Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sue Basko as OccupyPeaceInfo Talks To Roseanne; June 22, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - June 11, 2015

This is classic Sue Basko crying victim... with the usual result.


@TheRealRoseanne I am @suebasko this is my other acct. I am not involved with those people. They harass me, too.

@TheRealRoseanne I am @Suebasko, this is my other acct. I AM NOT involved with these horrible people. Thanks.


@TheRealRoseanne Why are you putting my name (@SueBasko) in a tweet w/ people I don't know and strongly dislike?? Pls Don't.

@TheRealRoseanne I'm @SueBasko PLEASE do not include me in any tweet w/ these racist stalker psychos. Thank you.


Man, these racist stalkers include my name in their trash and people think I'm part of them. I'm their victim!


@TheRealRoseanne I wrote this: Racism on Twitter:

@TheRealRoseanne I am @SueBasko Please do not put my name in any tweet w/ these racist harassers who stalk me. Thanks.

@OccupyPeaceInfo @suebasko they have a job to do-


@TheRealRoseanne I am @suebasko WHY is my name on this tweet? These ppl are my stalkers, I am not connected to them.


@OccupyPeaceInfo @suebasko they R all blocked. dm me

@OccupyPeaceInfo @suebasko i blocked suebasko a while ago-dont remember why-

@OccupyPeaceInfo @suebasko i blocked suebasko a while ago so i will now block u too bye

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