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Neal Rauhauser as OccupyUnmasked; May 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - February 26, 2016

Neal Rauhauser using the OccupyUnmasked account on May 25th, 2014.

 OccupyUnmasked was created February 10th, 2012 in response to news that there was a movie coming out by the same name. 

The account can be reported as a multiple account with overlapping uses and as a spam account since most of its tweets are automated.

Occupy Unmasked ‏@OccupyUnmasked 25 May 2014

.@JamesMcGibney our interviews were 2nd week of April. They just started on your trolls last week?

mitera ‏@greenmitera 25 May 2014

@Br1B3 @OccupyUnmasked @JamesMcGibney I thought Neal was going to stay quiet until after hearing so nothing he says can be used against him.

Occupy Unmasked ‏@OccupyUnmasked 25 May 2014

.@greenmitera :: @JamesMcGibney knows ppl are getting interviewed, victims & accomplices. No investigation target puts that in a motion :-)

mitera ‏@greenmitera 25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked @JamesMcGibney well you both know more than I do. I was referencing what you said. Did McGibney_Files go to the hearing?

Occupy Unmasked‏@OccupyUnmasked

@greenmitera 5/21 hearing was just my lawyer, McGibney's lawyer. Two hours oral arguments, they'll finish /w written hearing around mid June
11:31 PM - 25 May 2014

mitera ‏@greenmitera 25 May 2014

@OccupyUnmasked He said he was going, then only stated he obtained the paperwork, odd for him to have that kind of access, ongoing and all.

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