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Emails of Brittany Retzlaff, Part 2; Tom Retzlaff Exposed;

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - October 17, 2014

 Here are more disturbing emails from Tom Retzlaff to his daughter.

These emails were entered as Exhibits in the ViaView (Bullyville) lawsuit in San Jose California. All emails were forwarded to the FBI and the San Jose Police Department as well as the District Attorney working this case.

Retzlaff has multiple restraining orders against him, he keeps violating them.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From:  Tom Retzlaff <>

Date:  April 22, 2014 at 5:24:10 AM GMT-

My friends want to take action on this. Serious action. Permanent action. The nice thing about being a
guy owed favors is that you never really need to call them in. The guys who owe you know what you
need (or want, which is really the same) without you even having to explicitly say anything more than,
"will no one rid me of this troublesome man?" And it's done.
Him contacting you has really set me off and an appropriate message needs to be sent. One is on the
way as we speak right now. I am beyond angry here kid.
You le ng boys take naked pictures and sex videos of you is what started all of this bullshit. This fucker
thinking he can charge me $200 to remove them from his website is what caused me to destroy his
company. And him wanting to show me what an Internet Tough Guy he is is what will likely end up
getting him killed and his family hurt.
Funny how these things go. One little thing leads to another thing, which in turn results in more.

Tom Retzlaff

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: April 22, 2014 at 1:18:49 AM GMT-5

Even that asshole’s lies don’t make any sense. If I got kicked out of school, then how is it that I have a
degree form that school hanging upon my wall, which you have seen?
And his claim that I go fired from my job ‘cause of some problem with a secretary? Then why did I get a
fine letter of recommendation that lead me to having a similar job out here?
In any event, I sit here contemplating the murder of this man and his family. In the end he knows not
whom he is messing with. Going to jail (assuming I get caught) ain’t nothing but a thing to me.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: May 8, 2014 at 8:03:37 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff"
Subject: dangerous emails
You need to keep a sharp eye out for fake emails. This crowd you are involved in, or who are interested
in you, is very good at making fake looking emails that look like they are coming from official people like
fake police and fake courts. I have received about a dozen just today claiming to be FBI and IRS and
police in California. Only after looking very closely at the electronic information could I tell they were
and my anti-virus software went nuts and I had to spend 2 hours running virus scans.
Do not be running your mouth off to any other else about this. NO ONE. Unless they share DNA with
you, don’t talk. All this shit has been happening over the past week or so. Your anti-bullying friend isn’t
getting his way with me and he and his hacking buddies are doing a full court press. Someone has
already tried hacking into your mother’s bank accounts recently. Yeah, seriously.
When you find yourself in the cross-hairs of these people, they can make things very difficult.
Just like when those people made all them fake IDs and drivers licenses in your name in Vegas a month
or so ago. Yeah. And you got the balls to say “my lawsuit, my problem” well F you man. Last I checked
it was YOUR naked pictures and YOUR sex videos that were on HIS website and everyone elses website.
I sure as fuck didn’t pose for no pictures or sex videos. YOU DID.
Oh but I’m the bad man for trying to help you and get this shit of the internet. I forgot. Never mind.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: May 13, 2014 at 12:13:08 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>

By the way, I know exactly who has also been looking at your emails. Like that wasn’t figured out weeks
ago. There are consequences for everything kid and you will suffer them. You don’t think your mother
& brother aren’t upset? Very upset?? When you want to come home, don’t. It won’t be fun or happy.
It will be ugly. But I hope that it will be all worth it to you. These people can’t help you and they
certainly can’t save you.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: May 13, 2014 at 11:26:50 AM GMT-5

To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>

Well kid it looks like you’ve stirred up quite a hornet’s nest. I hope that you are proud of yourself and all
the hassle and money that you will have cost this family – again. Yet another example of your spiritual
warfare I see? You think these people are your friends, but they are not. You think these people can
help you, but they cannot. And when you get home, then what?

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: May 13, 2014 at 5:20:12 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

I was told that this guy has you listed in court papers as an employee for his company. And you realize
that these court papers are all public records and have, by now, likely been posted all over the Internet.
So everyone can see that Brittany Retzlaff works for ViaView Revenge Porn and Blackmail company.
Do you have any idea of just how many people hate that man, his website, and company? Tens of
thousands of people, kid. And now ALL of those people see your name as being associated and working
for this company.
This man is posting emails with your personal information, your email address, and your private info. He
is a member of the hacking group Anonymous. How soon do you think till your SSN and other info start
appearing on hacker and identity thieves websites? Probably there by the end of the day.
And now 10,000 plus people will hate you for working for him and you will be there forever associated
with this.
You know both mom and brother will be in court with me, and your grandfather. Will that make you feel
good? Because you know I will fight this and we will fight this using everything we can.
This man runs a disgusting business and now he attacks me and your family. He'll tell you he isn't
interested in them, but it's a lie. Why else is your mother's and brother's and family's information all
over his website and twitter?
Oh but he's your friend and a good person.

