever in the state.

Washington's Carlton Complex fire 2014 252k acres Largest ever in the state.

Washington's Okanogan Complex fire 2015 302k acres Largest ever in the state, eclipsing 2014 Carlton Complex fire.

Kansas Anderson Creek Fire 2016 397k acres No Wikipedia yet. Largest ever in the state.

Chirpified: Record Breaking Wildfires Since 2000

RT @ClimateReality: 2015 crushed global heat records. Here are three things you should know: #ICYMI…

@csoghoian Celle Brite roadside phone snooping after crashes. Dangerous precedent here re: privacy.

Ha! 13 minutes till deadline, and my article is done.

@taniwhaea I wish I could have a cat, but I just have too much going on :-(

@isislovecruft Do NOT meet with the FBI.

@isislovecruft Do not talk to a pair of agents, EVER.

@isislovecruft The document they want to share is a grand jury summons, that's pretty obvious.

@isislovecruft Good move putting Mark W. Burnett's card online. Others who've been contacted can help sort out what is happening.

@isislovecruft His email is Numbers on the card is main office, 714 number is his desk phone, not a cell.

@isislovecruft Have you ever written a letter to the DOJ's Office of the Inspector General? I have, willing to share copies :-)

@isislovecruft Here's the office listing. You have to figure out WHICH office is running the investigation.

@isislovecruft LA guy is local to your suspected location, Atlanta guy has documents? Case may be in Georgia.

@CthulhuSec You have the rest of this? I need the P section pls.

@isislovecruft Read this case before you cross border /w laptop, cell, etc

@isislovecruft FBI *will* plant kiddie pr0n to get leverage. Every device MUST have strong full disk encryption in place.

@isislovecruft Most notable planted kiddie pr0n victim is @Leann02's son, ask her about how this works.

RT @isislovecruft: The FBI has harassed me for 6 months and is now threatening to subpoena for reasons unknown. htt…

RT @isislovecruft: I wonder if the FBI is going to start making A Thing of harassing developers of encryption software that they don't like.

@isislovecruft I got a fine snitch jacket in 2012, you can't get anything real on me via Google. I have references if you'd like to talk.

@BrowningMachine @isislovecruft I have personal, painful experience with this.

@BrowningMachine @isislovecruft Here's another one on my personal experiences /w Fabricative Bureau of Islamophobia

Fort McMurray is STILL ON FIRE

@AllSquareCat I'm not the only one with too much time on my hands.


@Sanguinarious I'd rather just pay for my peanut butter, the way normal people do.


Finest example of this genre I've ever seen.

I really need a group hug, guys. I've just learned I have a split personality & sometimes I'm @yokalli


@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen I'd be in trouble in heat/smoke, but I'd help out of area. It's that whole rural thing.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual We aren't hearing about human casualties and I hope that holds.

@Spacekatgal Amazing story of fecal transplant. Every #Lyme victims should read cc: @zebrafinch @AlisynGayle

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen Expect a few older adults /w heart/lung trouble to die. Expect a few surprise heart attacks.

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen Whole housing subdivision gone. Can't move 88k ppl w/o a few car accidents.

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen Yeah, there was a tanker coming from south, filling up those who are stranded. I assume it'll be a relay.

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen Some hotel bumped rates? They'll get beat down for that, dunno why they even try.

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen I got snowed in at Newark once. I checked in for $89, then people behind me got hit for $149.

@canadianglen Tunisia has been asking for this since Libya takedown. Took long enough.

So I agree with Donald Trump on this point. Hrm ...

Farewell ISIS ... hello al Qaeda. #syria

The mythical 'vetted Syrian opposition' meme returns.

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen It's fairly flat, full of fuel, only natural firebreaks are rivers. I'm with Glen on this one.

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual Two moose can pull a Cessna, how many do they harness to move a C-17? #CanadaFacts

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen Meanwhile, in Australia ...

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen I love @Imgur, lots of fun images, none of the toxic shithead vibe found here.

@AllSquareCat @canadianglen

@canadianglen @AllSquareCat Meowdemort detected. Polish your wands, I feel action is close at hand.

@Just_noway good morning

@Just_noway I get to unapologetically use the royal 'we' on my accounts with large numbers of followers, which is kinda nice.

