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Andie Pauly And Her Hanged Tweets

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - February 26, 2016

These are tweets from Andie Pauly's timeline using the keyword "Hanged"

While Twitter upholds free speech no matter how awful it might be, if enough people report an account for being offensive, it will get suspended. So...The links are still active in these tweets. Clicking the date on each tweet should give you a link to click that will take you to the actual tweet on Twitter where where you can report it. 

Or you can be creative and search Twitter with using from:andieiamwhoiam and a keyword of your own.

  1. Assata should be hanged on the spot she stands.
    This Tweet is unavailable.
  2. She hanged herself. What justice do you people want? Or is it REVENGE you racist, collectivists seek?

  3. Yes. Tamir's wretched mother should be hanged for her abject neglect. SHE is the reason he is dead.

  4. The thug was left in the street because his peers were SHOOTING at emergency workers. All races enslaved, hanged.
    This Tweet is unavailable.
  5. You agree that Sandra Bland was a mentally ill racist whose own family would not bail her out so she hanged herself.

  6. Why wasn't Mumia hanged? That feral should be dead.

  7. Blacks had higher crime rates than they do now It makes sense they were hanged for those crimes proportionately

  8. What was their crime? Rape? Murder? ALL races were hanged for crimes committed.

  9.  In reply to 
    They should have hanged her for her crimes.
  10.  In reply to 
    She had drugs in her system. The angry woman hanged herself and nitwits made her a martyr.
  11. Sorry, feral. All races were hanged as a form of frontier justice. Blacks then, as now, had higher crime rates.

  12. needs to be hanged immediately as an example. Terrorists are not welcome here.
  13. Blacks hanged blacks for crimes. Then, as now, blacks had higher crime rates. Whites were also hanged.
    This Tweet is unavailable.
  14.  In reply to 
    @stacEightTweets "Say her name". The lunatic who hanged herself is his hero
  15.  In reply to 
    @stacEightTweets Too much of this. They should be hanged in the town square TONIGHT.
  16.  In reply to 
    However,framed in that historical perspective, it is understandable that rapists and murderers were hanged.
  17.  In reply to 
    You don't have a right to ignore lawful orders. Plus the crazy lady HANGED HERSELF.
  18.  In reply to 
    Sandra Bland was a crazy, angry racist who hanged herself. Quite the role model.
  19. Didn't even compliment me on the proper use of "hanged".
  20. They should have been hanged already.

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