Tom Retzlaff

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

If u wish to get out of this mess, you have to let me know and I will draw up the proper papers for you
to. I will say do not trust them to do it. But you won't listen.
But I will destroy you in this fight against them. They don't care about you. You are just a tool to them to
get at your father. But little do they know just how much I don't care. But this is what you signed up for
when you decided to get involved.
I will spend every last penny I have. Not only that, I will spend every last penny your mother has, too.
And you know she'll give it all to me. Same with brother.
So you decide. You can hide and non-action is not an option since Ur name is on that paper. So u will be
gotten to no matter where Ur at.
Tom Retzlaff-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

Listen, I know this religious stuff is very important to you, but I have a lot of difficulty understand that
kind of stuff and why it appeals to you. That still does not mean that I can’t appreciate the fact that this
is something important to you. I don’t like it or agree with it – but most importantly that doesn’t
matter. What matters is what you get out of it and how it makes you feel.
I respect that.
I respect that part of your life about you. And don’t think for an instant that I love you any less
for you. Because I do not. While at first I was very, very angry and did not want to have
anything to do with you, with my age has come some wisdom and a greatly increase in
knowledge on this matter.
With regards to the upcoming conflict, you need to understand that those people out you in the
middle of this for a reason, and it wasn’t for my reason and it wasn’t for your reasons. They
have their own agendas which have nothing to do with ours. But irrespective of that, I will have
to do whatever it is that I have to do to get at and destroy these people in the same fashion that I
have done so before, and if you get caught in the middle or in the cross fire, so be it. I will not
slow down or lesson my attacks one bit because of your presence.
After all, you were the one who decided to sign up for this little fight. And if I end have having
to go through you to get at them, I will do so. I will be very sad afterwards. But I get sad about
a lot of things anyways, so what’s one more sad thing, eh?
This McGibney & Leiderman guys don’t know who they are messing with. I wrestled and stole
away hundreds of thousands of dollars from multinational corporations in lawsuits that they did
not want to give me. But in the end I prevailed. I fought for an won my freedom from prison
(and the freedom of thousands upon thousands of men) when it was me alone vs. the entire state
of Texas. You read all the letters that I got from all the inmates I helped afterwards and the
newspaper reports. 4,500 people let out on account of me. Who knows how many by now ten
years later.
Just so you know that I will fight, that I fight hard, and that I end up winning more often than
not. And when I do lose, I make damn certain that the other guy wished he hadn’t got into the
fight to begin with. That’s the secret to losing: making the other guy’s “victory” taste like burnt
ashes in his mouth with his litigation budget all blown to hell, his bosses all pissed off over all
the delays and hearings and clients being forced to write check after check in order to stay in the
fight. And in the end left then with nothing but a scrap of paper with a judgment on it not worth
the paper it is written on.

So I will fight him, and I will fight you. In the end when you end up destroyed, who will be left
to care about you then, Brittany? But this is what you get when you associate with the kind of
man who runs a revenge porn company and who makes his money in ways we both know
Jehovah would not approve up. And once your elders find out about this, you’re dead meat.

