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Thomas Retzlaff as Klansmann Tweets A Death Threat; Oct 26th, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - July 30, 2015

Cyber stalker Thomas Retzlaff has several Twitter accounts, @Klansmann is one of them and oddly enough, has not been suspended.

And Hunter Moore was taken down.

You'll see Tommy's response to this post in the comments below the article. He forgets that he left an internet trail from the @Klansmann account that led back to him.

@BullyVille arrests don't mean dick in this day & age. people are falsely arrested all the time w/o charges, so telling their fam is a fail

@BullyVille that's all well & good, until someone comes up behind u in line at the 7-11 and busts a cap in ur head. why take a risk and do

@BullyVille something so reckless?

@BullyVille @MyExIsCasey the site seems to be running just fine, so ur obviously full of it.

@Salty_D0g @BullyVille and how well will that work if they are overseas? revenge porn isn't illegal anyways.

@BullyVille @CloudTV_ and how to do claim to destry their lives? ur trying to shame people who simply do not care if they are shamed.

@BullyVille @CloudTV_ and ur reach is so very limited. unless ur name is Matt Drudge, only a handful of people even see ur website a month.

@BullyVille @CloudTV_ posting a person's name and address doesn't ruin their life. if u cant get a guy like hunter moore after all these yrs

@BullyVille @CloudTV_ that means u have ZERO credibility when u try to claim how effective u are. and no one will believe ur empty threats

@CloudTV_ @BullyVille except what he is doing is a HUGE waste of time with ZERO results for anyone. this is a PR stunt that's all.

@BullyVille Maybe its more like "these stupid fucks could careless about u and what ur doing cuz u aint stop a bit of revenge porn."

@JacqueHilbrich @BullyVille He cant take down Hunter. This bullyville guy is all huff & puff.

@JacqueHilbrich @BullyVille I'm calling u out as a liar. If there is under aged NAKED pics then prove it or STFU.

@Captien_O @BullyVille @adamsteinbaugh @MyExIsCasey Like anyone cares about dox anymore. U cant shame guys who don't care.

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