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Timeline of Joseph Camp AKA TheRealJoJoCamp; Sept 27, 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - July 24, 2015

This account was suspended long ago. So many threats from someone so impotent.

Jay Leiderman sure knows how to spell. Calling people out of spelling errors when THIS happens on a court document.

Howz that Feature cover story about Bullyville and James McGibney coming along? how's the free lance work now?

Someone sent me a full and complete dox sans ssn on EVERYONE related to a lawyer and a CEO. I passed it to BVFiles.

Oh no, not a Doemela article about me. How's the lawsuit going fellas.

Yes, more surprises coming but you will just have to wait. Was it the US Attorney in the meeting with my lawyer and Cali bar? Who knlws .

Good day eh. All those surprises yesterday. Looks like someone failed. Guess that's the cost of hacking the alphabet soups computers.

Except... I didn't need anything to help my last sentence. I think Jay Leiderman IS WORSE than ISIS. Isis never threatened my family.

Rolling Stones feature? Bet that won't be happening anymore! Lulz. . You worthless prick. FYI I was on the phn all day! I recorded!

My enemies enemy is my friend. Which means I have a lot of friends.

Who is ? Well its Jay Leiderman Doxed!

Please visit BvFiles @ , , I'm personally contacting each of ur victims James & Jay. :)

Poo Jay how'd you like that fool at ? ? Your insufferable piece of human waste.

Cockroaches just don't learn.

Many men, wish death upon me, dog, I don't cry no more, don't look to the sky no more, have mercy on me, have mercy on my soul...

Internet Gangsters don't worry about cockroaches. The use Raid to deal with them. Hahahaha

I got my scanner.... Also check out my paperwork to sort through. Who says I can't pro se.?

": Frozen is based on MY life story, claims writer seeking $250m from Disney " - help

Malicious ads have threatened to lump malware on millions of visitors to major websites.

Rolling Stones? Let me help you out with that. Movie? Sure, I will believe it when I see it. Say it happens, I will gladly help there too.

As a matter of fact after you cried like a bitch to Agnes I provided a full accounting of every penny. This money too.


Yes, I own about 50 domains and maintain the associated sites. I also do a lot of CFAA reformation work.

For the time being it is because their are innocent people being sued in worthless litigation. I am one.

Hundreds of emails. But did you know Kirclaire paid me money through this woman who won a $8 m suit. Keep playing?

Just dropping off. Don't forget, I have sooooooooo much not released.

Can I get a post on www . . com. by moderation? May be tricky, but I am game.

Surprise I am in North Carolina.

Stand by folks. Goofing off making stupid hip hop music videos again. Starring me.

Word to herb big bird on the curb next to blackfeety. <--Hungover tweet---

The JoJo Files it cost me $15,000 to defend against these perjured letters.

Tips go here >>><<< Today is a BIG day. Remember, he who laughs first doesn't always laugh last.

Perhaps you should give Jeanette Frank or his PO a call.....IM sure they would LOVE to hear what is doing :D

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