Dad-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

Dearest child Brittany,
You understand, don’t you, that there is not a thing that this man or lawyer can do that will help you.
You already know by now that I do not care about court orders or restraining order or cops or any of
that stuff. And you know that your brother and mother will be right there supporting me no matter
As I have told you many times throughout the years: I may be a son of a bitch, but I am your son of a
bitch. Or have you forgotten what I did to Robert for you? Weren’t you the one, after all, who showed
me where his mother lived and where he was staying? Who was it that made sure you got ALL of your
stuff back and you didn’t care how I did it? You forget what it was that you took out of my car that time
at the hotel garage? Or remember when you woke me up at 2 am cuz that spic wasn’t home and you
wanted me to come with you to go looking for him, with my fucking gun because you knew I would
shoot him if we found him somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be?
And who, exactly, did you call first when you totaled out your car because you thought it would be a
good idea to text & drive in the interstate in rush hour and who wanted me to give $20,000 to? Wasn’t
that a car that I just spent nearly $1,800 fixing for you?
Oh, and who was it that got you accepted into the university and PAID entirely your first full year of
tuition, books & fees?
And who is it that is still trying to pay off YOUR debts and credit card bills even now?
Listen, I am not complaining. You know that I would do (and have done!!!) all kinds of terrible things to
those you want without hesitation or remorse. Just like we both know that there will come a time when
you will need my help with Daniel. I’m not throwing this in your face or giving you a hard time. I don’t
mind doing these things for you because it comes with the job. I may at times be a shitty father and I
may not always (or even usually) do the right things, but I always try to do what I think is best for you
however misguided or plain wrong that might be, but it’s with good intentions, right? So don’t that
count some?. But at the end of the day, I am your father Brittany. And nothing will ever change that.
I will always do what I think is best for you and I will never stop doing that until the day that I die.
This guy is a real idiot and a clown. Like he thinks I give a shit about his stupid lawsuits or court orders.
Seven years in prison I spent. You think anything he does is going to change me or affect me? Some
stupid court way out in California 1,500 miles away is not going to affect me one bit. Certainly it is an
aggravation and it pisses me off. But then so do a lot of things.
This photo attached here that this attorney posted on Twitter is my Get Out of Jail Free card, and it’s a
Golden Ticket to an easy lawsuit win for me against this attorney here where I live – not in
California. Either the statement he said is true or it is not true. As you know, it is not true. Thus, I win.
It’s only a question as to how much it will cost him.
If you are looking at these people to save you, look the other way, because they can’t. They are not
even in a position to save themselves. And now that media attention is being brought to this case,
things are only going to get worse. Your name and employment with this revenge porn company is
going to draw you a GREAT DEAL of unwanted attention and harassment. I would not be surprised if
you haven’t been contacted already. While you may think that just because you are in Peru that you are
immune from all of this, think again. You don’t think that people in Peru use Google or have email? And
what happens if people start contacting your Kingdom Hall and telling them about your working with
this man? You cannot deny it because the court records are what they are. There are even people in
Peru who have been harassed and posted on this man’s website and it has received
media attention there.
And then what happens when you come home? While you can hide your head in the sand, the world is
still out there and people will still remember and know who you are and what you have done. Don’t you
realize that? These groups of internet terrorists have been fighting each other for years. One group vs
another group. They think it is funny to call up employers and family members of the other group’s
members and harass and stalk them. BOTH SIDES ARE LIKE THAT.
You have put your name on the radar of some very irrational and dangerous people.
This is the kind of man who runs a REVENGE PORN WEBSITE. And from what I have read about him, he
is under investigation by the state of California and other authorities. He is not a white knight coming to
save you. He is just using you to get to me. Why else do you think they even got in contact with you,
But whatever. You learn the hard way, just as you always do. But understand this, kid: No fucking
restraining order is going to stop me doing what I need to do with my children or from being with you.
Prison certainly couldn’t change me, this clown hasn’t a chance. It will all end in one huge bloody mess
and you won’t be happy in the end. And how will this hurt your mother and brother, as they will be
right there with me when it happens? Then you’re going to be like “Oh, but I never meant for this to
happen.” Too bad.
I have warned you before many times: you are not allowed to come home until you and I have settled
our disagreement one way or the other. If you chose to ignore me, you know exactly what is going to
happen. And when it happens, words on a piece of paper or restraining orders won’t save you. And your
brother will be right there with me because I will make him be there, and you know that he will do it.
In the end it doesn’t matter. I am a son of a bitch, but I am your son of a bitch. You use me, or the
threat of me, to make your enemies submit to you just like with Robert and the others. But that’s my
I loved you even before you were born, and I will love you till my last breath. I am YOUR father, weenie.
I miss you even much and I love you even more.
Mices to pieces, right?


From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>

Date: May 22, 2014 at 1:22:56 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>

Just remember: nothing is your fault. Nothing is the result of your poor planning or implementation, or
your foolish decisions. It’s all on me. Ok? There, now I just saved you years of expensive

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: May 26, 2014 at 9:28:47 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Just curious, how would you feel if naked photos of your mother or her sex videos ended up on the very
same website you were on? Would that man still be your friend? Because the only way he will ever
take something down from his website is if you pay him money. And by the way, you do NOT have a
permanent restraining order. You are free to listen to whatever lies this guy has told you, and you are
encouraged to believe them, too, if that makes you feel any better. But your beliefs do not change the
reality of your situation. Besides, do you really think I would ever stop doing what I feel is best for my
children no matter what? And do you really think that I am afraid of going to jail? You know me better
than that.
If your brother did not hate you so much then why is it that he hasn’t bothered to talk to you in years?
Does he pick up the phone and call you? How many emails has he written you? So please do not kid
yourself. You have made him an enemy for life. Hey, but at least you got Jehovah on your side, right?
Oh, wait a sec… seeing how you got your visa denied, I guess Jehovah isn’t on your side, either. But you
keep telling yourself that anyways, ok, kid? Whatever makes Brittany feel good about herself is all that
matters because it’s all about you kid. Right?

