Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Words Of AnonWolfRune, a Rauhauser Sock

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 09, 2014

Anonwolfrune was formerly @Teacession. 

Tweets are in reverse order. Start at the bottom for contextual clarity.

@AnonWolfrune @OsborneInk @BullyVille BTW, have you and bunnyboy ever heard of Godwin's law?

@AnonWolfrune @OsborneInk @BullyVille Pffft you keep beating that false lawsuit drum Neal but the only one marching with you is bunnyboy

8 min ago
@Br1B3 @OsborneInk actually, @BullyVille is being compared to another minor celebrity, Anna Ayala.

42 min ago
Looks like @repmichaelgrimm was facing OIG investigation which forced him to resign from FBI.

4 hrs ago
.@AnonWolfrune Ohai Neal! So far you and @osborneink have compared @BullyVille to Jason Wade Taylor and Hitler. Who next? U mad bro?

4 hrs ago
FYI, rumisouth is @OsborneInk who conflates Nazis and his issues while working with Neal Rauhauser @AnonWolfrune @BullyVille #UniteBlue #p2

15 hrs ago
How this account got its name:

16 hrs ago
How this account got its name:

23 hrs ago
.@KittenChowder @OsborneInk Some painful truths in this one.

24 hrs ago
@AnonWolfrune Yum! I need something funny. Been working in the garden. Its 85° here.

24 hrs ago
@KittenChowder I have something small, yet hilarious. It's almost ready.

1 d ago
@AnonWolfrune Check your DMs Sir Wolfrune

8 d ago
@justinstoned this mall cop is an expert Anonymous infiltrator, she is a legend in her own mind :-)

8 d ago
@justinstoned I'm not terribly secret, this profile is a jab at a paranoid, delusional mall cop :-)

8 d ago
A bit strange you'd say that esp with @repmichaelgrimm being the 1st person you followed. @AnonWolfrune

8 d ago
It's my bro @repmichaelgrimm. you should see the look he gives when he's talking about breaking people like little boyz @AnonWolfrune lolz

8 d ago
.@justinstoned nice avatar bro, you look a little STARTLED though :-)

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