Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney Is Back ...Again

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - January 13, 2016

Before Christmas Marcie was all outraged and indignant, blaming JoJo Camp for the Restraining Order against her.   

Then she did her Camille death scene, letting everyone know she's dying and leaving Twitter forever. She wanted to make peace with everyone before she passed on. But she just couldn't help violating the restraining order against her.

Now it's the New Year and Marcie is back and continues to violate the restraining order. It amazes me that she doesn't take a court ordered restraining order as a hint that maybe it's time she MOVED ON. Time for her to find a new victim.

I guess that says it all.

  1. I never lied about droning targets or threatened people w/ "the hole". I thought Anonymous was doing a brave deed & many would be freed.
  2. I know from my marriage & talks w/you, Bullyvale wants a 39 minute oral punishment for me, for daring to defy Bullyville for noncompliance
  3. Mocking cancer is NOT cute or a parody as u continually lie, humiliate & cyberstalk to make my life hell. I'm suing the McGibney Gang.
  4. I only have 1 kidney left & cannot afford another Because you are the cancer tormenting me & the waiting list s very long.
  5. Why do u feel constant accusations that I drink are so important to you Why do u feel the need to constantly accuse me of drinking
  6. Mocking someone who has been struggling to survive for more than a decade is vile Why is cancer funny to you? Cancer KILLS!
  7. So you know I produced hospital bills & records as Mindy demanded I cannot consume alcohol anymore as I can't lose the other.
  8. Why do you feel the need to constantly accuse me of drinking alcohol I had 2 have my right kidney last summer removed
  9. I'm still friends w/my fav PD (slang 4 Public Defender) It's a job & perps have the right to a competent defense.under the law.
  10. You are right, this is how the system is supposed to work. I presented the case, the PD defended it & the Court or jury ruled.
  11. Most people don't understand that a majority of cases are transactions between both sides. I was friends w/many of them.
  12. I salute all of you who served or are in country now. Hope you Daeshbags got USED goats covered in honey & made a sticky mess
  13. I was offered 3x the $$ to go to the Dark Side, but I couldn't enable a baby killer out on the streets who would kill again.
  14. What Prosecutors call the advanced sheets so I can read how da fuq this happened
  15. Always drawn the line on kiddie porn as NOT an exercise of "free speech". I prosecuted them for a decade & but will need to read
  16. I used to be the Head of Sex Offense & Child Abuse in a small county. There have been lawsuits all the time but the Court has..
  17. I was in shock when I saw Kamil got an account so he can groom young boys to come over & play nekkid before bedtime
  18. He might have you confused with the 80 other HajiHunters.
  19. Kamil Beylant is not a troll, you ever interacted w/him? He's Boychat's rep; where they talk about how fun it was skinny dipping
  20. IDK. They should never have given Boychat's rep a handle & why he would then target you is odd. Do you know Kamil Beylant?
  21. What a great decision Twitter made, giving Boychat/Kamil a legit Twitter. Don't worry though, they are just "minor attracted".
  22. GN to everyone!!
  23. AND DREAM ON McGibnutz, Florida won't pay 4 extradition re:Head Witch of The Coven. Their beauty contest winner lost again.
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    Not going to listen to this kind of BS.

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    Now THAT people, is a tree. Wow
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  26. How does Christina tolerate your love of big fake bewbs? Does she even know what you do while "working"? How well does she speak English...
  27. Play another game: who are Gibnutz "sources". Twitter acct is Erin *** goes by Gothic_A****** Got your mugshots & SURPRISE, lying drug whore
  28. So Gibnutz goes to jail while Neal R waits to see if the check bounces!

  29. And how da fuq would they know any the details unless Mindy & Priest hackd my email; which they did. Except they were too dumb to understand
  30. His claim I destroyed many familes, including my own. Really, your 1st marriage was a failure, too. Mine lasted 30 years, not bad these days
  31. While I lie here critically ill, knowing James McGibney spent my thousands to pay for his bills, parties, expensive rentals: a typical scam!
  32. Stay strong & battle knowing many here in the US salute your courage!!

