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Misogyny of TheXClass May 6, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 11, 2014

The Twitter timeline of suspended account @TheXclass from May 6, 2013

P-G Matuszak ‏@pavelgregory May 6
@TheXclass Well we agree on one thing: that @BewareTheBeliev is scum.

Very Serious People™ ‏@TheXclass May 6

@pavelgregory True. Still, I can't find anyone willing to take one for the team and shag >>>>> @BewareTheBeliev nicely. Know anyone?

P-G Matuszak ‏@pavelgregory May 6
@TheXclass One of my old SF buddies may still have that fetish. @BewareTheBeliev

Very Serious People™ ‏@TheXclass May 6

@pavelgregory Sign him up! I almost had a confused Libertarian agree to lay pipe into >>>>>@BewareTheBeliev<<<<< but his gf wouldn't let him

Very Serious People™ ‏@TheXclass May 6

@deuce788 That might solve many problems at once :) @BewareTheBeliev

Very Serious People™ ‏@TheXclass May 6

@deuce788 I asked someone who was RJ or pretending to be RJ to bring back @BewareTheBeliev's rancid panties. So we can run tests.

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