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The Sticky Wicket, Deleted Rauhauser Blog Post, November 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 01, 2014

Neal Rauhauser was a prolific blogger. This is one of several articles he posted on November 3rd, 2012.

The Sticky Wikit

I misuse WordPress, treating it like a Wiki. The busiest day saw 39 posts and the median seems to be about a dozen. This post is the permanent first article, a table of contents of what I feel might be interesting for new visitors and a directory of recent stuff meant.
Social Engineering:

Robert Stacy McCain likes to direct mentally ill netizens my way. John Patrick Frey has his personal sock puppet army. Having grown deeply weary of the antics they have aimed at me since 2010, I undertook a little housecleaning.

Conspiracism & Competence – Description of demographics & methods. 23 Jan 2012.

A Parting Explanation – Update to demographics & methods. I said I was going to do it, I did it, theystill don’t get it. 15 Sep 2012.

Revisiting A January Prophecy – The fringe right’s culture is defined by mental illness, character disorders, and the blind hate of ideologues. Their problems are collective, solutions can be abstracted. 27 Oct 2012.
Security & Anonymity:

During the spring of 2012 I wrote a good bit about methods & mindset. I’ve been less willing to inform opponents this fall, so the detailed stuff from spring is just a starting point, and current thinking has changed a good deal.

House Of Mirrors – Given that I am probably facing one or more paid informants willing to fabricate events in order to get at me, I have taken certain steps to make raiding or indicting me based on their work an unpleasant experience.

Fail Closed Networks For Home Anonymity are a laudable goal. Creating And Operating Subpoena Proof Twitter Accounts requires attention to detail throughout their life, but they are an excellent bastion for anonymous free speech.
Project OBVIOUS:

Having read the Team Themis emails, volunteered for Project VIGILANT in 2009, and with a passing acquaintance with Barrett Brown’s Project PM I have long thought that some satire was in order.

Come In, Project OBVIOUS – I’m putting Ron Brynaert in charge of public relations …

Anonymous Provides Project OBVIOUS Slogan – What do they imagine? What do they think they’ve imagined? And how can they fabricate it?

Constructing Your Personal Army – I found this 2011 cybermilitia class very interesting.

Terrorism Tradecraft – I read Stratfor‘s free reports, this one was interesting for non-violent change agents, despite the intentionally provocative title I chose.
Breitbart Boneheads:

Thanks to some truly incredible lawyering by Aaron Walker we now have Kookpocalypse Konfirmation. From this flows …

An Email to Breitbart CEO Larry Solov

The Occupy Unmasked Connection

Bannon Did Breitbart’s Fundraising?

Breitbart LLC Corporate Culpability is the response to a law firm I talked to about representing me against them. Normally you wouldn’t be open about such things, but this whole business has been a public circus since its inception …
Current Crap & Recent Rejects:

Just when I think we’ve reached the outer envelope of stupidity my paranoid, delusional fan club and their futile hatemonger handlers come up with some new self mutilation method.

Kookpocalypse Blog Reactivated – fuckup former lawyer gives fuckup current lawyer emails, a dozen pages are responsive for discovery, but fuckup paralegal sends the whole cache of 262 pages. The Danger Rangers have been howling as we go through this fucked up mess. We’re keeping the content private. Because Potential Indictments. (10/26/2012)

The Outing Of Aaron Walker – A heartfelt warning in December of 2011 was ignored, the man was fired in January of 2012, and the Kookpocalypse Process was initiated on 6 Feb 2012, the anniversary of the HBGary intrusion. He’s always had the option to simply stop harassing me. (10/27/2012)

You & Your Little Dog – An unnamed serial harasser makes a terrible slip … and Git Along, Lil’ Doggie! is another unintentional disclosure. (10/27 & 28/2012)

Crazy Cat Lady & Drunken Hate Talker – Robert Stacy McCain has Jen Emick writing for him. No links in there, just snark :) (9/30/2012)

Jason Wade Taylor & Jill Guidry Cage Match – Jill gets banned & faces D.C. Metro police investigation for a death threat issued on JWT’s behalf, and a civil investigation about her unlicensed midwifery becomes public. (10/28/2012)

The Alicia Comment Troll appears to be the initiation of a Weinergate style rabbit hole construction effort. Check it for style and technical capabilities, but don’t waste any time on this; I have deemed it to be a calculated attempt at distraction.

William Welna Geolocation Comment Troll debunks a bit of foolishness … and it contains an offer for anyone who’s starting to get nervous.

The IndictRauhauser Timeline might actually help with an indictment or two. But not mine …

I think Pat Frey is again not in the mood to talk about swatting, but Since Jill Guidry Brought It Up …

Someone thought it would be a smart move to bring up the Pornwikileaks Stupidity, which a couple of porn mooks tried to attach to my name in 2011. Like so many other things, this has produced a hideous backfire for them …

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