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Zapem, Crazy Cat Lady And Tea Party Birther

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 07, 2014

Zapem aka Michelle aka Crazy Cat Lady is the woman Neal Rauhauser claims as his arch nemesis. And Zapem claims Neal was behind Twittergate. 

Truth is, they're both nut jobs: Neal the Anarchist Without A Cause and Zapem the Tea Party Birther. 

The following is from an interview Zapem did...though it's been rumored she interviewed herself, which is very likely.

The ZAPEM project simply asked the question that if the Constitution says that only a natural born citizen can become President, why did we witness politicians attempting to legislate candidates into acquiring that status?   That status happens at birth, not on the congressional floor.  These same politicians intimidate a fair media at best and plot with a bad media at worst.  The media knew but they were afraid to touch it.  They told us that this piece was ‘too toxic’, so we decided to blog it ourselves under the project name.  After doing so, we saw ZAPEM reincarnated and interjected into so many interlaced issues across the Internet, many of us felt that our energies would be best served looking into this talk about a Tea Party that Rick Santelli was raving about.  It seemed more productive than watching the .gov hits the blog was taking while .gov pretended they didn’t see it.  We wanted to be where the pretense wasn’t possible.

You can read the whole "interview" here

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