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Twitter Timeline of Rauhauser as RealityForger; Dec 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - August 27, 2015

"Every negative thing you ever heard about me started with racist Robert Stacy McCain" says Neal.

HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ten years behind on child support, I think your ex wife precedes McCain.

FYI Neal: just because someone registers a domain doesn't mean that person owns it. 
Paying extra to keep a domain registration private doesn't mean it will stay private, most private registration companies will give up names if requested by law enforcement.
Having a lawyer register your domain costs more but it keeps your name private and protected under attorney-client privilege.

Paul Carr ‏@paulcarr
Again, the trouble with an anonymous troll group is that it's hard to pin down facts.

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@paulcarr You realize a portion of @YourAnonNews is owned by the guys who just lost this lawsuit, right? …

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger .@paulcarr I've been on the business end of a @YourAnonNews smear. Happy to share what I know, there's a nice expose in it.

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  Dec 12 @RealityForger @YourAnonNews Does everyone know who you are now?

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
@B3nRaching3r @YourAnonNews I have never been particularly anonymous, except when I choose to be, and those don't generally get found.
7:32 PM - 12 Dec 2014

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  Dec 12
@RealityForger @YourAnonNews LOLOLOL. Well then...

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger@ RealityForger
. @ dellcam @ B3nRaching3r @ apblake @ danstuckey @ paulcarr Someone SHOULD Fire up @ DomainTools & look at YAN Domains History.

2477f200a6aff21f68898c5d9396d716_400x400.jpegKaatje Kabelkrant ‏@kaatje36  Dec 13
@B3nRaching3r I happen to like Neal too which I never expected based on the talk there was about him.

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r Every negative thing you ever heard about me started with racist Robert Stacy McCain …
6:52 AM - 13 Dec 2014

DemHipster ‏@liberaluniverse  Dec 13
.@RealityForger @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r Then amplified by @Patterico another bigot.

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger ‏@RealityForger  Dec 13
@liberaluniverse @kaatje36 @B3nRaching3r That guys is not someone I'd choose to engage. He's got some IRL issues he needs to focus on.

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r
@kaatje36 Same here. Everyone called him a troll PoS. He was always wise and kind to me. I can only go off what I personally experience?

realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@B3nRaching3r @kaatje36 Every crime I am accused of was committed by FBI snitch Brandon Darby. …
I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  
@RealityForger @kaatje36 Hey bro. Can I get you to take Fl1nt off Trac? Doing this open for good reasons.

I1Ze4WSp_400x400.jpegBenjamin ‏@B3nRaching3r  
@RealityForger @kaatje36 If you do this.... The amount of goodwill will surprise you. I know I'm noob. But that's my Xmas wish @C1TYofFL1NT

2477f200a6aff21f68898c5d9396d716_400x400.jpegKaatje Kabelkrant ‏@kaatje36
@B3nRaching3r @RealityForger @C1TYofFL1NT +1
realityforger neal avi.jpgReality Forger‏@RealityForger
.@paulcarr I scored a #1a victory against owners of @YourAnonNews domains last week.

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