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Swatting, Zapem and Project Vigilant, A Neal Rauhuaser PasteBin; Jan 14, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 06, 2014

This is from pastebin where Neal Rauhauser talks about Zapem, the crazy lady in New Jersey and SWATting.

Neal claims Zapem (Joanne Joy of New Jersey) got into Project Vigilant and obtained their member list. Chet Uber, head of Project Vigilant, has denied this.

You'll find other posts here where Neal brags about getting 87 members of congress to write their letter.

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"The House came after me last summer - 87 member signing a letter to the DoJ demanding an investigation of politically motivated 'swatting' - false police reports intended to trigger no knock entries by tactical teams. The letter doesn't have my name on it, but ask any fringe right crackpot and they'll be happy to fill you in on the details. I'm on the business end of a grand jury investigation and from what I can deduce their entire evidence against me is a series of conspiracy theories that all lead back to a crazy cat lady in New Jersey who's been cyberstalking me since the 2010 election.

The corruption and incompetence I have seen over the last two and a half years is just mind boggling. The latest episode might finally put an end to it. The crazy cat lady either got recruited by or talked her way into Project VIGILANT. They gave her an account on their system, she scored a partial list of the members, and turned it over to Anonymous.

Some of the names on the list: Former DoJ cyber crime division head Mark Rasch, current DoD Cyber Crime Center director Jim Christy, retired FBI agent A.J. Fardella, former NSA employees Ira Winkler and Jeff Bardin, NUCIA director Blaine Burnham, NC4 CTO George Johnson, retired FLETC instructor Kevin Manson, and a mixed bag of about eighty others, only some of whom I recognize.

The NC4 connection is quite interesting - it's funded by billionaire Aubrey Chernick, in addition to Project VIGILANT they host compartmentalized intelligence for over forty federal agencies, and he is the funding source for Islamophobe David Horowitz, who appeared in the Occupy Unmasked movie.

Nothing can be done about what happened to Aaron Swartz until we have politicians who are ready to deal forcefully with the overlap of law enforcement and private sector security companies - this is the COINTELPRO of the 21st century.

The loss of this brilliant young man might provide a national moment of clarity, but I know how deep this particular rabbit hole goes, and there are dragons hiding at the bottom."
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