Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Neal!

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 23, 2016

Neal's birthday was yesterday! Yes, Neal made it through another year without dying of Lyme disease or being killed by the FBI, Zapem, Barrett Brown, Patterico, Mexican Zetas or the Michigan Militia.

Neal has much to celebrate this year due to his Precedent Setting First Amendment victory over Bullyville where he was awarded $1,300,000. 

Oh wait, that was amended by the judge to $450,000.

Oh wait, $300,000 of that goes to the lawyer so that leaves Neal with $150,000.

 Oh wait, Neal had a 50/50 split agreement with his lawyer so it's really $75,000

Oh wait, Nebraska has a lien on any monies awarded due to Neal's unpaid child support-which is now 70,098.61 so that leaves him with $4,901.39

Oh wait, Nebraska charges interest, 10 years nonpayment is around $6,600 in interest so that leaves Neal owing $1,698.61

Oh wait, Bullyville is appealing the decision on several grounds including citing judicial error and civil rights infringement so that judgement may be scrapped leaving Neal with a $300,000 legal bill plus his unpaid child support of $70,098.61 and the interest. That would leave Neal owing $376,696.61!

Golly! Well, anyway... Happy Birthday Neal!

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