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: May 26, 2014 at 10:18:23 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
The dog isn’t very interesting, either. She just sits there. Doesn’t play or yap or anything. Just sits
there. And at night she has to sleep in the bed otherwise she starts hollering. And its not little yells,
either. She hollers just like someone being raped would holler. She fucking hollers long and loud and
doesn’t stop. Once she hollered for 2 ½ hours straight. I thought she was getting fucked in the ass by a
pack of wild niggers or something it was that bad. For sure! So they only way I get to sleep is if she is in
the bed. But then after about 2 hours or so she starts wiggling around and jumping on the bed, which
wakes me up. After I take her outside she goes back to sleep for 2 more hours, but then wakes up to
play some more. If I stick her in the cage I got from mom she hollers. I can hear her though several
rooms even 60 feet away though all the walls. So for a pet, this dog sucks ass! I am hoping when she
gets bigger she’ll be more fun. But right now I can see why nobody else wanted her. She has goofy
eyes, doesn’t make eye contact, wont come when called (to be expected), craps and pees, doesn’t play
and isn’t any fun at all.!!

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: May 26, 2014 at 11:37:59 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: lawsuit update
By the way, your “friend” suffered a terrible defeat in Texas last Wednesday. He filed a lawsuit against
me and about 5 other people. Someone who has a rich father paid for a lawyer on behalf of one of the
defendants to file a response and to seek sanctions for violating our rights to free speech. Your friend
tried to immediately dismiss the lawsuit and make it go away, but the judge wouldn’t let him. The man
with the rich father has paid out nearly $65,000 for this lawyer in Houston. He is one of the top First
Amendment lawyers in Texas and is very well known in the newspaper industry. So my guess is that
someone with ties to the newspaper industry either knew this lawyer or heard about him and then got
him the money needed to fight. Since I know how you like to talk to this fool in California I won’t
mention anything further. But it is funny as hell. Anyways the judge will make his ruling on June 11th
and I will be there to laugh my ass off and collect some money.
Sanctions are likely to be $100,000 or more as the law is very clear and the lawsuit he filed against me
was very bullshit. Once we get done in Texas the next stop will be California and I am going to pound
this little faggot like a drum and take everything he owns. I have already lined up a guy named Karl
Olson, he is THE TOP first amendment lawyer in California and, again, another friend of the newspaper
This man was an idiot for fucking with me. I took on the state of Texas all by myself from my prison cell
and won my release – and the release of many thousands of others. I have filed and won countless
other lawsuits against some of the biggest companies in the US. AS YOU WELL KNOW. So do you
honestly think that some revenge porn website owner and his one jew lawyer can beat me when the
whole of the Texas Attorney General’s Office and Parole Board tried to keep me in prison?

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: May 27, 2014 at 6:49:12 AM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>
Subject: Mom's pic

A picture speaks a thousand words, and mom told me that you saw the photo I sent you of her and I in
bed. Why would something like that surprise you? She and I have been together for nearly 40 years
we've known each other. What she says to you, and to others, is far different than how she is with me,
as you know.
As things stand right now you will not be allowed back home or anywhere near the house. I will bring
enormous amounts of pressure on your mother and do whatever I need to do to get her to see things
my way. I mean this Brittany.
I will do whatever it takes to keep you and that boy away.
The man who claimed to be your friend and savior I just found out right this very minute has suffered an
enormous defeat. The judge in Texas is likely to order sanctions in the amount of $250,000, plus $67,000
in attorney fees for filing that bullshit lawsuit against me and some other people.
Right now his websites have been shut down. All of his advertisers have been run off, his twitter account
banned and removed - and he blames it all on little old me, your daddy. Lol
Guess he shouldn't have posted your pictures on his website and tried to charge me $200 to remove
But now it appears that you have betrayed me, but you have also betrayed the family as well. That I
cannot tolerate. So for your own good, under no circumstances are you to return to the US. It will be hell
for you if you do.
That hacker bunch I told you about? When you decided to work with that revenge porn man you name
and personal information got into the hands of some seriously fucked up people who will stalk you and
harass the fuck out of you and any place you try to work at because you joined their enemy.
I already found your SSN and pictures on hacker website along with Leigh Ann and Eddie. These hacker
types are ridiculous and evil and don't care.
When you joined that man and his company you became enemies of a huge number of people.
If you do not want to talk to me and work things out, do not set foot in the US. No piece of paper will be
able to help you. But you always have the choice of calling.

Tom Retzlaff-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: May 30, 2014 at 10:53:06 PM GMT-5
To: <>, "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: harassment website

As you can see this website was created on today’s date, May 30th and it was started up by Brittany’s
new friend and the man who owns the revenge porn website.
But if you will ask Brittany I am just making this up and it is all fake, right? Like all the other 15 or 20
other harassment websites started up by this fucking idiot. And just like the one created in my own
name. yes, that is my evil plan for getting you back Brittany. I created these websites to harass myself
and your brother so that you will think that it is all being done by this man and friend of yours. That
really makes sense.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 2, 2014 at 5:19:06 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>

Just so you know, your stalker hacker friends hacked into your brother’s Instagram pic account and have
started posting photos of him. But I guess this is all fake and it’s really me doing it, right. Now your
brother thinks you are a bigger bitch then what he originally thought.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 5, 2014 at 4:38:31 AM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

