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A Torrid Tale of Twitter Romance

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - July 14, 2015

A touching tale of true love as Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney Marcie Sweren Wogan and Brandon King are at long last reunited.

This brought tears to my eyes.

This the only statement I wish to make today: I am glad that people finally realize that Kirsten Olson Curry is a vicious, violent bully…

as well a habitual stalker, perjurer & is now caught in the web of her own lies. She has been the in house counsel for Head Bully James...

McGibney, a fake & fraud now cowering in a locked account in yet another violation of terms of service @Dramaville. As far as my personal...

Opinion regarding their stalking, hacking, defamation & libel of others; they belong in prison.
Kirsten Olson Curry is clearly unfit to...

To hold a position where she may have access to SSN's & is clearly an unfit mother. I hope Richard Curry obtains sole custody of his son...

To all the victims of James McGibney, there is no point in suing him for money damages. His lavish homes are rentals as he has already...

Declared bankruptcy TWICE. If he had an ounce of decency, the ONLY bullies he would feature on his sick & twisted site are himself & his...

"Bully Gang": Kirsten Olson Curry, ZiggyFlo, CJ, Zile/Steve H, Priest, CattyIdiot, Mindy Rolston & everyone else huddled inside @Dramaville

I believed in his lies once & I apologize to everyone he has damaged, defamed, harassed, hacked and stalked. I demand the return of any...

Donations made as they were obtained by fraud James McGibney @Dramaville. You are as the Judge ruled:the worst of the worst on the internet

Anyone who continues to follow James McGibney, support James McGibney, donate to James McGibney is aiding & abetting a criminal enterprise.

Shame on you James McGibney & shame on your 100 supporters still hanging on to your lies. Quite a comedown from the glory days when you...

Had over 80,000 "believers". Anyone who was harmed by Bullyville, James McGibney or any member of his gang is welcome to follow me....

It would be truly fitting if those who now stand in defiance to his bullying stand together & our numbers swell way beyond his. Thank you..

Everyone for your support in this time of horror for me personally. I particularly wish to express my gratitude to Brandon King...

@TheUmpireLestat who has shown so much dignity & grace along with his friend @Bitte__B
Brandon King is an example of everything that...

James McGibney is not: an artist, a loving father, a talented photographer, a nurturer of all living things & I hope my friend again someday

Anyone who follows Brandon King @TheUmpireLestat will see the world through his eyes; and it is a wondrous vision indeed. Thank you & that..

Is all I have to say for today. I appreciate the support I have been given more than you can ever imagine.

@TheUmpireLestat Because a lot of people are still up on his sites & they are hurt in many ways by that reputational damage.

@TheUmpireLestat I am saying I hope you will be my friend again. I was misled into believing you hacked me when it was Priest & Mindy.
5:06 PM - 11 Jul 2015 · Details

And i appreciate the... well, whatever it is ur saying... i think,  hard to tell w/u yet alas, no saint, nor victim here, just the truth.

@TheUmpireLestat I want you to know I apologize for lashing out over that & I never had any photos of your son. I never looked at your FB.

@AnnaKarinin lol Mcgibney calls me a meth addict, pedophile, woman abusing, gay, devil worshiping terrorist who eats babies n killed jfk...

@TheUmpireLestat That is the truth & I swear it on my own son's life. My right kidney was removed last year I hope your mom is doing well.

@AnnaKarinin he's a fool n lost the last of his credibility in tx n cali courts. He's been neutered n he's about to lose what's left of...

@TheUmpireLestat Brandon, if there is one thing I can attest to it is women swoon over you & James is projecting his own insecurities.

@AnnaKarinin lil empire of slime. His hate/revenge site n criminal defamation days are numbered, mark my words. xD

@TheUmpireLestat I don't know why that KJo person cannot get it through her head that you have never been involved in meth. What a nutjob.

@TheUmpireLestat If I sound melodramatic, it is because I feel passionate about righting the wrongs he has inflicted on others. You are...

@AnnaKarinin meh, we're cool,  just stop freaking the fuck out on everything, it's just twitter n they're just trolls. Life goes on.

@TheUmpireLestat A very strong man secure in your masculinity & at peace in the natural world. Not all his victims are like you. Unique.

@AnnaKarinin  just to clear the record
A. never hacked u
B. nothin n ur accts I want
C. ud nvr kno if i did cuz not a noob leaving crumbs js

And finally, I am eternally grateful to have the friendship of Brandon King back as it once was; he is from Texas, baby..

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