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BadBitCoinOrg And The CryptoCoin Controversy; February 25th, 2015

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 09, 2015

Maybe it's just me but I assume any friend of Neal Rauhauser is probably a bit bent if not totally crooked. @BadBitCoinOrg is a case in point, it's the Twitter account of the blog by the same name and it's been denying that cryptocoin company GAW Miners is under investigation by the SEC. GAW issues Paycoin aka XPY

An SEC investigation doesn't automatically mean GAW Miners is guilty of any crime but there seem to be plenty of improprieties in how GAW has been operating and a lot of customer disatisfaction.

According to @BadBitCoinOrg information should be coming out this week that vindicates GAW. There's also a tweet from Garza near the bottom, making promises he can't keep.

@BadBitCoinOrg's conflict of interest has been clearly visible of late. The Twitter account has been blocking anyone who asks questions about the SEC Investigation.

The conversation below was on February 25th. As it turns out, Mastercard does NOT have a deal with GAW‏@Badbitcoinorg

#paycoin #xpy HAS secured a deal with Mastercard. Come on Trolls, fudsters and empty vessels - you must surely have something to say?7:35 PM - 25 Feb 2015

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