Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kelly And Ron Discuss Nachash and Barrett Brown

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - July 29, 2015

Kelly and Ron chat about Nachash and Barrett Brown.

Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn 24 Aug 2013

Who was supposed to protect @BarrettBrownLOL from cartels? The FBI who targeted him and then went after his mom? @whatthethe1@Bitchiest

Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest 24 Aug 2013

@ronbryn @BarrettBrownLOL @whatthethe1 Y did the idiot TARGET cartels in the 1st fucking place? Especially since THEY provided him w/HEROIN

Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn 24 Aug 2013

Your absurd accusations against @BarrettBrownLOL TOTALLY explain why you would later help him. You're a hoaxer. @Bitchiest@whatthethe1

Kelly Hallissey ‏@Bitchiest 24 Aug 2013

@ronbryn @BarrettBrownLOL @whatthethe1 Ive NEVER helped him Ive NEVER liked him, WTF

Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn 24 Aug 2013

That doxbin kid you defend is so adorable the way he lets people post doxes hoping that others will commit SWATs @Bitchiest@BarrettBrownLOL

Kelly Hallissey

@ronbryn @BarrettBrownLOL Ive never defended @TheREALDoxbin posting up folks dox, just said I like nachash & hes interesting to chat with

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