@canadianglen @AllSquareCat If you think that's bad, we'll get you some Ativan and you can read my morning email. #yikes

@Just_noway Just recently there was this crazy lady I've never heard of screeching on BTR about my one man crime wave.

@Just_noway Nobunny is safe when they have a pot and some water. Everybunny should tread carefully when they are out & about.

@canadianglen @AllSquareCat

@Just_noway I keep inventing useful stuff for them to do, then they get crazy mad when they figure out what that is.

@Just_noway My spirit animal is the clownfish. I hide here among the stinging tendrils, to which I became immune years ago :-)

RT @FreedomofPress: In NYC May 12? Attend this @SecureDrop panel—featuring: @betsyreed2 @trevortimm @garrettr_ @mtigas @SusanEMcG RSVP: ht…

Fort McMurray is caught in a perfect storm. #albertafire #climatechange

Austria is going fascist.

Props to @McCainJack for smacking down racist nitwits

RT @rootkovska: Sad story... Isis is a Tor dev, crypto expert, and generally a v. smart person. Also happens to be a great woman. https://t…

Now @Reddit is cracking down on hate speech. Good.

Will @Snapchat remove its speed filter before more people are maimed and killed?

@BlameJenD There are a lot of innocuous IRL things that take on a different meaning in cyberspace. For example, I bet you own a Sharpie™

@BlameJenD You just scored an unintentional daily double /w the purse allusion :-) This is WAY NSFW: imgur .com/r/buttsharpies

@BlameJenD Sharpies™ usage is the next escalation after this:

RT @dogthefootsteps: Calgary Humane Society is in need of 900 kennels to transport pets #FortMacFire

#GOP is Trump's party now. Stand by for ideological refugees looking for a place to land.

1/ Four toddlers accidentally shot & killed themselves in ONE WEEK Parents are ALL at fault here.

2/ If your life is so tense you NEED to keep a round in the chamber, you shouldn't have children anywhere near you.

3/ Seriously, toddlers can't work the action of most semi-automatic guns, that's something large tweens *might* be able to do.

4/ My Smith & Wesson 640 chambered for .357 Magnum rode in my car's console. Twelve pound trigger, completely child-proof.

5/ Cure for many of these accidental shooting deaths is a basic safety class requirement.

6/ Gun safety isn't complex.

7/ 1st: Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.

8/ 2nd: Treat ALL firearms as if they were loaded.

9/ 3rd: Keep your trigger finger outside the trigger guard and off of the trigger until you are ready to fire.

10/ 4th: Be certain of your target, your line of fire, and what lies beyond your target.

11/ 5th: Always wear appropriate eye and ear protection when shooting and maintaining your firearm.

@BlameJenD Now you're just intentionally winding people up :-(

Chirpified: Gun Safety Ain't Rocket Science

@BlameJenD Just watch, my short rant on gun safety will get turned into a "subliminal death threat" & reported #ticktock

@BlameJenD I'm gonna start calling you Dean, you realize this.

RT @Cryptomeorg: Omitting classification marks from sensitive docs cloaks their high value in same way redacting, dribbling, withholding co…

@BlameJenD I was once reported to the @CapitolPolice for making 'subliminal threats', things only Texas wingnuts could detect :-)

@BlameJenD I think we're in a similar situation here, one wrong word, there will be a NOTIFICATION OF DEATH THREATS motion filed somewhere.


RT @canadianglen: merely my opinion, but twitter has become the mental health facility of the 21st century

RT @AllSquareCat: I'll be here.

@AllDeadCat I want this to be the Catmobile™

@SockieWhodunit Not this shit again.

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps This is Crazy Cat Lady™ done right.

@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD This pro se stuff isn't so bad, just following the style guide is half the battle.

@Just_noway Is Ron Brynaert at it again? He's mad about this video I think.

@Just_noway I mute that junk on sight. Which account do you think is James?

@Just_noway Yeah, recalled that after I tweeted. I logged in to the email for this account, responded to Twitter about earlier reports.

@Just_noway It's beyond annoying how long they take to shut that crap down, given that he's had half a dozen suspensions for same thing.


@SockieWhodunit @BlameJenD No incoherent yelling in your motions.

