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Unraveling A Sockpuppet Colony, Deleted Rauhauser Blog Post, November 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 01, 2014

Neal Rauhauser was a prolific blogger. This is one of several articles he posted on November 3rd, 2012.

Unraveling A Sockpuppet Colony: KneelRau

I have been doing a lot of busy-waiting type stuff due to the impending election. I sit, I wait, I get these calls – can you please contact X, get them to do Y, and notify Z that it’s going to happen?*click* OK, sure, I’m drafted w/o so much as a thank you back into campaign work. I guess most of them didn’t get the memo about this year’s big plan, but whatever :-)

So, I have been chipping away at old, small problems that seem like they might resolve now that Twitter has banned @ZAPEM. The primary obsess & harass account is gone and having this as a reference may help to wipe out Mike Stack‘s sock puppet colony.

Following 18, followed back by 14, let’s see who’s involved in this one. It’s following a mix of the usual suspects and various right wing promoters:

And some people know to follow it back:

Greg W. HowardPatrick Swift Read, And Tammy Bloom.

Greg and Pat’s greatest hit was harassing a female conservative activist with whom they had a falling out. Her daughter was snatched off the street and raped right after the 2010 election and they spent months trying to dox & intimidate her. They’re filthy little degenerates and it got so bad some of their victims went on Lee Stranahan‘s show to talk about it(!) They are the founding force behind Conservative Reports Online.

Tammy Bloom recently showed up in enough different things that she got a profile here.

@TheCypressGang is in the mix, that’s an older promotion effort. I don’t understand the dynamic, it does something different than CRO. Uhh, CRO is a brand, TCG is a promotion vehicle? I think that’s how it works.

So, two geniuses who’ve been following me around since 2010 and a woman who’s name came up in the context of Weinergate. Tammy is in Wisconsin, as is Sean Norris, who has been fingered as the strategist/back channel manager for their derpy little hate group. He is @commonpatriot and his wife is @alwayscatholic. Both Norris and Bloom are Wisconsin residents, but I can’t recall how far Bloom is from Madison.

I should whip up a little diagram to show who goes with which group, but not till I take a look at the other two I recently complained about …

I preserved the @KneelRau Twitter account in a Scribd collection.

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