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AdversAerialOne and CountryBack1776; March 30, 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 10, 2014

RJ Sterling operates multiple accounts and uses them to harass women. 

@AdversAerialOne It is obvious now why you and [REDACTED] are soul mates. I only sought peace. You react with paranoia. @OsborneInk

@CountryBack1776 Thanks for showing your true colours. You're now blocked for being a complete ass. @OsborneInk

@AdversAerialOne Trolls continue to strike relentlessly. I see you have hurt many women like @greenmitera who expected commitment from you.

@4evrSin Appears that one was setting up folks, again, @AdversAerialOne is #tcot soul mate w/@CountryBack1776, to each their own.

@CountryBack1776 It's all totally ridiculous. After a week or so of talking with her I asked her to leave me alone, she refused. Predator.

@AdversAerialOne But I don't think [REDACTED] relationships were abusive. I don't think they ever existed except in her fake victim mind.

@AdversAerialOne When [REDACTED] tried to recruit me into her army, she made the case that she was abused by several lovers. And was vengeful

@CountryBack1776 Her own fault.

@CountryBack1776 She'd probably buy fake followers if she had any real clients. That's the only way she could ever break 1000.

@AdversAerialOne @CountryBack1776 oh how lovely. RJ is doxing a woman again. What an upstanding man.

@AdversAerialOne I see hashtag game material that only her loyal army retweets.

@AdversAerialOne [REDACTED] sure doesn't handle rejection from men well. Does she? You would think she'd be used to it by now.

@AdversAerialOne @CountryBack1776 says the guy with over 50 socks. 6 of them torture Molly.

@CountryBack1776 Have you ever looked at "copywriter's" website & seen her "work" & "skills"? It's terrifyingly bad.

@CountryBack1776 I could picture Wienick & Padilla, for example, looking at each other & grimacing. "Oh, Lord, her AGAIN? WHY?!" Hilarious.

@AdversAerialOne She sounds like a snotty celebrity looking down her nose at the help. And she puts down those with 16,000 more followers.

@CountryBack1776 After her accts. kept getting suspended for abuse she had to beg for follows in new ones. I mean beg. It was pretty funny.

@CountryBack1776 At "copywriter's" best she barely broke 400 followers & that was heavily padded with sockpuppets.

@CountryBack1776 "Influential", are you kidding? I saw "copywriter" tweet her alleged cousin & get ignored. Not what I call influence.

@AdversAerialOne I do ponder why someone so influential on twitter for so many years has less that 200 followers. Is anyone listening?

@AdversAerialOne I'm objecting to their tactics. I don't care if it was 1 or many.

@CountryBack1776 And it'd be better to quit referring to them as an "army". It's only a couple of people sockpuppeting like the dickens.

@CountryBack1776 @AdversAerialOne I was a Go-Go dancer and a porn editor. Plus, I'm a drunk. My past is checkered! But still better than RJ.

@CountryBack1776 Thanks, report any tweets you feel like doing. But you can't both engage AND report them, has to be one or the other.

@AdversAerialOne No problem here. But you have my support in taking down [REDACTED] and her harassment army. Except for one special person.

@CountryBack1776 Do me a solid, if you want to engage them leave me out of it, okay? I have a life here if her & realtor's friends don't.

@FriskySnooter Do you have a perfect past?@AdversAerialOne

RJs life. “@AdversAerialOne: @CountryBack1776 That's fine, just more harassment tweets for me to report. I couldn't care less otherwise.”

@FriskySnooter And why does [REDACTED] army use @AdversAerialOne's real full name but react violently to others using her first name? Crazy.

@CountryBack1776 That's fine, just more harassment tweets for me to report. I couldn't care less otherwise.

@FriskySnooter I see [REDACTED] army putting down @AdversAerialOne's honest work and publicly harassing his employer. Mob tactics.

@CountryBack1776 And these accounts allegedly belonging to realtor's little friends aren't helping him.

@CountryBack1776 @AdversAerialOne sure! If they become upstanding citizens. But this is RJ. He gets people fired cuz they're meanies.

@CountryBack1776 See, there's that "ex-con" nonsense. These allegations that I did any felonies or any jail time are flat-out lies.

@CountryBack1776 "Copywriter" makes Christie look good. He doesn't claim to be anything but what he is, whereas she did.

@FriskySnooter Even ex-cons have a right to rejoin society after paying their debt to society. Both have issues. So what? @AdversAerialOne

@CountryBack1776 all I know for sure is @AdversAerialOne is a fucken liar and an abuser. He deserves no praise.

@FriskySnooter What work does [REDACTED] do that makes her feel superior to @AdversAerialOne? Is she world Queen or just a table server?

@FriskyFoxxx1 Talk to your "Happy" friend. Why are you loyal to someone who uses her friends like that? @AdversAerialOne

@AdversAerialOne What kind of an evil human being makes her friends feel shame for being loyal? @Snarkaroni is similar to Chris Christie.

@AdversAerialOne I deleted it because of the sadness and fear in her friend's tweets and DMs to me. The Happy Hitman is just her puppet.

@AdversAerialOne @CountryBack1776 said the sock king

@CountryBack1776 None of them would have the nerve to try that stuff to anyone's face. And the fact they think it's effective is ludicrous.

@AdversAerialOne I'm sorry you've been putting up with these mob-style acts of intimidation for all of these years. Should be illegal.

@AdversAerialOne She also brought another friend of hers - a great person - to tears. Shaming her for trying to make peace.

@AdversAerialOne The woman sent a hit man named Happy to DM me threats of violence if I didn't delete my apology to her. A real mobster.

@CountryBack1776 Great, thanks.

Consider @AdversAerialOne completely vindicated.

@AdversAerialOne A broken heart is blind and knows no sense of time. But you weren't her only target, if that helps. @SurlyHappyBear

@CountryBack1776 More of a shame that she thinks she should wreck my life after talking with me for only a week. @SurlyHappyBear

@AdversAerialOne It's a shame that time has not healed her hurt. Glad to see you rise above it. @SurlyHappyBear

@CountryBack1776 I happened to catch a tweet to that effect a few days ago. @SurlyHappyBear

@AdversAerialOne After my time away, she's every bit as vengeful as the day you dumped her. She libels me, too. Even now. @SurlyHappyBear

@CountryBack1776 *gack* That isn't the best way to refer to "copywriter". That said, past is past. @SurlyHappyBear

@AdversAerialOne Thank you. I never felt good about my behavior after your ex-girlfriend approached me. Never meant ill will @SurlyHappyBear

@CountryBack1776 I am amenable to peace all around. @SurlyHappyBear

@AdversAerialOne I agree with that. Can we all make peace? @SurlyHappyBear

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