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Chet Uber Tweets About Neal and Project Vigilant, May, 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 13, 2014

Ohai Chet! My new dear friend.

Yes, the Director of a secret, mysterious international surveillance organization with hundreds of employees had nothing better to do on a Saturday night than to sign onto Twitter to talk to me after being off Twitter for 6 weeks. I am so special!

I took a look at his timeline and Chet's done more tweeting in the past 3 days than he has all year put together. I think that's called damage control.

For some reason Chet tagged in @6, Adrian Lamo, who I actually like, but Adrian wisely ignored us.

Mr Uber is a very interesting man.

@onetoughcarrot: Trust me when I say I appreciate the support but it is not needed. @BriBe is clueless and grasping at straws. Let "it" post

@Br1B3 @onetoughcarrot @ZAPEM @6 @CattyIdiot: Actually I noticed as my phone is going off that is all. I am just enjoying the lunacy.

@onetoughcarrot: Thanks for spotting the link between @Br1B3 @DanDanHiggins and @CattyIdiot. Reporting them is counter productive actually!

Reply to @Br1B3 @onetoughcarrot @6 @ZAPEM: "We" would be the LLC owners, Counsel and the membership with a "need to know" about the issue.

@Br1B3: You are tweeting about something you no nothing about apparently. You are trying to create a yarn/conspiracy. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3 @onetoughcarrot @6: I am not Neal and starting with @ZAPEM the assumption has been made that I know where he is. I don't.

@Br1B3 @onetoughcarrot @6 @ZAPEM: Most businesses that have IP and protect it use the concept of "need to know." You really are just slow.

@Br1B3 @onetoughcarrot @6 @ZAPEM: Neither myself or PV have any relationship to OccupyRebellion,

@Br1B3 @onetoughcarrot @6 @ZAPEM: I am not Neal. I don't know what Neal did. He certainly didn't use our assets - Neal managed a data center

@onetoughcarrot: We don't really have "watchdogs" but appreciate your tweet as it let me know the conspiracy theory was flaring. @BriBe @6

@Br1B3: Actually @onetoughcarrot has no affiliation to myself or our team. I think he was just being a good Samaritan which I appreciate. @6

@Br1B3: I created Neal - thats a laugh. The issue you have with him predates his one year of volunteer service. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3: This is about @ZAPEM and others trying to get to Neal through ProjectVIGILANT because he posted something. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3: I had nothing to do tonight. I had just finished up a bash script and my phone went off like crazy. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3: So take your issues with Neal up with him not myself and certainly not with ProjectVIGILANT. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3: OK I am back to you are totally clueless. When someone Tweets @ChetUber Twitter sends an SMS to my phone. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3: Yes @onetoughcarrot sent a tweet. Based on the content I checked it out. You seem to want to play and I am bored. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3: I only have a Twitter account so people don't use it to say things under my name. This is just cathartic. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Captien__0: Dude you made me laugh "is that like last call" - Thanks! Seriously this was getting too heavy. @onetoughcarrot @Br1B3

@Br1B3: I am a Civil Libertarian. I fully respect your right to Free Speech and I have the Free Speech to correct you. @onetoughcarrot @6

@Br1B3: I tell you what -- I will ask @onetoughcarrotto stand down (can't promise as I don't control him) if you quit spreading rumors? @6

@SwiftRead: FTR "Michelle" (and her accomplices) are not working for PV. I am an owner and Neal is not ours. @CattyIdiot @onetoughcarrot @6

@SwiftRead: Thanks for listening. I honestly don't know if "Michelle works with Rauhauser" but I highly doubt that is the case @6

@SwiftRead: She was NEVER a member. She "used false pretences" we knew it - we gave her access to continue her lie. Period. @CattyIdiot

@CattyIdiot: OK this is descending into chaos and why are you screaming in all caps at 01:30 - I already have a headache. @SwiftRead

@SwiftRead: Manning was/is a traitor. I am too close to the situation to render judgement other than I told Adrian what I would do. @6

@SwiftRead: Snowden signed NSL's, information cannot want to be free it belongs to those that created it. He is a criminal and a traitor @6

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