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    Explosion in Istanbul's district of Sultanahmet, popular with tourists, and reports of several injured
  34. Moral: NEVER give $$ to strangers on the Net. Who would have believed McGibney was a total fraud? Fake college degree & just a desk clerk.
  35. So when McGibney suddenly asked me raise over 50,000 for him I explained my situation & THEN, I was posted on Team Felon. He is a sociopath.
  36. During this time I found out I've a life threatening illness & couldn't afford to donate to anyone. I paid out over $80,000 in co-pays alone
  37. Suddenly he was all sweet & nice again. Until I found out WHY.I took screenshots. He had initiated SLAPP litigation in 2 states & needed $$
  38. Yes, real charities must provide a detailed accounting of money in & out, but Bullyvile would not respond to my polite request
  39. I became increasingly uneasy as where my thousands was being spent on, but could not obtain an accounting as real charities must provide.
  40. As it has now been discovered, McGibney doesn't hate pedophiles. He hates people who won't give him money he wants. And strippers, too!!
  41. Which was to make $$. McGibney doesn't care about kids or helping them. He promised to send any "extra" $$ to charities, none was ever sent.
  42. He never told me he was raking in $$ running his own Revenge Porn site. Many women like me wouldn't have donated if they knew his real plan.
  43. He swore he was ready to protect any victim of bullying & then defrauded me out of thousands of dollars by NEVER HELPING ANY KIDS AT ALL.
  44. A vile idiot named James McGibney after his SECOND bankruptcy devised a new scheme. He called it Bullyville & pretended he was helping kids.
  45. I've always been a law abiding citizen born on a military base. I love my country & the brave soldiers who fight to protect our rights
  46. You have no way out. KrazyK n JoJo are 2 sociopaths who belong together. Kirsten's rage is cuz Bullyvile lost & she has no funds 4 a lawyer.
  47. I never heard of them, never had an inkling they were sociopaths who manipulate to get what they want & then once they have you hooked...
  48. Kirsten Olson Curry inserted me into her life by contacting me & asking for help w/the issues between JoJo & herself. She offered to PAY ME!
  49. Nothing I say or do is relevant KrazyWitch cuz I'll get affidavits from physicians affirming that I was not then or now competent to testify
  50. It's like a dumb blonde joke, KrazyK doesn't get the law requires competency to hold a defendant liable 4 the complaint. I was not competent
  51. And no, KrazyK Florida cannot get Maryland make me meet up w/you my lying perjurer STALKER because I did not have the capacity to comprehend
  52. Blocking because his unrequited love 4 his fag hag is the source of his delusions. Maybe being sued 4 monetary damages will help!
  53. Each and EVERY time, they put me right back up even though I had not used Twitter at all, IN ANY WAY. THEY ARE SICK, SADISTIC monsters.
  54. On at least 8 occasions the 2 of them sent me emails/DMs saying they realized I was a good person & they would take me off their hate sites.
  55. I NEVER got a response. NOT ONE. After the 1st of the year, I sent even more asking to make peace & pointing out I wasn't even on Twitter.
  56. Before I lay down, I want to make this clear. I sent dozens of emails to Priest & Bullyvile asking to stop in the spirit of the Holidays.
  57. Done 4 the day. I have to rest frequently as I stumble, become dizzy & confused Teresa. I'll try to catch up later. And typing takes forever
  58. MY "respect" for the law You mean Krazy's total & utter disrespect in committing PERJURY nonstop as well as having friends aid her
  59. Sorry to inform you but I can't send messages directly to Bullyvile as he has no account & KrazyK locks & unlocks & blocks.
  60. James McGibney I've screenshots of communications w/emails to support this. You used me for your PERSONAL ATM, not to help kids
  61. What don't you ask her WHY she is a pathological LIAR Ask her who Sharnell REALLY IS. Why her relationship w/Det.Rachel is close.
  62. FYI I've every right to sue for the non stop you in particular torment put me thru. AND KrazyK offered to PAY ME, NOT THE REVERSE.
  63. No place I see to send a DM. I have a 5 year old laptop with a place you can push. Please DM me to at least explain what fm means

