Tuesday, December 9, 2014

JoJo Camp, Hero Of Teh Interwebz

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - December 09, 2014

On facebook JoJo claimed he took down some revenge porn sites including Pink Meth. This is another bit of JoJo ficton where he portrays himself as Hero of Teh Interwebz.

JoJo's bragging that he took down the Pink Meth site led to the following exchange on Twitter. It was nice to see Sue Basko (as pacempacem) and JoJo back together again...publicly 

water@livesoffire 11h11 hours ago

@_9riest_ @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka LOLOLOLOLOLOL FFS HAHAHAHA. Just like Jackal having assets frozen by the gubberment

9riest@_9riest_ 11h11 hours ago

@livesoffire @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka I THINK THE IDEA OF THAT PHAGT BEING HIRED BY ANYONE IS HYSTERICAL L00000000LLLLLL!!!

water@livesoffire 11h11 hours ago
@_9riest_ @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka awe Basko blocked me after I posted HER CLIENT'S violent tweets. Feign ignorance

9riest@_9riest_ 11h11 hours ago

@livesoffire @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka L0000LLLLL!! ME TOO

James@SgtMandos 11h11 hours ago

@_9riest_ @livesoffire @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka Agent's Sabu and Jojo reporting for duty.

9riest@_9riest_ 11h11 hours ago

@livesoffire @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka SHE REALLY SEEMS TO LOVE STALKERS AND RAPISTS

water@livesoffire 11h11 hours ago

@_9riest_ @livesoffire @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka after you LOL her response proly. SURE THE GUBMENT WILL HIRE DRUGGIE STALKER EXCONS

9riest@_9riest_ 11h11 hours ago

@livesoffire @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka …WHO SUCK

water@livesoffire 11h11 hours ago

@SgtMandos @_9riest_ @livesoffire @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka SABU HAD TALENT AND PROLY TAKES HIS PRESCIBED MEDICATION BIG DIFFERENCE

9riest@_9riest_ 11h11 hours ago

@livesoffire @SgtMandos @pacempacem @MeanTXLawyer @kxshka SABU IS 8 TIMES THE MAN JOJO IS… LITERALLY

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