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An Allegorical Threat? Neal Rauhauser Deleted Blog PostApril 1 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 07, 2014

April Fools Day could also be called Neal Rauhauser Day. The man just can't keep his mouth shut.

Head Gates & Squeeze Chutes

I have a number of emails sitting in my inbox and I’ve decided to answer via allegory, drawing on my farm upbringing for the source material.

This device is a Priefert head gate. As you can see from the video, the front of the gate can be set to automatically capture cattle. As the name implies, it can be coupled with a squeeze chute which will compress to limit the animal’s lateral movement. The animal seen entering the gate is all black, I’d guess the breed is Angus, and I think it’s a yearling female based on the size. The cow emerges after receiving a splash of colored liquid on its back – this is just like putting Frontline on your dog or cat.

The video says the gate isn’t meant for horned cattle, but more specifically they mean animals permitted to mature with their horns. I think leaving horns on are the norm for range cattle that might encounter predators but feedlot animals are always polled for the safety of both handlers and herd mates.

This next video is rather graphic, but it shows the reality of farm life. Male cattle get run into a head gate, their horn buds are sawed off, and someone else comes in from the side and gets their balls.

There are plenty of ways to get hurt on a working farm. I’ve got scarred knuckles, a slice on my shin, a burn on my hip, and when I smile I only have a dimple on the right side thanks to a hard shot to the other cheek while removing a concrete form for our new barn.

But I’ve raised a hundred steers to market weight and never been kicked once, because it was drummed into my head at an early age that you never walk behind one of these things when there is a calf in it.

Things are as they are and they take as long as they take. First we get the horns and the balls, then if things go just right we might have hamburger enough for everyone in time for Netroots Nation 2014 in Detroit this July.

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