  1. I wish, in retrospect that women would have their thyroids checked routinely. I can't discuss this w/mine. He's dead.
  2. I don't have parathyroid, they cannot say for sure what is causing this other than it's probably cancer.
  3. No. You did but lots of women will benefit from taking yr advice. I saw an Endocrinologist 8 years ago & never saw 1 again
  4. The typical presentation which can be cured with radiation, iodine, etc. They won't work. It's scrambled signals from my brain to my thyroid
  5. Whatever happens, I will always be grateful you warned women about thyroid conditions My problem is the brain tumor, not..
  6. I'm too tired for anymore of this now. I came back after 3 weeks & war had broken into factions w/ people I don't know
  7. I'm seeing grief counselors Teresa, following their advice I hope we can remain friends & you understand that's best for me
  8. If I'm terminal & the final recommendation is brain surgery, there is no warranty.I may improve, it may be inoperable, etc.
  9. Specialists & I have another appointment in January. I think they all go skiing during the holidays. No one can tell me..
  10. Seen thyroid results deteriorating and unstable as mine. So thank you for the tip. It is a long process to see all the...
  11. You mentioned women should get their thyroids checked. At Johns Hopkins Hospital #1 in the world, they said that had never
  12. I have lots of friends & family who offer all the time to visit or bring me groceries Oddly, you were part of the solution.
  13. Because my physical condition is so unreliable, I can't get out much so Twitter is a way of communicating with other people
  14. I haven't any followers so I don't know what you mean. And I did take a 3 week break from Twitter & just returned.
  15. Teresa, I have always thought of you as a friend & am surprised you would judge me like this.
  16. For the record, it takes me approximately 2 minutes to type a single tweet You must be a very angry & bitter old queen.
  17. Just like his luxury penthouse at Trump Towers. Instead of being grateful KrazyK turned on me (ALWAYS her intention) & you attack
  18. I NEVER paid JoJo a dime to bother/hack/harass/humiliate KrazyK, I paid him to leave HER AND HER SON ALONE He made the rest up.
  19. Threats? Try promises I saw my 1st specialist 8 years ago as my symptoms did not point to anything obvious until recently. FYI
  20. The nut is you. Seek psychiatric treatment ASAP How long did it take KrazyK to invite a 2x felon to live w/her & her son?
  21. Oh! Now you are playing DOCTOR It took many years, a huge out of pocket co-pay, lots of specialists to finally pinpoint the cause.
  22. And to ALL THE McGibneyGang, revenge is a dish best served cold Too bad I won't be seeing you, my balance & vision is too shaky.
  23. What kind words My aren't you cranky this am.. The wheels of Justice move slowly, but they mince exceedingly fine.
  24. Why do you keep "verifying" yourself every day? Everyone knows it is you But why not use your real avi..?
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  1. As if you know what ETHICS are..

  1. Don't bother trying to beg Tor for help. I already have a relationship w/him (why, how, none of your bizness) Ethically he can't help you.

  2. James, where will you get the $$ to defend yourself for defamation w/malice, etc? No competent attorney would defend you, not even for free.

  3. All this caused by yr whining abt some stupid fake reality show Millions of $$ down the drain, reputations ruined. BURN IN HELL

  4. 2nd most digusting monster is creeptard who claims God guides her to defend extortion, theft by deceit by McPiglet. You're SATAN

  5. That's right, James McPigney thought I was "awesome" when I was his personal ATM. Once I became seriously ill, he posted me on "TEAM FELON".

  6. @kirciaire already de-activated weeping I don't even have a Twitter account! Except for socks never disclosed to the Sherriff's Department!

  7. You are a pack of thieves, liars, hackers, cyber harassers & I sugget you start deleting your sick photoshop NOW Make amends.

  8. You, on the other hand have NO right to attempt to extort, extort & vilify a woman who gave you THOUSANDS of dollars when she became ill.

  1. James, what do your kids think you are doing playing grab ass in those pics? I've a constitutional right to express my opinion on any topic.

  1. The Witch won't be able to abuse the criminal system AGAIN to defend her Tortious misdeeds; she'll have to pay real $$ out of her own pocket

  1. And the best part? The undoxable Priest has to appear & give his real name, address as will his fellow conspirators. I forgot Mindy, sorry.

  1. The administrative assistant for processing return of driver's licenses is virtually broke.. After taxes, she makes about 55k

  1. James will get a TV deal in an after school special warning kids of the danger of strangers, scams, & pedophiles. James is the villain kids!

  2. What could be more disgusting than manipulating the system on her home Court to take advantage of a woman w/a serious illness? TEAMWITCH!

  3. They're jointly & severally liable, abuse of the legal system by this freak thru her actions in Florida are theirs 2
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  1. Someone asked me why sue a deadbeat broke ass loser w/no assets? Answer, the OTHER defendants in the conspiracy do have the ability to pay.

  2. Soon you will find yourself in contempt of Court & wearing signs apologizing to ALL YOUR VICTIMS JAMES w/judgments against you for millions.

  3. James McGibney is so stupid he has file for bankruptcy twice & can only file AGAIN in a year. Bullyvile a scam to make $$. Uh, but YOU LOST!

  4. I took a break & while I was gone , everyone was suspended. Geez, can't you kids play nicely without a hallroom monitor?

  5. Kurds: You Rock!! Just Do It....