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A Letter To Thomas Retzlaff, July 24, 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - July 15, 2015

Originally posted July 24, 2014

Ohai Mr. Thomas Retzlaff! It's me Zile! Yes it really is!

I'm going to set aside allegations that you're a member of the KKK, obviously a racist, that you've stalked and harassed women in real life and online, posted videos and photos of your daughter online and have impersonated others online in order to stalk and harass. Yeah, I'm going to set that aside and just look at publicly available court documents and from those I see that:

-you cheated on your wife many times, you even had sex with your children's babysitter.

-you had sex with your girlfriends in your house while still married and while your children were home,

-you kept a can of Crisco in the living room so you could masturbate while watching videos and looking at porn....even in front of your children.

-you sexually assaulted your wife and videotaped it...also while your children were home

-you were diagnosed with pedophile tendencies by a court appointed psychologist

-you were in the possession of photos, magazines and books with incest and sex with young girls as their subject matter

- you had an unnatural interest in young girls

-you were convicted of physically abusing your wife, even while she was pregnant

-you made collages with pictures of young girls ages 7-12 wearing only bras and panties; you masturbated while looking at the pictures

-you admitted you were sexually stimulated by young girls

-you were charged with a felony of carrying a weapon on school property

-you were charged with a felony offence of tampering with evidence

-you were charged with harrassment of your girlfriend via telephone

-you were convicted of violating a protective order

-you were convicted of displaying harmful material to a minor

-you were convicted of theft

-you were convicted of tampering with a government record

-you were convicted of assault with bodily injury on your wife

-you violated court orders by continually calling your ex-wife

-you were kicked out of Drury college for stalking and harassing an ex-girlfriend

-you admitted you grossly exaggerate, lie and manipulate people

-you had your parental rights terminated by a court of law

So regarding the "defamation" lawsuit in Texas...are you so delusional that you actually think you have a reputation to defame?

You sued your ex-wife for calling you a pedophile. She didn't show up so you won by default. The court awarded you TEN DOLLARS.

Your statements about why you filed a lawsuit against Liederman are online and a matter of public record but anyone can see the silly little game you're playing.

And regarding the Bullyville Trial...your misogyny and violence against women is a matter of public record. You beat a pregnant woman, you sexually assaulted your wife and videotaped it. It's pretty obvious you don't like women who are older than 12.

The end.

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