RT @GideonResnick: Paul LePage skipped the line and adopted a dog that a sexual assault victim specifically wanted.

@GideonResnick This story isn't clear - did governor LePage do this specifically to harm Arsenault, or is that incidental.

@GideonResnick Headline seems to imply cause => effect re: LePage's adoption of the dog, article does not support that idea.

One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, Never to be told. #corvids

Spencer Davis Group performing the theme to Thames TV's Magpie.

Thames TV signed off forever on December 31st, 1991.

The Spencer Davis Group's most famous song is Gimme Some Lovin'

And Gimme Some Lovin's most famous cover is by the Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers also provided's street address - 1060 West Addison, Chicago, 60613.

I must admit I enjoy @ArianaGrande's Gimme Some Lovin' cover.

Did you watch that @ArianaGrande video? Did you spot the animated bird from :32 - :35?

Murder of One by @CountingCrows was inspired by Magpie's theme.

Murder of One is layered word play. A group of corvids is a murder; the song's title & lyrics evoke someone alone due to mistakes made.

That rhyme is also heard in The Crow: City of Angels. It's not heard here, like @ArianaGrande's video, it's visual.

The comet Eurydice appears in @ArianaGrande's One Last Time.

Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, who tried to bring her back from the dead with his enchanting music.

It was a year ago yesterday that I came to the City of Angeles. I'm surprised it's taken you so long to put in an appearance.

I haven't said much, I've just let things build up. Sooner or later it comes out, eh?

Chirpified: Enumerating Corvidae

RT @theintercept: Panama Papers source wants whistleblower immunity to aid law enforcement by @RobertMackey

Asleep at their post, @Wikileaks missed #PanamaPapers

@canadianglen Oh, no. Nothing so simple and overt as that.

@yokalli Is it normal for split personalities to share the same music tastes?

RT @SalamMorcos: London elects its first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan (Labour party). He is also pro-choice & pro-LGBT rights.

#AlbertaFire has spread to Anzac, 15 miles southeast of Fort McMurray

Toddler. Tied outside /w a dog chain. Broken arm. Hypothermia because it was raining.

@canadianglen I saw a remote fire has made it to Anzac. Is it loose in the forest?

@canadianglen Would be harder in the park, or is the whole area heavily forested?

@canadianglen 25,000 acres. Not a large fire, but in a really bad place.

@canadianglen How does this not turn into a sweep conflagration? Given the wind, the heat, it should just take off & go like hell.

@maritimemaggie @canadianglen All those vehicles moving maybe off road, people smoking, I'd suspect more fires from this.

RT @elizabethforma: But here's the thing. You can beat a bully -- not by tucking tail and running, but by holding your ground.

@canadianglen @maritimemaggie Is this an unprecedented dryness for Alberta?

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps

@AllSquareCat I'd say I just earned my keep for the week. Did you see that?

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps Sailor Cat.

@canadianglen Reminiscent of Dresden.

RT @StephenKing: Conservatives who for 8 years sowed the dragon's teeth of partisan politics are horrified to discover they have grown an a…

.@ShaunWalker7 An error, sir. I think you meant "brush pass", not "brush-past". #tradecraft cc:@thegrugq @lrozen

1/ Cuban-Canadian @tedcruz suspended his presidential campaign on 5/3/16.

2/ Ohio governor @JohnKasich suspended his presidential campaign 5/4/16.

3/ Last man standing is Donald Trump. I expected #GOP to end with a bang, not a whimper.

4/ Last cycle I voted Republican was 2002.

5/ 2004 - Bush was a draft dodger, Kerry was a decorated small boat commander, like JFK. I read all about PT109 as a kid.

6/ 2006 volunteered for House candidate in NE-02.

7/ 2008 Barack Obama, writing on DailyKos, being on the road. Few signs left I wasn't always left leaning.

8/ 2010 Rear guard action, 44 House/Senate/Gubernatorial races. Removed Stupak, retained Grijalva.

9/ 2012 Many activities this cycle which are best left unmentioned.

10/ 2014 Field testing Twitter recorder, mapping the opposition, occasional trips to D.C.

11/ 2016 Gonna go out on a limb here: President Bernie Sanders. I think HRC just has too much baggage, but we shall see.

