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MissAnon10999 Timeline

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - September 18, 2014

The timeline of the mysterious MissAnon10999

performance art is funny fuck you

all sides suck. can't believe that bitch is crying because of the video scaring her. That's pathetic.

a message for Bullyville and his retard crew, see you at DefCon

Thinking of drinking myself into oblivion this weekend.

....and somewhere else on the internet, Tom Ryan is quietly passing gas....

All I had to do was tweet once and you're back!!!
I come back after a day or two gone and my lolyer is already taking on new cases.

Leiderman client McGibney's "proof" against my ex-gf is from a crazy right wing hacker who menaced

Crazy claims used his grandfather's credit card. This is the source Leiderman is using to smear my ex-gf?

In 2011, stalked leaders, threatened to dox their social security numbers. This is Leiderman client McGibney's source?

Same source Jay Leiderman's client McGibney is relying on accused of stealing $65K in

DMatthewStewart @dmatthewstewart

Jay Leiderman client James McGibney relies on lying, crazy source who alleged was an FBI snitch:

Unless Leiderman believes stole $65K in bitcoin & is a snitch, I trust he'll tell his client to delete lies about my ex-gf.

Bullyville relies on liar who once accused McGibney's lawyer Leiderman of refusing to post bail for

1/18/12 calls Leiderman client Bullyville source "idiot" for faildoxing female Anon

10/29/11 Leiderman client McGibney's source faildoxed OccupyRebellion/OccupySomething as Joanne Cachapero

9/18/12 Crazy source for Leiderman client Bullyville accused me of fleeing timezones. LMFAO

Crazy source for Leiderman client Bullyville gets off on trolling campaign

2nd DMS tweet accusing of stealing $65K in bitcoin sent to Brooks Bayne who may be Leiderman client

9/16/12 Leiderman client Bullyville source claims gave OccupyRebellion info to FBI
After some serious thinking and a bump of coke in the bathroom at I HAVE HIRED to rep me in the

Pittsburgh Rappers Sentenced for Threatening Police in a Song

Number of unemployed drug sniffing dogs up in Colorado and Washington by 420%

Tell your self-confessed psychotic client to delete tweets defaming my ex-gf & drop sicko website in her name.


If understood free speech at all he'd know that suing ANONYMOUS reality TV "haters" is 10x as faggish than Weev's jailing

WHAT BULLSHIT~ said "We Are All Weev"?? Well now he's suing a bunch of trolls for being trolls. Fag.

James McGibney is a hero forever!!! A superspecial superpowered manly man!! So skeered I crap myself.

is just something they say as they beg for WePay $$ and justify doxing your enemies kids

Dumb anons like Deric L. worked on ops for this for-profit business and didn't get any money. They got V& and you know what? Who cares?

Bullyville, Inc is a subsidiary of ViaView, a for-profit business registered in Delaware. Dumb anons working on BV ops help James make $$$

Wow and Arpey is hanging out with cops in NY state to faildox ? Amazing. Shouldn't James sue in NY, then?

Holy smokes! Was it just last week that was this Thomas guy, 1000% verified a pedophile by John Morgan, Jay Leiderman, and BV?

Anonymous is now a for-profit business. Bullyville t-shirts and YAN tshirts are required uniform.

Jay Leiderman thinks is his ticket to some quick fame and money. And if that fails, he always has BB to famefag jail visits with

Barrett Brown is no fool, I wonder what he'll do when get gets out and sees the industrial spy complex filing LOlsuits against trolls lol

If adds my ex-gf to psycho client lawsuit based on faildoxes, I took screenshot of Jay harassing her beforehand

When Barrett Brown gets out of prison he'll see how bad you used him to generate publicty. I hope he tells you to suck it!

Hey when you visited Barrett Brown in prison, did you tell him ur taking on an awesome LOlsuit against reality show fans?

Hey -- are you proud, saving people from "the man" by representing who is suing a bunch of broke fucks?

'Yo bitch came to my house. I hit it on the couch. She said " can I stay?" I said "Nah ho get tha fuck OUT!"

We are all Miss Anon News get over yourself

I really hope keeps this shit up today. He has become the very thing he "fought"gainst

good night sweet potatoes enjoy eachothers company

Kids, your idol () is a man who tweets about anal lube and doxes couch potatoes ALL IN THE NAME OF stopping bullying.

And that John Morgan guy? Fuck, I don't even know. You'd think he'd worry about the investigations of him in Texas....

Bullyville is very butthurted. He plots his revenge towards 20 defendants mercilessly, hoping to sue them all to death.

Jay Leiderman's trying to piggyback on Barrett Brown's fame and at the same time help a corporate client sue internet trolls. think about it

There are so many s that I can't keep them straight.

Who will win censorious asshat for 2013? Between John Morgan and ? Who wins regular asshat?

