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Fraud Charges For Ali Akbar & Aaron Walker Deleted Blog Post by Neal Rauhauser; Nov, 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 04, 2014

Fraud Charges For Ali Akbar & Aaron Walker

Neal, they raised tens of thousands of dollars across state lines on an entirely false premise. See if you can find a federal internet fraud case with small dollar transactions, threats, and fake identifies.

Those words earlier today set me thinking but I didn’t get a chance to dig in until just now. I spent nearly an hour poking around for a case that matches and I think Vitaly Borker / DecorMyEyes is close. I located the Postal Inspectors Vitaly Borker Criminal Complaint so I could see which statutes they used.

18 USC § 2261A(2) – Borker often threatened those he defrauded in a very direct fashion from a couple of well known aliases, this is listed as cyberstalking.

18 USC § 875(c) – The threats crossed state lines and some where by telephone, which seems to be what this statute covers.

18 USC § 1341 & 1342 – these are the relevant fraud statutes for mail

18 USC § 1342 & 1343 – these are the relevant fraud statutes for wire

So, in between this enormous mess my day job just dropped on me, I am going to read 18 USC § 1341 – 1343, and maybe some of the surrounding statutes, to see which ones seem to fit the course of action Akbar and Walker took with the Swatgate swindle.

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