12/ Twelve years of change, my 7th election cycle, and I think the #GOP just died. They can't win a national election any more.

13/ The Democratic party is going to get the same treatment the Tea Party gave the #GOP, but it won't start in earnest until 2018.

14/ I had a hand in Coffee Party, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter. The seeds we planted have taken root.

15/ I can't slip a ring on, disappearing like Bilbo did, but I can recognize the path I set foot on in 2003 has come to an end.


Chirpified: The Beginning Of The End.

Annoying video game beat track over annoying banter is NOT what I expect in an infosec podcast. Not naming any names here.

Big lesson of Katrina? Make sure pets are included in evacuation. Alberta is no learning this lesson. Sad.

@canadianglen @AllSquareCat

Moral of the story? Get the WHOLE story

@canadianglen @AllSquareCat That's how I envision @Arpey_Actual setting back fires in defense of #AlbertaFire

RT @nbcwashington: Fireball eruption due to arcing insulator at Federal Center Metro station this morning https://t…

@nbcwashington Looks like I got out of D.C. just in time. News has been crazy the last month.

@canadianglen @AllSquareCat @Arpey_Actual There's a bit of a trail there. And that WAS a Canadian Forest Cow.

@canadianglen Imgur loves 'em, I guess nobody posts pictures of kitten tails. That's all they leave when they eat one.

@canadianglen They were hunted when I was a boy, I've seen piles of a hundred or more carcasses.

@canadianglen And they're edible, too, albeit strong. It's a bar food - 50/50 mix with pork in a crock pot /w barbecue sauce.

There are no words in English for the subtle, sublime feeling this generates :-)

RT @LaneLipton: FYI found out that "Bullyville" posted some legalese implying I caved to his harrassment of me, and gave him someone's priv…

@LaneLipton That was never seen as truthful FYI.

Zoids! Anyone here know how to XMPP? It's clearly not part of my skill set. Sorry guys.

Whatever happened to Patrice Pike?

RT @drwasho: There has never been a stronger need for communication technology that eliminates the need for Internet service providers.

I don't think I've heard this since 1992.

There is more happy in one @Imgur post than you get from an entire day of Twitter.

Further example of @Imgur happy

RT @mxsawyer: Desperate for a cure to his stomach woes, one biohacker replaced his body’s bacteria…


@AllSquareCat found her :-)

@LaneLipton That was heroin boy?

@LaneLipton I am not sure bullygods is whats his name. Provocation now makes no sense, I think its just a troll.

@LaneLipton This has always been the long con for his 'supporters' - once compromised enough, leave his fingerprints everywhere.

@AllSquareCat In the video about three minutes in - the many seconds of screeching.

@stackizshort You hush, Ron has got to focus if he wants to pay off that $500k judgment.

@AllSquareCat @canadianglen @jaykelly26 Did someone say 'cake'? #munchies

@stackizshort @Sanguinarious You guys are late to the party. There's some serious drama recycling effort the last week or so.

@Sanguinarious @stackizshort Drama recycling is definitely a Social Engineering Special Olympics event. I may have to catalog the efforts.

Just leaving this here for those of you with legitimate concerns about psychotronic radiation.

@Sanguinarious I've beat down a bunch of that crap in public over the last few weeks.

@Sanguinarious I've only addressed about 50%, the rest I note date/time, and generally ignore.

@GenKnoxx Undoubtedly kidnapped so their blood can be used in matzohs meal. Oh, wait ... #eyeroll

@GenKnoxx Someone turned the stupid up to eleven and then ripped off the knob. I think it's kids, all stale info, clumsy approaches.

So sad Seth Allen has me blocked, as this is his special image.

Chirpified: The Usual Suspecs

Not everyone shows up when they are tagged in an image. Hrm ...

free photos w/o watermarks.

My followers live in USA (81%), Canada(5%)... Get your free map too:

Action on PBI this morning Screw @PalantirTech go for @SentinelVis or @Paterva if you need to get some work done.

Donald Trump harms U.S. credibility just by being the GOP's nominee.

2020 will have a #GOP candidate using populist protectionist trail Trump blazed, without his rough edges. Unless Democrats unfuck themselves

@JetBlackCloud You might just be on to something there.

