Brandon Darby, FBI Informant

This video compares the voice of Brandon Darby to three different alleged political motivated ‘swatting’ calls which happened in 2011 and 2012. Over the years these have been used in attempts to frame various political opponents. First Ron Brynaert for his attention to some troubles Anthony Weiner had in 2011, then me after Andrew Breitbart dropped dead from a heart attack in the middle of a war of words with me, and finally a complex conspiracy theory evolved that placed Brett Kimberlin at the center of a massive leftist conspiracy to intimidate and silence political opponents.

Any chance of the FBI paying attention to this came to an end in early November of 2012. The DOJ’s Dallas Office of the Inspector General received a four page letter outlining the scheme. The next day I had an eighty minute phone call with an annoyed FBI agent who was really tired of people wasting his time with fabrication. Three weeks later I received a letter from him which was prima facie censorship and it was my turn to be annoyed. A friend much wiser than I said “That’s a get out of jail free card, he just sabotaged any further efforts to involve you.”

Lacking imagination, various right wing figures keep coming back and attempting to revive this smear. Kimberlin grew weary of it in 2013 and filed a RICO suit. The latest effort directed my way was a comically clumsy litigation effort, which has been dubbed theMcGibney vs. Internet LOLSUIT. The Dallas OIG received another letter when McGibney’s LOLSUIT was filed, I have retained an excellent attorney, and filed an anti-SLAPP response. There are a series of hearings on this which begin on April 10th and it is in the nature of the Texas anti-SLAPP provisions to resolve frivolous litigation very quickly.

These events are chronicled by Breitbart Unmasked, Bill Schmalfeldt’s Patriot Ombudsman, and Matt Osborne’s Osborne Ink. There is a WordPress site called bvfiles which covers McGibney’s doings in great detail, but he is engaged in some restraining order shenanigans against them in California, and it appears some subpoenas have been issued. If you must look, protect your identity using Tor, a VPN, or AnonyMouse.

Witness to Betrayal, an interview of Darby’s former friend @scott_crow, now his most vocal critic, clarified a great many things for me. Darby was picked to head the newly launched@BreitbartTexas operation and I am not at all surprised to find myself the target of frivolous litigation in Texas, filed by an attorney who is himself facing a special prosecutor tasked with investigating him for perjury and witness intimidation.