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PinkMeth Twitter Timeline 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - August 24, 2015

PinkMeth was a Revenge Porn site, a website allowing people to post nude pictures and contact information of their exes out of spite or a need for revenge. The operator of PinkMeth called himself Olaudah Equiano but unlike his victims, his real name isn't known.

To avoid having PinkMeth suspended for porn or DMCA violations, the site was moved to the DarkWeb where its servers could remain hidden. However the site was seized in a multi agency law enforcement operation in 2014 called Project Onymous.

Supposedly PinkMeth has been resurrected once again on the dark web. Below are some of PinkMeth's tweets from 2012 including one sent to Thomas Retzlaff aka @Klansmann. You'll notice the operator of PinkMeth likes to taunt his victims.

Names and twitter accounts have been redacted.


Be patient.

New design is live  <3

New design for PM coming soon!

@REDACTED Congratz Adriana, you have just been posted on our site, hope you enjoy the attention!

Adriana REDACTED from CA which also includes a sex video btw:  // face pic:
View photo

Erika REDACTED from IL:  // her pic
View photo

Ludovica REDACTED  from Italy:  // her picture
View photo
Sammatha REDACTED from NY:  // her picture
View photo

Super hot Ashley REDACTED from OH:  // her picture here:
View photo

Anna REDACTED from the UK:  //
View photo

wtf USA, Germany is catching up with the number of submissions, are you guys ok with this?

Another one from Germany, her name is Melissa REDACTED :  // pic:
View photo
@REDACTED  why? we are much cooler than dA, trust me you should remove your pictures from there instead :D

And that's all we have for this week, see ya!
Tanya REDACTED also from the UK:  //
View photo

Tasha REDACTED from the UK:  //
View photo


Elina REDACTED bating vid has been added to her post as per users request, link:  // And her pic:
View photo
Natalie REDACTED from TX:
View photo

Silke REDACTED and Andrea REDACTED from Germany:  and
@REDACTED hey, just posted your nude pics here  :D

Site updated, thank-you all for submitting!

@REDACTED thanks, are you selling your twitter account? Best Wishes <3

Cool tricks to check if someone is lying online:

6 more just added

We have a shitload of pending submissions. Please be patient submitters, they will go live SOON.

Site is back! Time for some fresh content.

We're not dead, be patient.

@REDACTED You were pretty good in Bloodlust Zombies, hoping to see more of you in b flicks.

@REDACTED  I don't get your music, but you're hot. …

@REDACTED  Hey Amelia, welcome to the family! …

@REDACTED  doit!

back in black

We will be back soon, nothing to worry about.

We still have A LOT of pending submissions which will go live as soon as we have a chance, thank you all for sharing <3

4 more posts have been added.

Updating the site as we speak, thanks everyone.

#MistakesGirlsMake getting with dickheads
Retweeted by Pink Meth

We fixed the upload form, please re-submit the submissions that didn't get through.

Our first page has been filled with new girls (one more time). Thank you all for submitting.

@REDACTED  Hola SeƱora, como esta usted? And, have you seen your nude pics in our site? :'D

NOTE the tweet below, sent to Thomas Retzlaff aka @Klansmann

  1. Lawyers and certain individuals threatening or lying to the registrar(s), their sly methods work... sometimes.
  2. Yeah, we're up:
  3. Our informational page is finally live, make sure to bookmark

Our Bitcoin program is now live!  #BTC

Pretty decent update today. Good news for our submitters, more on it later. #BTC   is currently the shortest domain we've got so far, make sure to use that :D

@ch3ram1 thank you!

@jjosephs There used to be a siterip of our site on TPB some time ago, but i don't know if its still live/updated.

For every PM domain that's shut down, 3 new ones shall be created: |   |

Retweeted by Pink Meth

@Ch3rAmi We don't use Reddit. Would you make one yourself? I'd link it from the main site once we're back up.

Proper setup is going to take some more time, but we're certainly not going anywhere. Thanks @doxbin!

@pinkmeth Here, have a subdomain  I've always loved pinkmeth, and
before it. If nobody else has your back, I do
Retweeted by Pink Meth

Happy holidays!  is still alive and kickin', we've just released the new version actually! :)

#MistakesGirlsMake  getting with dickheads
Retweeted by Pink Meth

don't ever say we don't love you!

I just discovered Pink Meth (@pinkmeth); it's way better than Is Anyone Up (@is_anyone_up).
Retweeted by Pink Meth

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