Right now your brother is right next to me while we make our plans on how best to deal with you. I can
send you a pic if u want, like the one I sent of me and mom in bed a couple weeks ago. Your mom and I
have been together since we were about 10 years old. We are from the same towns. She a cheerleader
and I the hockey, football, baseball player during high-school. You remember see all those trophies in
my old room at my mom & dad's, rights?
When Ur brother was sick and needed help last fall, who sat with him day and night, even when he
didn't want it and even when he felt fine. Yeah, me. You think he ain't going to remember that when the
time comes?
Or what I did to save Ur mom's house from being foreclosed. Or helping he keep her lights on and
making sure collin's place is all ready for him.
Bad enough I got my own life and own problems, but I gotta deal with hers, and his, and yours. But
whatever. That's my job. Imma the dad.
You need to understand that I know exactly what to do and say to get the truth out of u. I also know
what buttons to press that will leave u feeling cold, lifeless, and suicidal and deepy in paid. Afterall, I
created you. I taught u everything you know.
Remember the movie Old Yeller? You remember how it ended and why? In the end I will do to u what
needs to be done and that will be that.
Dad-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 5, 2014 at 3:51:48 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: my attorney fees

Curious as to how much this case has cost? Exactly $66,955. Yes, you heard me. This is how much it
has cost to fight your internet hacker friend’s lawsuit in Texas. When your grandfather took his South
American cruise last month, you want to know how much that cost? About $30 grand. And when he
took his trip to Russia the month before that. Yeah, that’s right. So this lawsuit has cost the equivalent
of Boppie taking just two cruises out of the dozen or more trips he makes every year. Do you think he
minds? Not a bit! Who the fuck spends $66,955 in attorney fees if they don't think they have a damn
good chance at winning, and winning big?? Ha ha ha
You silly bitch, you think that by telling your mom It’s her own fault for having her and Collin’s Instagram
open that it’s okay for people to take their photos to stalk and harass them? Or that just because
mom’s home address is online (WHICH IT FUCKING ISN’T YOU FUCKING MORON!) that it’s okay for
people to post it on a stalker’s website so she can be harassed. And I guess you’re also cool with the
fact that your grandfather’s info was posted by James, too. But you’re cool with that, right? Maybe the
next time you get raped it will be your fault for wearing thong panties and that short skirt you like! In
fact, your friend, whom you call “James”, went on Twitter the other day and said to someone “Well
Bitch, you're so-called "rape" was YOUR OWN FAULT. Keep your legs closed next time!!" And, FYI,
Collin’s Instagram wasn’t open – it was hacked. And how do you explain the fact that it was this James
follow or one of his friends that bought a website up in your brother’s name?
I also see that you’ve told your new friends that story about hidden cameras in the bathroom. You
stupid, stupid little girl. You don’t think I already have that covered? You don’t think I remember that
you told your brother like 4 DIFFERENT stories about how these pictures came to be? Yeah, dummy. I
already secured a written affidavit from your brother. Plus he will be coming to court to testify for me
if needed. Same with your mom. Now just how well do you think that will go over in court? Your own
brother and mother testifying against you? You’re a fucking lunatic with a history of mental illness who
sold all of her property, ran off to Peru, married some boy in exchange for money, and joined a crazy
religious cult. Compared to your own brother testifying against you and that you have told different
stories about this and how you like to lie a lot. THERE WERE NO HIDDEN CAMERAS YOU SILLY LITTLE
BITCH! Your nude photos are clearly posed for. I can see you looking straight into the camera and
smiling. Oh but that’s fake, right? What the fuck would I need hidden cameras for when I have seen
you naked THOUSANDS of times even grown up? It’s not like you’ve ever been shy around me, kid. Nor
was it ever a big deal.
Did you think that just because this guy files some papers in court and says my name on twitter that I
was going to go and run away? Come on, dude, you know me better than that! You think this is the first
guy like this that I have come across before?
By the way, the fact that you married that boy FOR MONEY is why his Visa got turned down and why he
is on the list keeping him out.
And how does hidden cameras in the bathroom explain the fact that sex videos OF YOU FUCKING were
posted as well? Oh, I guess I made those as well, right?
You make a deal with the Devil, don’t be surprised when you get burned. A guy who owns a revenge
porn website is NOT your friend and he cannot be trusted. And if you don’t believe me, then ask
some of the 10,000 or so girls JUST LIKE YOU that are posted on his website. In fact, when we all go to
court (assuming I even bother to show up, and assuming that this guy & his company are still around
and didn’t lose all their money in Texas), I will ask you that very question. How do you explain your
involvement with a revenge porn website.
You stupid, stupid little girl. You and this retard think you’re dealing with some kind of amateur? I’ve
been doing this shit for nearly 20 years and I’ve won hundreds of thousands of dollars – all on my own
against some of the biggest and best law firms in TX. You don’t think I know what the fuck I’m doing?
And now I have one of the Number One 1st Amendment lawyers in TX on my side, as well as THE TOP 1st
Amendment lawyer in California waiting, you think that faggot McGibney and Leiderman can beat me?
And what will be left of you and your life, whether here or in Peru, as a result?
One way or the other, kid, you’re going to get fucked. Whether it’s by me or by him or by someone else,
you will get it in the end. You decided to jump in the mess, don’t be surprised when the folks in Peru
start getting emails and phone calls.
But whatever. Brittany does what she does and damn the consequences, right?
I strongly suspect that the LAST TIME you will ever see your brother again is in a court room with you
facing off against your dad with him at my side. If you think you can live with that, fine by me.
Dad-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 11, 2014 at 4:18:05 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>
Subject: I lied to you
I lied to you about something very important.
I lied to you about the amount of attorney fees being sought against your Internet stalker friend. Its not
$66,955. Its more like $100,000. Yeah, that's right.
Also, I was wrong about the amount of sanctions we are seeking. Its not $250,000. Its $1,000,000. Yeah.
One million dollars.
The Texas attorney just filed his final brief with the court just minutes ago.
Hahahahahahahaha. This clown is fucked!!! By me. The judge rules tomorrow or Friday.

