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Twitter Hitters, Deleted Blog Post by Neal Rauhauser; 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - September 04, 2014

Twitter Hitters is a deleted blog post from 2012

Twitter Hitters

This page contains a list of various interesting groups of Twitter. Some are irritants, some amusements, some are just good sources of information. If you’re brand new to all this and want to get up to speed this page isn’t complete, but it shows you were to start. UPDATED: November 16th, 2012.

If you have new information or want to see what’s up with @KarlRove‘s boyfriend @Ali, potential SWAT call culprit @brandondarby, Swatgate promoter @stranahan, witness intimidator @Patterico, ACLJ head @JaySekulow, or white trash hate talker @rsmccain,the following people would like to hear it:


Sekulow’s inclusion is obscure, but former ACLJ chief counsel James M. Henderson has a taste for underage boys, and @PatriotOmbud did the investigative work.

If you showed up due to The Protectors claim of hacking Rove’s election rigging you should make lists of the folks in BlogBash and Hynes Communications. They aren’t directly involved in Rove’s intrusion troubles, but they will get dragged into the mess due to their involvement in promotingSwatgate in an attempt to fabricate an October Surprise! for the Obama campaign.

This is #TeamRauhauser, which shm00psie promotes in order to get under Jen Emick’s skin.

@Bitchiest@Pythorian ,@girlfridaytrll,

Here are the canonical list of Twitter accounts which I do NOTrun with either a comment or a link to explain.

@AnonyOps (Because we used to talk.)

@AnonyNewsNet (Because it covered events in Boston, I was thought to be there?)

@polymath22 (Because we’re both from Iowa.)

@phr0stbyte Post:(Just Keep Telling Yourself)

@th3j35t3r Post:(A Pastebin About th3j35t3r)

@OccupyRebellion (We talk)

@OccupyUnmasked (Small group, we talk)

@BreitbartUnmask (Tweets sound like me, writing style vastly different)

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