If you ever worked on you should visit -- you'll discover like I did that this is a pattern for BV/James

BV and his crew told members that James Duffy was a pedophile, under investigations for missing child's murder. BV never explained.

fucked up so bad that even the allegations that were true (like statuatory rape) were discredited

was an op against a reality star's manager. She was 22 at the time the op labeled James Duffy a pedophile and murderer.

i got blocked n never have spoken to em.

He picks and chooses his battles but apparently lost this one and bailed. Kinda like

When you question him you get blocked. I'm just curious is all and want legit answers.

I think you owe the people who spent the time on this an explanation.

called a man a pedophile for sleeping with a 22 year old reality star of a show called "Teenage Mom". Also accused him of murder.

Hey what legal entity has your client issued subpoenas through? Hows that lie gonna look in court?

Hey, anyone remember that clusteruck for ? James has lied a ton. It's a reality show live on Twitter!! LOL!!

What legal entity is issuing subpoenas for a website that talks shit about ?

Bullyville bfriends say that is Lane Lipton and been subpoenad. in Texas and haven't had 1 day in court yet.


Have you checked to see if YOUR name is in this list of people who are being ?

Have you checked to see if YOUR name is in this counter-suit list?

So help me work this out..yesterday I was being sued by someone I blocked and there was a gofundme for my defense up before I even knew...

I have no idea what's going on.


furiously scribblling against all members of how many bacons will halp with my emotional trauma?


Everything is silly and hard to believe about @CampVsLeiderman nonsense...but at least we're all having a fun time watching "developments".

@Captien___O Brett Kimberlin is suing 20 to 60 Jane Does?

Like, is Bullyville versus the internet really full of merit, while Jojo's lawsuit is laughed off the internet? Will I be for asking?

How many John or Jane Does in a lawsuit is too much? How many Does makes litigation frivolous? 20? 40? 65?

Retarded retarded retarded cunts I didn't break any goddamn rules I was just funnin quit pissing on the internets assholes bbl

Jesus Christmas nobody on twatter has any sense of humor, you get my ass suspended b/c I made funny fake forms? Ya'll retarded

Breaking news: Restraining order already in place against petitioner in Jojo versus the internet

breaking news in Warrants issued for all offensive parties for suit JoJo Camp vs the Internet

I just got an official document from Jojo's secret document stash. His ties to FBI are very solid cc @CampVsLeiderman

Stahp it Jojo!!! I'm tired of being it tickles and I've loled so hard my sides ache!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure if you are being to opt-out of Leiderman's class-action lolsuit and get yourself an experience litigation lolyer

Halp halp I being sued!! Please grant me a restraint order against Sued Basko & Jojo "dafudge" Camp!

hey internet -- how sued are u? verry sued..

all this? If you mean the Jojo defamation law suit, it's a joke. Anyone taking it serious is a fool. He has nothing.

but seriously, halp me! I being sued !! cc

time to take off the socks

Halp meh halp me I being sued!!

Okay, so it's possible screenshot Leiderman posted came from JoJo because he still thinks Jay is his ally or lawyer

I'm writing some lyrics to hopefully for it's called "I'm Sue Basko"

"You should also note that Sue Basko has nothing to do with this either. This is a decision that I am making of my own accord."

is threatening people with legal action for tweeting at her handle or hashtag

halp me halp me I being sued!!!!!!!!!

Never had to block anyone on Facebook or Twitter before who wasn't an obvious shill or pornbot.

YourAnonNews: Why don't you go file a police report about your d0x, ?  |

. so what if I said: " I enjoy watching you get rustled."

Oh Joslyn... It's the beginning of the end for you on twitter...

must be afraid of her own shadow She called me again yesterday from a "private number" only to hang up.

You mean Sue Basko doesn't want people mentioning Joseph A Camp? THE Sue Basko? Joseph A Camp, as in "Jojo"?

If you are a lawyer everything you say is the law if you say it threateningly

I'm an aspie cunt and if you mention that shit -- u are so much more sued

What a fucking waste for that moran to go back to prison becuz he wants to fuck with people on the internet. Stupid shit.

are you reading this? Tell Jojo he's wrong and the games he's playing are stupid & he needs mental health help. Get him to a Dr.

When you social engineer dumb people they do and things like come to pass

halp meh!!! I need a lolyer!!!!!!!

Ouch Jojo Ouch stop meh that hurts STAHP IT!!!!!!!!!!

ouch ouch that hurts stop OPPROSECUTING MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol I'm not licensed. So that would be a mistake.

Jay got involved with the YAN site too. He was going to sue the legal owners of , instead he bought it.

@CatGodDBasedGod Jay has never taken a cyber case to trial. His clients include Rivera (jailed) and Cmndr X.

@CatGodDBasedGod Commander X fled the country and Rivera got jail and a 6 digit fine. Lots of help Jay was.

Like most kids he's just looking for approval from his peers. He was put on a pedestal by "friends" for being a black hat.

@CatGodDBasedGod Well, ask Jay how many cyber crime cases he's "won" exactly.

If there is a classaction lolsuit I want to opt out I want or to represent meh

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