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Blah Blah Blah, Neal Rauhauser Kookpocalypse post; April 5th, 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 05, 2014

Posting this because Neal will certainly delete it.

Neal Rauhauser

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Kookpocalypse Now!

I see some of you have been so foolish as to pay $20 in an effort to find me. The use of 1060 West Addison, an address made famous in the Blues Brothers, is a nod to my childhood home – I lived on The Hill in Joliet during the late 1960s.

I recently dropped lat/lon coordinates in a few places. Wikipedia lists Wrigley Field at 41°56′54″N 87°39′20″W, but I used 41°56′51″N 87°39′23″W.

Neal's Geographic Location

Listen carefully to the lyrics of Mojo Nixon’s I Hate Banks, and you’ll hear him give a nod to Ernie Banks.

Banks recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama.

Ernie Banks & Barack Obama

Mojo is a longtime member of the Church of the SubGenius. My work is heavily influenced by the Discordian culture jammer ethos of the church and I actually met Mojo at a concert in the earlier 1990s.

Principia Discordia is often referenced in Robert Anton Wilson’s The Illuminatis Trilogy, and Ong’s Hat is an homage to Wilson. Both are Incunabula.

If you have been watching for a long time you will have noticed The Last Statute and related discussions on Kid Kenoma. This is another sort of incunabula, part of an arcology connected to the life and death of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. Two years ago I posted a photo of a tall, thin blonde on the subway platform at Broad Channel station. This is a stop on the way to Rockaway Beach, where a despondent Jeremy Blake walked out into the Atlantic a week after Theresa Duncan committed suicided in the East Village Church rectory.

Jeremy Blake & Theresa Duncan

The subway platform photo was taken during a six week period where I haunted Jeremy’s childhood home of Takoma Park, Maryland and the East Village where he and Duncan lived. This was a scavenger hunt style trailhead for an alternate reality game. There is quite a bit more to it, but it’s never been released. The woman was clearly the ghost of Theresa Duncan in the context of the overall flow, some random fellow traveler at just the right place and time to serve as a prop in the story.

Have you been making unfounded reports to state or federal law enforcement? Filing frivolous lawsuits based on conspiracy theories? Or even worse, committing federal felonies and thinking you are safe in doing so because you believe the FBI views me as a high profile target?

Do you really think any of that will work? I have a one word answer for you …

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