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Gary And Andie And Revenge Porn

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - November 21, 2015

Political discussions and arguments have been going on for as long as leaders have been elected. People bicker, fight, throw shoes, duel and kill over their political beliefs. 

Fortunately there are now laws that make differences of opinion a little more civilized. Of course, that means that the laws have to be obeyed...

Andie Pauley of Joliet, Illinois, likes to post racist comments. She refers to Blacks as "feral". Tara likes to retweet Andie and mock her. 

Then enters noob Gary LaFollette of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He decided to come to Andie Pauley's rescue. He catfished Tara and managed to get a nude picture. He posted it online.

Posting nude pictures of someone online in order to harass, humiliate and intimidate is against the law in most states. 

Gary LaFollette also gave Andie Pauley the name of the place where Tara works. Tara was fired.

Gary went a step further and sent the nude picture to Robert Warren Ray and Lauren Savage who run the White Supremacist website Azzmador. They posted the nude picture in a post where they state her picture was posted as revenge for her posting Robert Warren Ray's "stuff" online.  

The "stuff" is most likely Robert Warren Ray's numerous mugshots only Tara didn't post them, someone else did. The mugshots were publicly posted at the time of the offense and there are quite a few people who don't like Robert Ray. In any case, posting a nude picture of Tara in revenge is pretty much the definition of Revenge Porn.

Below is the timeline of the @TaraGinther account. It exists specifically as a harassment and Revenge Porn account. It belongs to Gary LaFollette and in these tweets he admits to catfishing Tara and that he gave the name of her workplace to Andie Pauley.  

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