@JetBlackCloud I used to gig 419 scammers. I've always wished I had better mastered that writing style, it was laborious for me.

RT @thegrugq: The good news is that PGP’s UI/UX is so terrible even terrorists are unable to use it correctly.

RT @OnionIRC: Some call us terrorists, some call us freedom fighters. What exactly is Anonymous? New lesson tonight at 10pm UTC | channel:…

@JetBlackCloud This has entertainment potential

@Just_noway @JetBlackCloud We should spear him, clean out his bank account, give it to a no kill cat shelter.

RT @MaxBoot: As a lifelong Republican, I hope that Trump loses in a landslide & the GOP comes to its senses. My @latimes oped:…

@MaxBoot @lrozen I lasted voted #GOP in 2002. I don't think they can recover from the harm done.

@JetBlackCloud @Just_noway Back when /w Project VIGILANT we actually caught one of them, it was pretty funny.

@JetBlackCloud @Just_noway Guy had run an "overseas, wallet stolen" scam on some Senator's aunt, somebody had a friend @ Scotland Yard.

@JetBlackCloud @Just_noway We kept the guy talking, traced him to cybercafe, pretty much caught him in the act :-)

@Just_noway @JetBlackCloud PV has a huge black eye due to Manning, but there was a lot of epic funny before that.

@JetBlackCloud @Just_noway

@Just_noway @JetBlackCloud There was a great all black vinyl fetish horse suit on Imgur's front page last night. I can't find it now :-(

@Just_noway @JetBlackCloud It was sleek and stylish. I thought of you first actually ...

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps

Ultimate #otaku It's over AZN nerds, go outside or something.


@alisonrapp pterodactyl humor detected.

@AlisynGayle @zebrafinch high profile Lyme victim

@zebrafinch @AlisynGayle Same crap I face now. Four months of logging all food, supplements, meds? Ignored, new doc just thinks I'm "weird".

@zebrafinch @AlisynGayle So I'm jumping through the psych hoop along with what I actually need. Gonna play to win - just won't eat that day.

@zebrafinch @AlisynGayle Sad it took so long. I wonder how many autoimmune/neurological disability cases are undiagnosed Lyme.

@zebrafinch @AlisynGayle doc sees how poor I am, tell them about past career, they assume serious mental illness. VERY frustrating.

@zebrafinch @AlisynGayle I guess that's a step of from paternal pat on the head "oh you're just imaging those symptoms you look fine now".

Stupidest thing @EWErickson has ever said, and that's really saying something.

RT @kdbrecht: Most amazing sentence in a WaPo story full of them

Clinton's email server is a real furball. Looks like maybe Datto self-protected by keeping a cloud backup?

@SenWarren sounds better with every article I read about her

@GenKnoxx bloodthirsty? More likely terrified that they will be next. ISIS was quick to eliminate local leaders, they have to maintain fear.

Saudi Arabia sponsored Netanyahu's campaign? Really?

@BlameJenD Good evening. We've been counting Social Engineering Special Olympics entries while you were away.

@BlameJenD @LaneLipton It's almost a non-event for me. I reported what I could, going to ignore it and wait for Texas court to finish.

@BlameJenD I slept most of yesterday, so now I've been awake 14 hours straight. Not sure what to do, maybe bike ride to clear my head.

@BlameJenD @LaneLipton So much of that - family, friends, customers, employers, they know the stupidity is rampant.

@GenKnoxx Syria is over carrying capacity. It's an ugly, irrational way to climb down, but they're doing it.

@GenKnoxx All this chatter about refugees, nobody stops to ask "Will they all fit given current rainfall?"

@GenKnoxx Lebanon is other side of the coin; water for 4M citizens in good years, but 1M refugees and 2014 was drought.

1/ Greenland melt was off to a record start in 2016

2/ Prior record melts were 1889 & 2012 - both driven by ash.

3/ Canada started burning early this year.

4/ Digging for Canada wild fire averages, not finding that, but much other bad news.

5/ current rate of burn in the northern forests of the world is unprecedented in at least the last 5,000 years

6/ Not sure how to interpret this as it's by acres, not by year. US wild fire stats for 100k+ acre burns.

