@DkChoco I suppose we have many mutual friends. There good people.

@DkChoco What's up with @Politicolnews? I was an early supporter, now I just realized they blocked me. That's not legit.

@DkChoco As someone w a Journalism Degree, they should take News out of their twitter name. 4 me, that's offensive. @politicolnews

@DebbieCaplanPR They do blog about political related news. Don't have to be a major news outlet to call it news. @politicolnews
9:36 PM - 5 Jul 2013

@DkChoco It's just disappointing. I was a supporter. I would send them stuff, RT them a lot, we would communicate. Bummer. @politicolnews

@DkChoco Anyway, lets talk soon...Have a great weekend.

I didn't block you Debbie, I have privacy settings due to the UniteBlue Trolls pestering me. :) @DebbieCaplanPR @DkChoco

@DkChoco @DebbieCaplanPR We blog about topics of interest, that affect people's lives, whatever that may be, been on twitter since 2009.

With a privacy setting all you have to do is request to follow, no big deal girls. @DebbieCaplanPR @DkChoco

Privacy settings prevents the UB Trolls from slipping into my Followers List. If I find them they are blocked. @DebbieCaplanPR @DkChoco

LOL. Yes. Your Right Dr. Choco. :) I still call you Doc. @DkChoco @DebbieCaplanPR