Tom Retzlaff

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 11, 2014 at 5:05:12 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

By the way, did you know that your Internet stalker friend has a convicted child abuser for an attorney
who was recently arrested and convicted of filing false police reports? He tried to get his children to
make false sex abuse claims against their own mother.
I could not believe it but I read a news article all about it last night.
Your anti-bullying friend hangs out with child abusers and felons under FBI investigation for computer
And you are listed as his number one support. What a fucking hypocrite you are.
Tom Retzlaff

-------- Original message ----------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------ --------------------------------
From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 11, 2014 at 5:18:56 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>
Subject: Attorney fees

$98,187.36 is the amount of attorney fees spent thus far in this lawsuit.
You think this kind of money would have been spent if we didn't think we had an excellent chance. Of
Just curious, if I had given you even one tenth of that amount (or $9,800) how much better would your
life be right now? You could actually live in a place that has heat and air conditioning, not to mention
reliable running water. And you wouldn't be stuck walking up and down six flights of stairs with no
elevator. You could get a car. Or even be able to see a doctor (a good doctor). Or have nice clothes or
good food to eat.
You see where I'm getting at here? But for the choices you made, your life could be markedly better
right now. But instead this money gets spent on an attorney in Texas on some stupid, and meaningless,
lawsuit filed by your friend and supposed savior. $98,187.36 and one million dollars in sanctions.

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 11, 2014 at 7:19:22 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>
Your anti-bullying "advocate " friend was banned from Twitter this afternoon on account of some mean
guy reporting him to the lawyer for Twitter today for being a bully.
This is the second time he has been banned.
An anti-bullying advocate who gets banned for bullying isn't funny or ironic in the least, is it?
And soon he'll be writing out a million dollars check. Hahahahaha
You're a fucking moron and Ur gonna get slammed.
Tom Retzlaff
Case5:14-cv-01059-BLF Document69-2 Filed10/12/14 Page41 of 105
-------- Original message ----------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------ --------------------------------
From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 13, 2014 at 1:18:34 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: twitter investigation
Twitter has banned THREE of McGibney's twitter accounts now as of tonight - all for harassment &
abuse. Does that sound like a man capable of controlling himself and living in a civilized society? Are
those the actions of a genuine anti-bullying advocate?
McGibney went from having over 166,000 twitter followers to just 18. His website went from having
dozens of ads to none. And he is being sued in federal and state courts by many people.
What does that tell you about this man you hooked up with? It’s not just me feeling this way, its lots of
other people, too. You claim you aren’t working for him, but the court papers he has filed say
otherwise. He lists you as an employee. Plus, the fact that my emails have ended up in his hands is very
telling, too.
But remember what I said to you: You will suffer severe consequences for this Brittany. I promise you
this on my mother’s grave.