7/ British Columbia burn cares TRIPLED the average in 2014 & 2015.

8/ Alaskan & Canadian fires affect Greenland due to prevailing winds.

9/ What is happening in #AlbertaFire is awful, but perfect storm to educate on climate change.

10/ #AlbertaFire puts a human face on wild fire and its right on top of tar sand oil extraction. Cause, meet effect.

Chirpified: Alberta Burning, Greenland Melting: Climate Change Feedback Detected

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd like to welcome our newest Social Engineering Special Olympics contestant, @TundrasFinale #SESO

Like so many before, @TundraFinale came to my attention because he was posing as me, and doing it poorly.

I don't think @TundrasFinale expected me to know his cell, but that IS an annoying habit of mine.

This only went on for a little bit before @TundrasFinale got bashful.

But then, after sleeping on it, @TundrasFinale opened up a bit.

Today's poorly executed SE was what triggered @TundrasFinale coverage.

That's SE for both content and mode of delivery - posing a question requiring talking to others, attempting to create discord. Childish.

Right now @TundrasFinale is working up to some intimidation: *herp* I can correlate SMS to voice to whatever *derp* Stroke it harder, kid.

#protip if you pose as me you're volunteering to hold whatever bag of crap I choose to hand you. Now wouldn't that be exciting?

What name is the person in this slowed voicemail greeting saying? Maybe Ian?

If you believe you've been interacting with me and I haven't beat your ass & left a record here it's probably NOT me

Chirpified: Tundra's Inevitable Meltdown

@canadianglen <= is this thing still active, or did they fix it?

Foreshadowing: Actual Event: You'll be paying closer attention to my Chirpstories, right?

RT @BenSRachinger: Lol.

RT @BootsRiley: We let internet be our brain, our memory. But those w power can bury the memories- the articles, the references- that dont…

RT @khadshome: The fish in Washington are lit as hell tf

RT @Jeblary2016: A daily reminder that all news in the United States are made by these 6 #corporations

RT @StanleyCohenLaw: We Feared Witches. We Hung Women via @mdp4202

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual Crowtardium Leviosa

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual She's right on the line between psychiatrically challenged and ZOMG hot date for Ron identified.

"Generally ignore" a sonnet by Neals Rauhauser. #poetweet

"Unfuck themselves" a rondel by Neals Rauhauser. #poetweet

"West Addison" an indriso by Neals Rauhauser. #poetweet

@canadianglen @Arpey_Actual She is just one click above helpless, why does Crowtard rankle you so? It's not like she farts six times a day.

"I appreciate" a sonnet by Chet Uber. #poetweet Actually looks a bit like an email from him :-)

"Runs out" an indriso by @canadianglen #poetweet

@canadianglen Grabs your feed, makes a sonnet, rondel, or indriso out of it. It makes for intriguing reading.

@dogthefootsteps @canadianglen #poetweet is the best Twitter app I've seen in years. I use it regularly to dispel fits of #RAEG

"Of thing" by @BlameJenD #poetweet

"Is biased" by @GenKnoxx #poetweet

@dogthefootsteps @canadianglen I forget where I saw it, but I should spend an hour a day doing this instead of ... other things.

"Grape leaves" by @AlisynGayle. #poetweet

"LOL--I agree" by @zebrafinch #poetweet

"Help farting Humans" by @alisonrapp #poetweet

RT @Anon_Damocles: @TruthIzSexy @meepkittyfuck @FBI Carding is the new black lol

@Anon_Damocles @TruthIzSexy @meepkittyfuck Note the keyword SPECULATION. This means it's offered as conjecture, not fact.

"Must read" by @StanleyCohenLaw. #poetweet

@AlisynGayle No, it's a fun computational linguistics/poetry app. I use it on me & other people I know, it's funny to see what it produces.

Glad funnyman @StevenWright is NOT DEAD, the guy trending is a baseball player.

@AlisynGayle It uses your text name, I slightly edit to include usernames. Sorry you disliked, anyone else I heard from found it fun.

@zebrafinch provides the Twitter to poetry interface.

RT @BenSRachinger: It isn't that I like @johnkeypm It's that I deplore what the political scene has come to. Hate, Rage, Waiting for a S…

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