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Did Expert Witness, Activist Thwart A Rove Ohio Vote Plot?; Deleted Blog Post by Neal Rauhauser Nov 11, 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 04, 2014

Did Expert Witness, Activist Thwart A Rove Ohio Vote Plot?

Did Expert Witness, Activist Thwart A Rove Ohio Vote Plot?
Duniho provided his explosive testimony first via telephone to a federal judge in a temporary restraining order hearing in the morning, and then to Franklin County Judge Mark Serrott to amplify his written affidavit, published here. The testimony supported an injunction request by election machine critics who have argued for years — with scant previous success in courts and in the media — that election machine software tampering has enabled theft of major elections, and thus poses a grave danger to the democratic process.

Any corporate involvement in vote counting is a problem. When that corporation has some connection to Karl Rove? This has gone beyond tolerance – investigations, indictments, and LONG prison terms for all parties involved is long overdue.

Andrew Kreig is a journalist and lawyer, so these things he produces are weighty and well cited. If you want to help stop Rove’s long running attempts to hijack our government this is an article to read and a website to bookmark.

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