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The Hypocrisy of a Pedophile Hunter: Defending a Child Porn "Consumer"

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - July 14, 2015

Update: Recently Osborne, who is now the editor of breitbartunmasked, posted another article in his never ending, self serving war with Right Wing's Ali Akbar. I don't know Akbar, I'm not a conservative nor do I read any blogs on a regular basis but I was referred to a post on Ali Akbar by Osborne which I found to be homophobic.

Osborne's use of terms such as "gay-funny" and "gay-grooming" was offensive as well as his insinuation that Akbar had, or was trying to have, a sexual relationship with a minor. I left a comment about his homophobia and tendency to attack or protect people based on what political group they belong to. I offered Craig Gillette as an example of someone Osborne defended. Osborne replied and claimed he didn't defend Gillette, an associate of Brett Kimberlin, who was imprisoned for possessing child porn.


Matt Osborne became quite the devoted pedo hunter after his friends revealed William Talley was facing charges for possessing child pornography. Osborne blogged about Talley in several of his inane Burn Notices and was lauded for his "bravery" for driving to Tennessee and attending the Talley sentencing hearing in person.

Of course it did come out later that Matt and his fellow pedo hunters, Karoli Kuns, Shoq and Trina Cuppett had been informed of Talley's Kid Porn charges 6 months before they exposed him. (An excellent account of that drama you can read about at Doxic Shock Syndrome Blog )

The exchange below took place on OsborneInk's timeline. Mentioned is Craig Gillette, a friend of Brett Kimberlin's that he met in prison while Gillette was serving time for possessing child pornography...

In the exchange below Osborne defends Gillette while attempting to deflect the conversation to Stranahan's adult photography. They are not equivalent. Possession of Child Pornography is a crime and while Osborne tries to minimize this, the courts did not in Gillette's case, he received a sentence of 27 months with 3 years supervised probation.

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