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 12, 2014 at 11:32:52 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Cc: <>
Dear stupid bitch,
Let me ask you a question that a stupid bitch like you can probably answer. When a man who owns a
revenge pornography website buys up a website in the name of both your mom and your dad and your
brother and in your name, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Is he really doing this because he is a kind
person who just wants to help people? Or does he do it because he has a history of doing it to at least
17 other people so that he can harass and defame them?
This James person you claim is someone that you can trust who told you that he is not interested in
hurting your family, just me (which makes it okay, I guess)? Right? So then why buy up websites in the
names of your mom and brother?
And why did he buy up a website in the name of my attorney in Texas and then go onto Twitter calling
him a rapist homosexual pedophile and say he was going to harass him and all of his clients?
The attorney is asking for one million dollars in court sanctions against your friend. Do attorneys
normally ask for $1,000,000 in sanctions against “nice people”?
You are a motherfucking cunt and as soon as you set one foot in the United States you will suffer great
punishment. I absolutely mean it and you know that there isn’t a god damn thing that anyone can do to
stop me. If you doubt me, then do it. I fucking dare you to, kid. In fact, I double dare you!! You will
suffer greatly for this, Brittany. I guarantee it.
Case5:14-cv-01059-BLF Document69-2 Filed10/12/14 Page43 of 105
-------- Original message ----------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------ --------------------------------
From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 14, 2014 at 4:41:49 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
You claim to your mother that you are not involved in this and that you haven’t been helping that stalker
guy. Well the time for proving that is right now kid. On Monday something big is going to happen that
will personally effect you and that boy, and once it is done, it cannot be undone. So if you have got
something to say to me, now is the time.
You’re stalker friend, the man who lists YOU as being an employee of his company, personally harassed
& tried to blackmail one of the biggest and best known attorneys in Texas. The fall out against anyone
associated with him – such as you, is going to be ridiculous and terrible, and ridiculously terrible. You
will personally get fucked up as a result of this. I guarantee it 100%.
I went to a lot of time, trouble, and money to arrange things just so in this lawsuit, and in the lawsuits
yet to come. And it’s going to be spectacular. But you chose the wrong side. In fact, any time you go
against family it’s the wrong side. The clock is ticking for you, Brittany.

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 15, 2014 at 1:44:47 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: rick is being harassed

Dear stupid bitch,
Your internet stalker friend, who is an anti-bullying ‘advocate” and who only wants to help people, has
started harassing Rick and posting his private information on twitter and other websites.
But that’s okay with you because you trust “James”, right? Nice one, bitch. Now even MORE people
hate you!!!!!!!!-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 18, 2014 at 2:57:31 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: news article

There is going to be a news article published soon about this lawsuit and you will be prominently
mentioned and all the information about you being a Jehovah and where you live and your sex tapes will
be mention for all the world to see, forever. Hope you’re happy you silly little bitch. Your association
with this faggot in California will result in the whole motherfucking world learning all about you and
what you are. Even in Peru the news media will be informed and it will be published. So where you
going to move to now you fucking moron?

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 19, 2014 at 6:51:55 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

Hahaha. This BV Files website has posted information on all the different bankruptcies this stalker piece
of shit has filed. He has also been sued a whole bunch of times like 8 or 9 times for evictions and not
paying his debts. He scammed one of his investors out of $30,000 too! What a faggot. And this is the
good person who only wants to help people and who is against bullying?! A fucking deadbeat who stole
millions of dollars.
Stupid bitch.
Tom Retzlaff

From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 19, 2014 at 6:25:26 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>

Well bitch your little Internet stalker friends have been awfully quiet the past few days. I wonder why?
Usually those cunts have a lot to say.
Judgment Day is tomorrow it looks like as that is the last day the judge has to rule before the matter
goes to the court of appeals. The Houston Police have been busy with their blackmail investigation of
McGibney. Seems the FBI has already been looking at him for some other matters.
You really picked a good guy to hook up with. AM looking forward to reading his obituary.
Tom Retzlaff

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 20, 2014 at 2:08:23 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: judgment day
Well in just a few short hours we will know the results of the Texas lawsuit. You know to be perfectly
honest, I don’t really give a shit about the money. Your internet stalker friend has none. I’ve been over
his credit reports with a fine tooth comb and he is in debt up to his eye balls. I think your brother does a
better job of managing his money then this clown does.
Either way, I have won. And all it cost me was about one-third of all the McDonald’s stock that I own
that was given to me by your grandmother when she died. So it’s not like its real money to me
anyways! When she bought that stock it was at a fraction of the value that it is now, and it’s not been
touched in 35 years. In fact, all of the different stocks she left to me, besides the McDonald’s, has just
been sitting there going up or down in value. You know how Boppie checks his stocks practically every
day? I just look at mine whenever I get one of those quarterly statements in the mail and I allow the
dividends to roll over, so I don’t even see the money anyways. That’s the way that you should manage
your stocks; you just buy what you buy and let it sit. Don’t fuck around with it or stare at it like a pot of
water you want to boil. That way you’re not tempted to do something stupid or reactionary. But this
McGibney guy, he came from a poor family and he has no clue as to how to manage money properly.
According to that website that posted his financial history he’s been nothing but a total fuck up ever
since high school. You know he borrowed a bunch of money from his sister and never paid her back, he
just filed for bankruptcy instead? Screwed her and one of his friend’s over. Plus, he stole money from a
Marine Corp charity fund, too! This is the man you claim is a ‘good person who just wants to help
people’, a man who stole from his own family and from a charity!
So no matter how the judge rules tomorrow, I’m fine with it. But I have heard that your stalker friend
has been in a nervous rage all week long, what with him losing all his twitter accounts and this court
business. The guy actually had the temerity to think that, just because he tweets my name or files a
lawsuit, I was going to run and hide. I fucking live in court. And seeing my name and all of his ridiculous
allegations on twitter, come on dude, get real! Like I give a shit what some faggots on the internet
think. “Oh a scary man said my name on twitter. I better go run and hide. Oh, I’m going to be sued. Oh
no!!” hahahahhahahahaha
What a stupid punk!
So what did I do today? I played golf and took my new dog for a swim in the pool. Then I ate a piece of
chicken, played some video games, and read a book while listening to your mom on the phone yapping
about her new living room floor or some such bullshit. And now I write you a little note cuz I was
thinking about you.
What will I do tomorrow? I don’t know. Sleep till around 11 or 12, go for a swim. Oh and maybe see a
movie. In short, it will just be another regular day for me. Nothing that happens in Texas is going to
change my life one way or the other. When I hear how the judge decides I might have a good laugh or
shake my head in bewilderment. But after about 5 minutes I’ll forget about it and go back to doing what
I was doing. Your friend, however, will be stuck with the results for a very long time to come. Yes

