Monday, March 17, 2014

Shoq Gets Busted, Kitty Haz A Mad; March 7th, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 17, 2014

Because Shoq is an ass.

My issues with #uniteblue are a) it's a bad idea, and b), it's run by people who have shown they'll sell anything to anyone.

@Shoq But didn't you ask them to be on the board?

.@usedtobgop No, I suggested that they have a mission statement, advisory board, and path to nonprofit status. Next day, presto! They did!

@Shoq I saw thread where you asked to be on board & I'd like U on that board. @SayethSimon What say you? We on the left like Shoq, Add him?

@usedtobgop I can't speak to that. Or, at least, I won't. Thanks.

@SayethSimon WHY? @Shoq is a respected person on the left. Are you or are you not in the current structure of power in #Uniteblue?

.@usedtobgop I won't discuss Simon (right now). See @EileenLeft in meantime.
10:33 AM - 7 Mar 2013

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