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LilSliceOfCraze, OccupyRebellion and Mandy Nagy; May, 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 03, 2014

This conversation took place at the end of May in 2012 while Pam aka LilSliceOfCraze was allegedly in Beijing (actually Pam's daughter was in China, not Pam). 

It's not surprising that Pam doesn't like Kimberlin but it is a surprise to see her snipe at OccupyRebellion but then chatting with Liberty_Chick (Mandy Nagy) and Ali.

LOL cooties! RT @Liberty_Chick: Study Says Men Have More Cooties Than Women

@ali @liberty_chick My copy of Citizen K just arrived. Plan to spend the weekend learning more about #brettkimberlin

@lilsliceofcraze @ali I had to read it 3 times to take it all in, there was sooooooo much crazy. It will make you see the parallels today.

@Liberty_Chick @ali finished chapter 3 so far describing drug investigation of politicians, ESP Quayle. Things that make you go hmmmm


@DefendWallSt @liberty_chick Brett wouldn't lie about who was sent to his home? You've never heard of police records?

Do you have the police report? RT @OccupyRebellion: @DefendWallSt @liberty_chick Brett wouldn't (cont)


@lilsliceofcraze @DefendWallSt @liberty_chick If you want them, GET OFF YOUR FUCKING LAZY ASS AND GET IT YOURSELF.

Oooh, hit a nerve? RT @OccupyRebellion: @lilsliceofcraze @DefendWallSt @liberty_chick If you want (cont)

@lilsliceofcraze @DefendWallSt @liberty_chick Uh, no. It's the same mundane stupid repetitive shit day in and day out with you people.


@OccupyRebellion @Liberty_Chick I think you are reading too much into LC’s comment. Take a breath and step back, please.

Wow! Just.. Wow! Scary shit RT @Liberty_Chick: Example of lies & social engineering this crew (cont)

Ronbryn is fighting with election lae center. You hit a nerve RT @Liberty_Chick: @lilsliceofcraze (cont)

Are you saving screenshots? He is arguing w/law ctr RT @Liberty_Chick @lilsliceofcraze @joebrooks Yeah, I think it's the same guy...

@lilsliceofcraze Yawn. @Liberty_Chick

RT @joebrooks @lilsliceofcraze Yawn. @Liberty_Chick LOL!!! He will get his and his flying monkeys too!!

@joebrooks @lilsliceofcraze He has me blocked (& I can't keep logging in/out). If you or anyone have screen shots, please send them over...

@Liberty_Chick @joebrooks Can you send me an email and I will email the screen shot.

@lilsliceofcraze @joebrooks libertychickblog at gmail dot com

@Liberty_Chick @joebrooks just sent the email

@lilsliceofcraze @joebrooks thanks!

@Liberty_Chick @joebrooks glad to help, anytime

@Liberty_Chick @joebrooks think the first might be missing info. Sorry,Beijing connection Sent you another email that should have everything

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