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 20, 2014 at 10:55:26 PM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>

See the thing about lying in court is that everybody does it. But once you get caught, you and your case
are dead meat.
Your friend, James McGibney, has just been caught committing perjury. I got the records that prove it.
And I also now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have been communicating with him for many
months now (like McGibney is the only guy with hacker friends?). You have lied to me. You have lied to
your mother. You have lied to your brother. And I have the documentation, the email records, and
everything else that proves it.
You will suffer the consequence for this, Brittany. 100 percent, as your stalker friend likes to say.

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 27, 2014 at 7:18:00 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>

Dear stupid bitch,
Just got a phone call at 5 am. Another one of your internet stalker friend’s associates was busted by the
FBI this morning. Seems one of McGibney’s group has been snitching to the feds. This is the second or
third person in his group to be arrested recently.
This faggot cannot even save himself. How the fuck is he supposed to save you? Answer: He can’t.
Your entire family hates you. Set foot in the U.S. and you will see what happens. Nothing he can do will
protect you.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 27, 2014 at 7:35:55 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>

By the way, since you have been officially linked with this group of internet criminals, do you think that
is going to help or hurt your chances of getting that fucking spic into this country? It would not surprise
me to hear that his name has been put on a special list. Hope it was worth it, bitch.

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Tom Retzlaff <>
Date: June 29, 2014 at 9:46:05 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <>
Stupid girl your name and personal information is known by millions of people all over the world who
have "enjoyed" your sex videos and naked pictures thanks to that Internet stalker. Your name is all over
that bv files website.
Millions now know everything about you.
Nice work stupid girl. Your Nana would be so proud of u!
Tom Retzlaff

-------- Original message ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: June 30, 2014 at 1:47:59 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Subject: ur mom

You understand that your mother is not as stupid as you think she is, right? In fact, I doubt she is as
dumb as I think she is. But if it turns out that you are lying to her (which I honestly believe is the case
here) she will hate you forever. You understand this?
You know that I ALWAYS discover the truth eventually. You are totally incapable of hiding things from
me as I always find out sooner or later. Same with your brother. I created you after all, so I know
exactly how you think and what you do – often times even before you do your own self!
As I mentioned to you before, this TX lawsuit has cost me a ton of money. I am glad to spend it. But you
are the one who has lost out here. After all, just think that if I had given you even 25% of what this case
has cost how much of a difference would that have made in your life and in Daniel’s life? A much better
place to live. A car. Some financial security. (Not to mention the support of your parents.) All the
things that you will need if you hope to succeed in that marriage.
But you have always been a very short sighted person and you never think ahead or for the future. It is
always in the “now”.

From: "Tom Retzlaff" <>
Date: July 2, 2014 at 12:47:52 AM GMT-5
To: "Brittany Retzlaff" <>
Cc: "Denise Retzlaff" <>
Subject: stalking ur mother & rick

Dear stupid cunt Brittany,
Your internet stalker friend James McGibney is now posting pictures of your mother and Rick and saying
he is going to do an article about him and start harassing him.
He is also posting stuff about you mom’s home being foreclosed and her personal information. But I
guess this is all made up and its really me, right? You stupid little bitch! This is ALL because you started
working with this motherfucker and gave him encouragement! You want to blame me, bitch? Well
fuck you!!! He is the one who is going after YOUR family here. If he is mad at me for something, fine.
Be mad at me. But how does being mad at me justify him going after your mom and your brother and
Rick and your grandfather?
Isn’t your friend whom you call “James” supposed to be a good person who helps people who are being
bullied? But isn’t he the one being the bully here? Do you see me filing lawsuits against this guy? Do
you see me attacking his family members? Do you see me making websites to attack his family
members? This retard says that I am in some kind of conspiracy with like 10 other people from all across
the country to get him. Does that even make sense to you? Come on dude, you’re not that stupid, are

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