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Matt Osborne Email To Zach Green of UniteBlue, Pastebin May 6th 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 09, 2014

Osborne and his buddies decided that the Twitter account @7serf7 was an alternate account of Bill Talley so naturally Osborne posted this on his blog.
Talley went to prison on May 29th of 2013 and, since he doesn't get Twitter time in jail, all of Talley's Twitter accounts went silent. @7serf7 hasn't stopped tweeting so obviously it isn't, and never was Talley, but Osborne hasn't bothered to retract his defamatory statement...that would be an admission that he was wrong.

Matt Osborne's email to Zach Green of Unite Blue
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Sent Saturday April 14 at 4:51 PM Central time

From: Matt Osborne
To: Zach Green
Subject: William Talley using a UB twibbon

Mr. Green,

William Talley of Nashville, TN, who has been exposed for pleading guilty to possession of child pornography in February, is operating a sock puppet account @7serf7 that wears a Unite Blue twibbon. He has used the account to dox and harass his critics. Talley is also prevailing upon followers to engage in aggressive spamblocking of those critics. The net effect of all this is to create the appearance that Unite Blue supports a convicted pederast and encourages offensive, hypocritical, and potentially illegal activities that violate Twitter's TOS.

Obviously, you will not condone this behavior, but what will you do about it?

Before you answer, please see my updated Burn Notice for Mr. Talley:

You will note that I have studiously avoided using the words "Unite Blue" until this morning's update. Mr. Talley seems determined to make me use your organization's name as much as possible, however, as he eagerly conflates his issues with yours. Without prompt action, he will double-down again. Count on it.

You have built an important new Twitter community, one that many of my friends take part in, and that community now stands to be badly tarred by the gangland actions of a few people.

Michael Galvin left Twitter last night after receiving threats. I have already witnessed one other progressive leaving Twitter altogether today out of disgust for the actions of accounts that say they are defending UB, but mainly seem to be defending Talley. With the Anonymous collective now interested in Talley, the situation is rapidly spiraling out of control and the moment calls for your direct and decisive leadership.

What actions will you take? Would you like to share a statement with my readers? I do hope you will.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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